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08 Jul 2021


During Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture, DS Automobiles revealed a DS 9 E-TENSE 225 in exciting and electrifying colours. Flagship of the range, this DS 9 plays on breaking the rules with a satin finish that has a two-tone effect. Paris Fashion Week Partner DS Automobiles is going across the capital from fashion show to fashion show with a fleet of DS 9 E-TENSE 225 and DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4 300 models, plug-in hybrids with 100% electric range of 36 and 46 miles respectively on the WLTP urban cycle.


A unique event is currently taking place in Paris. Covered with millions of fine glitter and pearlescent reflections, a DS 9 gate-crashed the Paris Fashion Week Haute Couture shows.

Based on DS 9 E-TENSE 225 RIVOLI + Rubis Red OPERA interior, this prototype features a colour that has an electrifying effect. Wrapped in a coloured film that mixes golden glitter and pearlescent particles, the bodywork diffracts light to reflect the colours of the rainbow. Starting with yellow, DS 9’s colour changes to navy blue or reddish orange depending on the angle you’re viewing it from.

Designed to break the rules of the large statuesque saloon, this colour has a two-tone effect which makes DS 9’s lines even more sculptural, by intensifying its sharp edges and emphasising how its gentle curves develop.

“We looked to create a radical finish for a large statuesque saloon like DS 9. By bending the rules of High Fashion and with locations in Paris dedicated to modern art like the Palais de Tokyo, we came up with a colour that has an electrifying effect. Depending on the angle, the view changes to reflect the colours of the rainbow. This approach is also part of a far-reaching research and development project into the colours of tomorrow.” Thierry Metroz – Senior Vice President – DS Design.


Kristian Cholmondeley – 07831 315892 – – Head of Communications – DS Automobiles.

Jeremy Townsend – 07827 896480 – – UK Communications Director – Stellantis


Driven by the spirit of the avant-garde and backed by an exceptional heritage - that of the 1955 DS, the DS brand, born in 2014, aims to embody French luxury savoir-faire in the automotive industry.

Designed for a customer base looking for personal expression and eager for new technologies, the second generation of DS models combines refinement and technology. With DS 3 CROSSBACK, DS 7 CROSSBACK, DS 4 and DS 9, DS brand is launching a global range.

Double Formula E champion in 2019 and 2020, DS Automobiles is at the cutting edge of electrification by offering all its models in electrified version. Under the E-TENSE label, DS Automobiles offers both 100% electric and plug-in hybrid of up to 360 horsepower with 4-wheel drive.

For its discerning customers, DS Automobiles has created "ONLY YOU, the DS Experience", its exclusive service programme for a unique brand experience.

With a presence in 41 countries, the DS brand has created and is developing an exclusive distribution network that includes 400 DS STORES throughout the world.

Follow news from DS internationally on @DS_UK

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