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18 Feb 2014


All-new Jeep Cherokee is the mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle of the Jeep brand. In its fourth generation, the Cherokee has evolved into a completely new vehicle delivering to customers a fresh interpretation of the “Go anywhere, do anything” attitude of the legendary American brand.

  • New exterior and interior design
  • First mid-size SUV with nine-speed automatic transmission
  • First rear-axle disconnect in the segment: improves fuel efficiency and uses 4WD only when necessary
  • New front-wheel drive configuration and two innovative four-wheel drive systems: Jeep® Active Drive I, Jeep® Active Drive II
  • New, efficient 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel with fuel-saving Stop/Start technology delivering 170 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque, 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel producing 140 horsepower
  • Cutting edge technological features: available full-colour 7-inch reconfigurable TFT (thin film transistor) instrument cluster and Uconnect with 8.4-inch colour touchscreen
  • ‘Best in class’ safety: Euro NCAP’s five-star achiever and safest SUV in its category
  • 65% high-resistance steel body structure and more than 70 safety and security systems including Rollover Mitigation (ERM), ABS with off-road calibration, Forward Collision Warning-Plus system, Adaptive Cruise Control-Plus, Lane Departure Warning-Plus, Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection
  • Available in Europe with a choice of three trim levels: Longitude, Limited and Trailhawk (not UK at launch)
  • Jeep Cherokee & Mopar: more than 100 accessories available on the new generation Jeep

All-new Jeep Cherokee is the mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle of the Jeep brand. In its fourth generation, the Cherokee has evolved into a completely new vehicle delivering to customers a fresh interpretation of the “Go anywhere, do anything” attitude of the legendary American brand.

The all-new Jeep Cherokee powered by the efficient 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel engine in combination with the new nine-speed automatic transmission is making its debut at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show this year. The new car raises the bar in its segment and features a new sleek and athletic design, enhanced on-road driving dynamics and handling, legendary Jeep 4x4 capability, premium interior craftsmanship, innovative technology, new levels of efficiency, entertainment and comfort and ‘five-star’ safety and security features that recently allowed the vehicle to earn the ‘best in class’ designation from Euro NCAP in the Small Off-road 4X4 category.

Engineered to excel on any and all terrains, the all-new Jeep Cherokee expresses the synthesis between stylistic innovation and family tradition, legendary 4x4 capability and technology: features that are fully embodied in the new Limited model.

The new generation Jeep Cherokee is now available in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations, offering a choice of two new, sophisticated Jeep four-wheel-drive systems in order to ensure benchmark off-road capabilities under all driving conditions. The new Jeep Cherokee is also the first mid-size SUV to feature rear-axle disconnect, resulting in reduced energy loss when 4x4 capability isn’t needed and ensuring improved fuel efficiency. The rear-axle disconnect, seamlessly switches between two- and four-wheel drive for full-time torque management without requiring input from the driver.

The new Jeep Cherokee will be introduced in UK Jeep dealerships in the second quarter of 2014, in the Longitude and Limited trim levels. The engine offer comprises the efficient 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo diesel delivering 170 horsepower. This engine will be matched with the new nine-speed automatic gearbox, which is used for the first time in the mid-size SUV segment. A 140 horsepower version of the 2.0-litre engine will also be available in combination with a six-speed manual transmission.



New, sleek and athletic exterior

The new Jeep Cherokee boasts a cutting-edge, revolutionary design and features world-class craftsmanship and exclusive technological contents. Sleek and athletic exterior lines project the Jeep design into the future and convey efficiency and aerodynamics without compromising the brand’s stylistic heritage.

Jeep designers were inspired to create a vehicle that remains true to the brand while moving it into the next era with a shape that is as efficient as the vehicle and ages gracefully without losing the DNA that makes it a Jeep. Fluid, sleek exterior lines highlight the efficient, wind-splitting upper body of the Cherokee. The rugged, protective lower body conveys the legendary capability that is characteristic of every Jeep.

The new Jeep Cherokee has a powerful stance, an aggressive wheel-to-body proportion and a commanding road presence. The approach and departure angles contribute to the best-in-class capability.

A key element in the front of the new Jeep Cherokee is the 'waterfall' bonnet with the iconic peaked, seven-slotted grille which includes a crisp, horizontal snap – a feature found in many classic Jeep vehicles. The bonnet is clearly defined and separated from the front wings in a modern interpretation of the brand’s design heritage. Advanced LED lighting technology is used throughout the new Jeep Cherokee. Daytime running lamps (DRL) and available Xenon headlights (standard on Limited), enhance the unique proportions of the front.

The sides feature the signature Jeep trapezoidal wheel arches. The rear is highlighted by the contemporary full LED tail lamps, which are an integral part of the rear backlight graphic, making the vehicle look stronger yet harmonious. This shape is the connection between the upper and lower rear as an interlocking graphic statement that brings a unique presence specific to this new Cherokee. The rear fascia also carries Jeep Cherokee-specific rear fog lamps.

The new Cherokee rides on 17-inch (Longitude) or 18-inch tyres (Limited) providing drivers with confident traction in snow and wet conditions.

Lastly, Jeep Cherokee offers customers the possibility to enjoy an open-air driving experience thanks to the new CommandView dual-pane power sunroof that is available as an option on all trim levels. CommandView extends from the windshield to the rear of the vehicle, allowing for perfect views both on- and off-road.


All-new, premium interior

The Jeep brand’s recent Grand Cherokee introduction set the foundation for a new direction in interiors that the new Cherokee builds upon. The interior is modern, welcoming and comfortable. It features a sophisticated, refined design, hand-sculpted forms, signature Jeep styling cues, high-quality materials, precision craftsmanship and attention to detail. The cabin is designed to offer the driver ultimate comfort with useful, easy-to-operate technology and clever storage.

Also in the development of the Cherokee’s all-new interior, Jeep designers took inspiration from the brand’s heritage. The signature trapezoidal plan view feature line is classic Jeep, reminiscent of the trapezoidal wheel arches on the exterior. The centre stack bezel is inspired by the outline of the front grille of the 1940s Willys Jeep and continues the design language of its larger sibling, the Grand Cherokee.

Premium materials abound wherever the customer touches the vehicle – the door uppers, the centre armrest and the upper instrument panel. Throughout the cabin, customers will find interior trim that is soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. A vinyl-wrapped, stitched instrument panel brow is standard on all models and the stitching carries over to the centre console armrest and front door armrests.

The new Jeep Cherokee is available with three interior trim choices inspired from exotic locations and landscapes around the world, such as Morocco, Grand Canyon and the Italian Mount Vesuvio.

Seats are ergonomically designed to support the contours of the body, and are available with a ‘memory’ adjustable mechanism and heated/ventilated features for the front seats. They are trimmed with premium cloth (Longitude), quality Nappa leather (Limited and Trailhawk) or a combination of cloth and Nappa leather (Trailhawk).The 60/40 split second-row seats adjust fore and aft for increased passenger comfort and cargo flexibility.

Exclusive features such as the available heated, leather-wrapped steering wheel and wireless charging pad, complete the interior of the new Jeep Cherokee and will delight drivers and passengers alike.

Functionality is a main characteristic of the new Jeep Cherokee interior, where plenty of thoughtful, clever storage features can be found. A refined, covered, top storage tray is located above the centre stack on top of the instrument panel for secured storage of small items. The front-passenger seat folds flat and offers hidden, in-seat storage by flipping up the passenger seat cushion.



4x4 systems and ‘Go anywhere’ Jeep capability

The new Jeep Cherokee takes the legendary Jeep 4x4 capability to the next level and offers the advantages of an all-weather, all-terrain vehicle. The new generation of the Jeep mid-size SUV provides a choice of two innovative 4x4 systems for best-in-class 4x4 capability in all driving conditions: the single-speed, fully automatic Jeep Active Drive I, the two-speed Jeep Active Drive II.

The new Jeep Cherokee is also the first mid-size SUV to feature rear-axle disconnect, resulting in reduced energy loss when 4x4 capability isn’t needed and improved fuel efficiency. The rear-axle disconnect seamlessly switches between two- and four-wheel drive for full-time torque management without requiring input from the driver.


Jeep Active Drive I

Available on the Cherokee Longitude and Limited models, Jeep Active Drive I features a single power transfer unit (PTU) which is fully automatic and delivers seamless operation in and out of four-wheel drive at any speed. The system does not require any driver intervention or feedback, delivers yaw correction during dynamic events and improves both understeer and oversteer conditions. Jeep Active Drive I offers balanced torque distribution with brake traction control. The four-wheel-drive performance results from a fully variable wet clutch housed in the rear drive module. The clutch supplies the proper amount of torque for any driving condition, including slippery conditions, aggressive starts and dynamic driving. Sophisticated algorithms enable the system to contribute to the driving dynamics while interacting with the electronic stability control (ESC) system when approaching the traction limits of the road surface.


Jeep Active Drive II

Available on the Cherokee Limited model (later in model year), Jeep Active Drive II includes a two-speed PTU with torque management and low range. 4-Low mode locks the front and rear drive shafts for low speed power or towing. Low range provides a 2.92:1 gear reduction. The gear reduction allows for enhanced climbing ability as well as outstanding crawl ratios for severe off-road conditions. Jeep Active Drive II works in conjunction with the Selec-Terrain system to aggressively modify the torque distribution while monitoring the engine transmission and ESC system, providing power to the wheels that will deliver the most traction.

All new Cherokee’s 4x4 systems feature the Jeep brand’s renowned Selec-Terrain traction control system with four modes (five for the Trailhawk model, which adds Rock mode to Auto, Snow, Sport and Sand/Mud). Selec-Terrain allows the driver, with the push of a button on the Selec-Terrain dial, to choose the on- and off-road setting best suited for optimum performance on any particular surface and is designed to optimise the four-wheel-drive systems for unsurpassed control and capability. Selec-Terrain electronically coordinates and optimises up to 12 systems, including: drivetrain control module, electronic brake controller, ESC, transmission controller, powertrain controller and Selec-Speed Control (Hill-ascent and Hill-descent Control).



Segment-first nine-speed transmission

The new Jeep Cherokee is the first mid-size SUV to feature a standard nine-speed automatic transmission. The new gearbox is equipped on the 170 horsepower 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine and on the petrol models of the new Cherokee range.

New nine-speed automatic gearbox ensures exceptionally smooth shifts, an extremely wide gear ratio range for optimised acceleration, reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency. The new transmission also deliversaggressive launches and smooth power delivery at highway speeds.

The new, fully electronic nine-speed automatic, features on-the-fly shift map changing, with manual shifting capability via Electronic Range Select. More than 40 individual shift maps for specific conditions optimise shift quality and shift points, maximising fuel economy, performance and drivability. To determine the appropriate shift mode, the sophisticated software takes into account variables, including engine torque gradients, kick-down events, longitudinal and lateral acceleration and grade changes. For improved driving comfort and refinement, additional parameters integrated into the transmission control strategy include: temperature, speed and electronic stability control. The result is automatic shifting, ideally attuned to the performance requirements of almost any driving demand.

The automatic transmission increases vehicle fuel economy through the ratio spread and mechanical efficiency of operating at lower engine revolutions per minute (rpm) in both city and highway environments. The addition of more gear ratios also helps reduce the perceived speed changes normally associated with upshifting and downshifting.

Gear changes are nearly imperceptible due to the evenly spaced gear steps between each gear ratio.  Internally, the transmission has four gear sets and six shift elements – multi-disc clutches, dog clutches and brakes. Only three shift elements are open at any time. With fewer open shift elements, drag losses due to multiple parts rotating relative to one another are reduced, improving fuel efficiency.


Engine range

The new Jeep Cherokee is powered by the new, efficient 2.0-litre turbo, direct-injection I-4 common rail diesel engine fitted with MultiJet II technology and paired to the all-new nine-speed automatic gearbox and the six-speed manual transmission.


2.0-litre Turbo diesel MultiJet II with Stop/Start technology

The new, efficient 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine equipped on the new Jeep Cherokee features second generation, MultiJet technology developed and patented by Fiat Powertrain. The 2.0-litre turbo diesel is a four valves per cylinder and double overhead camshaft (DOHC) belt driven engine. Fitted with 1600-bar common-rail fuel injection system, solenoid fuel injectors and variable geometry turbocharger (VGT), the new 2.0-litre turbo diesel produces a maximum of 170 horsepower at 3,750 rpm and torque of 350 Nm at 1,500 rpm in combination with the new nine-speed automatic transmission.

The 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine is also offered as a low-output version, producing 140 horsepower at 3,750 rpm and 350 Nm of torque across 1,500 rpm. The low output engine is combined with a state-of-the-art manual six-speed gearbox.

The MultiJet common rail injection system represents the most technologically advanced solution for independently controlling high injection pressures (1,600 bar) of the engine rotation speed and quantity of fuel injected. The engine management, capable of introducing small quantities of fuel with the main injection (the amount of fuel injected to provide the performance requested by the driver) guarantees particularly smooth engine operation in all situations.

The 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine also incorporates “Stop/Start” technology that improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions. The new Jeep Cherokee is the second model in the Jeep lineup to feature the application of this fuel-saving system. Drivers can deactivate the technology via a button on the dashboard and an icon displays in the instrument panel to indicate the Stop/Start status.



World-class architecture

The Compact U.S. Wide (CUS-wide) platform is the basis for the underpinnings of the new Jeep Cherokee. This platform’s proven modular architecture means many models can be built using the same basic underpinnings. The result is better quality and reliability as well as lower costs, less development time and tooling. The architecture Cherokee is built on is comprised of common, modular and interchangeable components and allows for modularity of the wheelbase, front track, rear track, front overhang, length and width across vehicle lines.

The new Jeep Cherokee’s body structure has a high-strength steel content of roughly 65 percent. Hot stamped-, high-strength- and ultra-high-strength steel are used to construct a strong, lightweight, solid vehicle architecture.


New on-road performance

The new Jeep Cherokee’s premium on-road manners are a result of a number of efforts by Jeep engineers. The front independent suspension with MacPherson struts provides 17 cm of travel while the rear independent multi-link suspension provides up to 19.8 cm of travel for better articulation. The isolated rear cradle, aluminum front cross member and superior torsional rigidity deliver customers a quieter and smoother ride with improved handling characteristics.

The electronic power steering system (EPS) improves fuel efficiency and contributes to the Cherokee’s nimbleness with a turn circle radius of approximately 11 metres in 4x2 models, 11.6 metres in 4x4 models and 12 metres for the Trailhawk trim level, the most capable off-road model in the new Cherokee lineup.



‘Five-star’ and ‘best in class’ achiever in its category

Safety and security were at the forefront in the development of the new Jeep Cherokee. This allowed the new generation of the Jeep mid-size SUV to earn the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star rating last year with an overall score of 83/100. This major accolade confirms the Jeep brand’s special attention in matters relating to the protection of passengers and road users and underlines that the new generation Cherokee immediately satisfies all international safety standards.

Recently, the new Jeep Cherokee also earned the ‘best in class’ designation from Euro NCAP in the Small Off-road 4X4 category for the year 2013. This recognition is given from Euro NCAP to the models tested during the year that have achieved the highest scores in their respective class. The best vehicle in the Small Off-road 4X4 class of 2013, recommended by Euro NCAP for its outstanding safety performance is the new generation of the Jeep mid-size Sport Utility Vehicle.

In 2013, a total of 33 cars were tested in seven different categories. The top achievers gained the highest overall scores, calculated from the results achieved in adult, child, pedestrian protection and safety assist tests.

The first safety element of the new Jeep Cherokee is represented by the new “Compact U.S. Wide (CUS-wide)” architecture, comprising a solid vehicle structure built with 65 percent high-strength steel. Jeep engineers then added more than 70 active and passive safety and security features, including an array of innovative systems.

Standard safety features on the new Jeep Cherokee consist of seven standard airbags (front seats multistage air bags, side bags, window bags, driver side knee air bag), ESC (Electronic Stability Control) with rollover mitigation (ERM) and ABS with off-road calibration. To ensure maximum protection, the complete offering of safety features available or optional on the new Jeep Cherokee includes new systems, such as the innovative Forward Collision Warning-Plus, ParkSense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control-Plus, Lane Departure Warning-Plus, Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path Detection.

One of the most innovative systems fitted on the new Jeep Cherokee is the Forward Collision Warning-Plus, which detects any traffic-gap changes and in the case of a rapidly approaching obstacle in front of the vehicle activates the brakes and alerts the driver in order to have them perform the necessary corrective action.

The ParkSense Parallel/Perpendicular Park Assist feature in the new Jeep Cherokee uses ultrasonic parking sensors on the bumper to find and guide the customer into an available parking space when the driver initiates parking manoeuvers. The parking guidance system controls the steering angle automatically; the driver controls the gear position, brake, and accelerator. Parallel parking is possible on either side of the car; during perpendicular parking, the vehicle is backed into the space.

The Adaptive Cruise Control-Plus (ACC), when activated, decreases the vehicle’s pre-set cruise-control speed when closing in on another vehicle in the same lane, or when another vehicle pulls into the same lane. ACC will accelerate to the pre-set speed when the vehicle in front speeds up or moves into another lane. The system will also maintain a driver adjustable distance between the vehicle and the one in front of it and is particularly useful when driving in adverse meteorological conditions or in situations of reduced visibility.

The Lane Departure Warning-Plus system uses a camera-based vision sensor to establish the Jeep Cherokee’s position on the road. If an unintentional lane drift occurs, determined by trajectory change and the absence of turn-signal activation, the system will deliver a visual warning and a haptic warning – the subtle introduction of torque from the electric power steering (EPS) system. If the driver unintentionally drifts too far, the system provides a secondary visual warning.

The Blind Spot Monitoring uses dual ultra-wideband radar sensors to aid the driver when changing lanes or if being passed by or passing unseen vehicles. The system notifies the driver of vehicle(s) in their blind spot via illuminated icons on the side-view mirror and with a driver-selected audible chime.

Lastly, the Rear Cross Path (RCP) detection assists the driver in car park situations. This system warns drivers backing out of parking spaces of traffic moving toward their vehicle. It activates any time the vehicle is in Reverse. The driver is notified of vehicle(s) crossing behind the vehicle via illuminated icons on the side-view mirror and with a driver-selected audible chime (optional on Limited automatic).

Another prestigious safety recognition was earned last year in the U.S., where the new Jeep Cherokee received the highest-possible score in each of four Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) tests to determine a Top Safety Pick.

Top Safety Pick testing simulates a side impact with a large SUV or pickup truck, front moderate overlap impact, roof-crush consistent with a rollover, and a rear collision capable of inducing whiplash. In each of these, the new Jeep Cherokee recorded the highest-possible rating of “good” thanks to its complete offering of safety and security features, many of which – such as the Cherokee’s 65-percent content-ratio of advanced-technology steel and seven standard air bags – help protect occupants in the event of collision.



Infotainment systems

The new Jeep Cherokee features thoughtful, state-of-the-art, high-tech features and amenities that are intuitive, easy-to-use and provideutmost on-board comfort and infotainment.

The world-class thin-film transistor (TFT) 7-inch full-colour reconfigurable instrument cluster allows the drivers to enjoy a customised user experience and receive information and vehicle feedback in the format they prefer, while keeping their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The easy-to-use instrument cluster displays the basic information a driver needs at his or her fingertips but also allows the driver to add information they desire. The driver can select from a multitude of information that can be displayed in the center of the gauge cluster including turn-by-turn navigation, speed, real-time fuel economy, safety warnings, available Adaptive Cruise Control-Plus, audio information and Jeep-specific features including Selec-Terrain.

The new Jeep Cherokee also offers the advanced UConnect system, featuring an 8.4-inch touchscreen multimedia command centre. This sophisticated system, standard on Limited models, clearly shows all information necessary for driving and on-board comfort.

In order to grant maximum safety and ease of use,the Uconnect allows the driver to adjust the audio system, climate controls, heated/ventilated seats and more from either the touchscreen, the controls located on the center stack below the touchscreen, or with voice activated commands.

The user-friendly 8.4-inch colour Uconnect touchscreen including navigation is an available option on all trim levels.

In addition, the new Cherokee features the newly designed leather-wrapped three-spoke Jeep steering wheel with audio, voice and speed controls, adding a new level of technical sophistication.

In addition to the advanced 8.4-inch touchscreen of the UConnect system, Jeep Cherokee also features as standard on the Longitude, a 5-inch touchscreen multimedia command centre, located in the centre stack.

To enhance the driving experience to the maximum level of pleasure and comfort, a premium Alpine, 506-watt sound system featuring nine speakers and a subwoofer, is also available.


Jeep Cherokee and Mopar®

The new Jeep Cherokee is a further expression of the intense and fruitful collaboration that links the Jeep brand to Mopar®, the reference brand for Services, Customer Care, Genuine Parts and Accessories for Fiat-Chrysler brands. There are more than 100 exclusive Mopar accessories dedicated to the new Jeep Cherokee that match it perfectly, while complying totally with its technical, aesthetic and mechanical characteristics. Moreover, Mopar products are unique because they are developed hand-in-hand with the same engineering teams who design the vehicle: this direct link is something that other aftermarket companies are not in a position to provide.

Standing out are the accessories linked to the innovative Cargo Management System, that makes the most of the cargo space in the new Jeep Cherokee. Mopar offers a range of modular accessories that fit perfectly with the universal module rack mounted on the left side of the rear cargo area, which permits the area in the rear compartment to be organised practically in accordance with the various requirements of the user and with the utmost safety.

Among the exclusive customisations available on the new Cherokee, the two 17-inch and 18-inch alloy wheel options add to the sporty and elegant look of the vehicle and were designed to meet the high resistance standards of Jeep models. Alongside the two wheel rim options offered by Mopar, the new Cherokee also features a Black Hood Decal: this special bonnet decal was designed, tested and created specifically for the new generation of the Jeep mid-size SUV.

Finally, Mopar accessories for the new Cherokee also include Black Steel Rock Rails and roof bars. Both contribute to convey to the vehicle a more off-road-capable appearance and suggest the ability of mastering the toughest routes with utmost safety: the first ensure maximum protection on extreme off-road tracks and the second increase the load capacity allowing the transport of outdoor equipment, like bike and ski/board racks.

Mopar deals with Parts & Service and Customer Care activities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as part of the aftersales operations of Fiat S.p.A and Chrysler Group LLC. The Division was set up in 1937 and offers more than 450,000 original spare parts, providing customers of both Groups, in over 130 countries, with a catalogue that includes nearly 25,000 high-quality accessories.

Only those who truly know every single detail and component of a car are able to look after it comprehensively. This is why the original Jeep accessories and parts distributed by Mopar guarantee reliability, comfort and performance the moment they leave the factory.


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