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02 Dec 2016


Inaugurated last night in the presence of Arnaud Ribault – Vice President Sales & Marketing, DS Automobiles – the very first DS Urban Store has opened its doors at the prestigious shopping destination, Westfield London. The only store of its kind to date, this grand opening heralds the arrival of a new digitally-enabled DS boutique concept that the brand will soon deploy in popular and prestigious locations around the world. The DS Urban Store invites visitors to immerse themselves in the refined world of DS Automobiles. Guests can even explore the vast range of personalisation options available across the DS collection, by means of a virtual reality experience known as DS Virtual Vision. Those who give in to temptation can configure, personalise and buy their new DS car in-store. Discover the first DS Urban Store in the North Atrium, Westfield London.


Yves Bonnefont – Chief Executive Officer, DS Automobiles – commented; “The DS Urban Store opening in London represents an important step in the development of the DS network. This new digitally interactive DS Urban Store concept is a strong asset to promote the brand as close as possible to its customers. It is a place where you can buy your DS, immerse yourself in the DS universe and live the brand experience.”

The DS network has just been expanded with a new concept – the DS Urban Store. Always located in the heart of popular and prestigious urban centres, a DS Urban Store can either be a stand-alone facility in a shopping mall or have a shop front on the high street. Its purpose is to promote the brand to prospective DS customers, precisely where they regularly spend their leisure time.

The DS Urban Store is about inviting guests to immerse themselves in the values of the DS brand, complete with its colour codes, fragrant aroma and interior design touches. It uses interactive digital technology and virtual reality to give visitors the opportunity to configure, personalise and view their very own DS.

Each DS Urban Store features five different areas:

  • The DS EXHIBITION area, giving pride of place to a flagship model from the DS collection;
  • The DS VIRTUAL VISION area, for an immersive 3D journey into the DS range of premium cars. Wearing a virtual reality headset, guests can view all of the different personalisation options available. The experience is dynamic, interactive and engaging, particularly as those using the technology ultimately find themselves on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, face-to-face with the DS of their choice;
  • The DS BOUTIQUE, with a large collection of DS lifestyle products inspired by DS Automobiles’ distinctive brand values – French expertise in luxury, refinement, personalisation and advanced technology. Whether guests are DS enthusiasts, or are unfamiliar with the brand, everyone will find something to complement their lifestyle.
  • The DS LOUNGE, where guests can work on the configuration of their car, guided by a DS Advisor.
  • The DS BIJOUTERIE is the most private area within a DS Urban Store, which is normally reserved for clients who wish to confirm the purchase of their new car.


Yesterday, the first DS Urban Store officially opened its doors at the hugely popular Westfield London shopping centre. This 140m2 showcase is now open to visitors. Seven DS Advisors have been appointed to welcome guests, provide information about the DS brand and to bring the DS experience to life.

Westfield London – the UK’s premiere shopping and leisure destination – is a high-end, innovative and dynamic place to shop, eat, and to meet. In 2015, 27 million people visited the shopping centre, which is home to more than 300 stores, including many luxury brands.


With 132 DS Stores, 101 DS Salons and 2 DS WORLD locations globally, the DS Automobiles distribution network is quickly becoming established. In the UK alone, the first DS Store and 9 DS Salons are already in operation. In Europe, the number of retailers is set to expand rapidly over the next two years, becoming a dedicated operational network with over 500 sites.

A key requirement of each DS Store and Salon is to embody the DS brand universe. For example, each DS Store is designed to be a luxury automotive boutique with its very own atmosphere (music, fragrance, lighting, colours etc.) and places the customer at the centre of the brand experience.

With a floor space of at least 250m2, a DS Store can host exhibitions and display five or more cars.
The most recently opened DS Stores are in Foshan (China), Hamburg (Germany) and Madrid (Spain).

With a floor area of at least 125m2, a DS Salon is a variation of a DS Store and is typically located alongside a Citroën showroom. The most recently opened DS Salons are in Ahaus (Germany) and Agen (France).

The two DS WORLD locations are the flagship sites for the DS brand's entire distribution network. Entirely devoted to the world of DS, one is located on the exclusive Nanjing Road in Shanghai and the other is situated in the heart of Paris's Golden Triangle. Each DS WORLD is a DS exhibition and sales centre, which also focuses on the brand’s heritage. Throughout the year, both DS WORLD showcase locations host artistic and cultural events inspired by the worlds of fashion, design, art and gastronomy.

With the roll-out of many more DS Urban Stores, the DS brand will consolidate its presence as close as possible to its customers.

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About the DS brand

A French brand born in Paris, DS was officially founded on 1 June 2014. Its ambition is to revive the tradition of premium vehicles in the French automotive industry. Inspired by the very best of French know-how, DS perpetuates the values of innovation and distinction inherited from the first DS, launched in 1955.

Designed for customers looking for a means to express themselves as individuals, the DS collection now comprises DS 3, DS 3 CABRIO, DS 4, DS 4 CROSSBACK, DS 5, DS 5LS* and DS 6*. Featuring remarkable styling, premium materials and refinement in every detail, the DS collection also stands apart with its advanced technology. Unveiled in 2016, the high-performance DS E-TENSE electric car embodies the future of the brand.

Available from DS Stores, DS Salons and a selection of other dedicated zones within the Citroën network. DS also has two flagship stores – DS WORLD PARIS and DS WORLD SHANGHAI. DS represents a brand experience that goes beyond the products to include ONLY YOU – a collection of exclusive services showcased at the Paris Motor Show 2016.

Keep up with the latest news at @DS_UK_Official. *Available in China only

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