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23 Jul 2021

Leasys finalizes the acquisition of ER Capital LTD (Easirent) in the UK

Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a 50/50 joint venture between Crédit Agricole Group and Stellantis, achieves a further milestone in the creation of a true “ecosystem” of products and services towards a new customer experience and mobility environment.

Leasys finalizes the acquisition of ER Capital LTD (Easirent) in the UK


  • Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a 50/50 joint venture between Crédit Agricole Group and Stellantis, achieves a further milestone in the creation of a true “ecosystem” of products and services towards a new customer experience and mobility environment.
  • The acquired company, ER Capital LTD (Easirent), is one of the most dynamic short-term rental and mobility companies in the UK.
  • Leasys, with operations in 12 European countries, is expanding its activities to include new mobility and short-term car rental services and reach a total fleet of 400,000 vehicles, with over 1,000 Leasys Mobility Stores in the continent by the end of 2021.


London, 23rd July,


Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a 50/50 joint venture between Crédit Agricole Group and Stellantis, confirms its ambitions to operate as a 360-degree mobility pioneer in Europe and reaches a new and important milestone with the acquisition of ER Capital Ltd (trading as Easirent) in the UK. The two groups finalized an agreement for the sale of 100% of the shares in ER Capital Ltd to Leasys.


Easirent is one of the most dynamic companies in the short-term rental and mobility sector in the UK with the introduction of innovative products like CityCar247, which allows for a completely digitised customer journey and contact free rental.


With the acquisition and the upcoming rebranding of Easirent and its more than 20 stores, Leasys – one of the main mobility and rental operators in Europe – is confirming its major role as a 360-degree mobility player also in the UK. Leasys aims to consolidate its presence in the country (where it is already ranked in the TOP 20 of the prestigious FN50 ranking of the most important long-term rental providers) and to expand its range of innovative products.


The signing of this agreement continues to strengthen our role as 360-degree mobility leader in the UK and mainland Europe” commented Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank S.p.A. and Chairman of Leasys S.p.A. “Easirent delivers excellence in short-term rental and will enable us, through Leasys, to play an even more important role as a global and integrated player in the new mobility arena – especially addressed to hybrid and electric vehicles, thanks to the impressive automotive range of Stellantis – expanding the fleet and the innovative services for our customer base”.


The Easirent team and I are looking forward to our new relationship with Leasys. Being part of the Stellantis family gives us access to multiple brands, supplying fleet to our current and planned branches across the UK. This is an exciting chapter in our business, which we’re all thrilled to be a part of” commented Paul Hanley, Managing Director of ER Capital Ltd.


Active in the UK market since 2017, Leasys UK has benefited from a twenty-year experience in long-term rental gained through FCA Contract Management, its predecessor company. This debut was marked by 5 years of continuous growth in the FN50 ranking moving to 17th last year, with the introduction of new solutions like Leasys Miles, the innovative long-term rental solution based on a pay as you go type arrangement. Under the leadership of the Managing Director Sebastiano Fedrigo, Leasys UK grew by a further 30% in the past two years.


Already active in 12 European countries in the long-term rental and integrated mobility sector, Leasys also provides short and medium-term car rental services in Italy, France, Spain and, as of today, UK through its own subsidiaries, as well as in the rest of Europe through Stellantis’ dealer network. It intends to open new subsidiaries in Europe in 2021 and to reach a total fleet of 400,000 vehicles by the end of the same year, up from approximately 350,000 of today. The company will also open 400 new Leasys Mobility Stores by the end of 2021, growing from over 600 of today to 1,000 throughout Europe. The Leasys Mobility Stores provide a full range of mobility services and an extensive network of EV charging stations to support the electrification of Stellantis’ new vehicles.


In this context, Leasys is committed to smart and sustainable mobility solutions to offer immediate advantages to customers. To meet that objective, it is part of the comprehensive “ecosystem” developed by Stellantis that brings together partners, products and services across markets to involve and simplify the entire customer experience by taking a completely different way of looking at vehicle use and mobility in general.



About Leasys
Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a 50:50 joint venture between Stellantis and Crédit Agricole, was established in September 2001. Leasys offers a complete and innovative system of mobility services to individuals, professionals and businesses of all sizes: from short, medium and long-term rentals to peer-to-peer car sharing via the U Go platform and I-Link. At the end of 2019, it launched the first car subscription service in Italy with CarCloud. With the Clickar brand, Leasys is also one of the leading Italian online and offline retailers of pre-owned company cars to individuals, professionals and companies. Headquartered in Italy, Leasys began a process of internationalization in 2017 by opening multiple offices throughout Europe: today the company operates in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Greece, Austria and Poland, managing a fleet that will have over 400,000 vehicles by the end of 2021. In June 2019, the company launched the Leasys Mobility Stores, physical outlets with a grassroots presence across Italy. The Stores, which provide customers access to all the mobility services provided by Leasys, are now available in France as well and will open soon also in the other European countries where the company is operational. With the launch of the first totally electrified Mobility Store in Torino Caselle airport, Leasys is on track to become a key operator also for sustainable mobility. In fact, thanks to the installation of over 1,000 charging stations in all the stores, at the end of 2020, Leasys had Italy’s largest private electrified network. In 2021, the electrification project will continue also in the European countries in which Leasys operates. For more information:


About FCA Bank
FCA Bank S.p.A. is a bank engaging mainly in car finance, with the aim to meet all mobility requirements, including through its Leasys S.p.A. subsidiary. It is an equally-held joint venture between the global automotive company Stellantis and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, a leader in consumer credit fully owned by Credit Agricole. FCA Bank S.p.A. provides financing products to drive the sales of prestigious car brands in Italy and in Europe. The loan, lease, rental and mobility financing programs provided by FCA Bank S.p.A. are specifically designed for sale networks, private customers and corporate fleets. FCA Bank S.p.A. is operational in 17 European countries and in Morocco, directly or through branches. At 31 December 2020, FCA Bank had a total loan and lease portfolio of approximately €26.2 billion.
For more information:


About Stellantis
Stellantis is one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a clear vision: to offer freedom of movement with distinctive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions.  In addition to the Group’s rich heritage and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths lie in its sustainable performance, depth of experience and the wide-ranging talents of employees working around the globe. Stellantis will leverage its broad and iconic brand portfolio, which was founded by visionaries who infused the marques with passion and a competitive spirit that speaks to employees and customers alike. Stellantis aspires to become the greatest, not the biggest while creating added value for all stakeholders as well as the communities in which it operates. For more information:


About Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance
Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, Crédit Agricole SA's consumer credit subsidiary, distributes a broad range of consumer credit and related services for distribution channels as a whole: direct sales, point-of-sale financing (automotive and home appliances) and partnerships. Present alongside major distribution, specialised distribution and institutional brands in the 19 countries where it operates, CA Consumer Finance offers its partners solutions that are flexible, responsible and ideally suited to their needs and those of their customers. Excellence in customer relationships, empowered teams for customers and commitment to society are the pillars that make CA Consumer Finance a group working every day in the interest of its 15 million customers and society. At 31 December 2020, CA Consumer Finance managed €91 billion in outstanding loans. Learn more:


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