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05 Mar 2021

Citroën UK has extended its five-year/100,000 mile warranty offer to all new models ordered via its online Citroën Store*. The five-year warranty was first introduced on new ‘C-Series’ models only, and has now been rolled out across the entire model range available via Citroën Store. The five-year warranty follows on from Citroën’s ‘Fair Pricing’ promise, with reduced list prices and a transparent sales process for all customers. '14 Day Money-Back Guarantee' also applies to vehicles ordered via the online Citroën Store, giving buyers two weeks to decide if the car is right for them*. The Citroën Store allows customers to configure, finance and order their next new car from the comfort of their own home. Citroën’s ‘Virtual Showroom’ service is also available to online buyers, offering customers the ability to book live walk-around tours of key Citroën models and to ask questions, prior to placing an order via the online Citroën Store. To find out more about buying online with Citroën, visit: Citroën Store

30 Jul 2020

Citroën UK is releasing a series of eight exciting new comfort-inspired animations under the title of ‘Createurs De Comfort’ to celebrate its long history in on-board innovation. New animation to be release fortnightly featuring some of the brand’s most iconic vehicles. Comfort has always been at the heart of Citroën, and today, new vehicles continue to have comfort at their core through the Citroën Advanced Comfort® Programme. First animation available in the below link

03 Jun 2020

Citroën UK launches an online sales offering to help customers research, configure and reserve their brand-new Citroën from the comfort of their own home. The brand is also introducing a new consumer campaign: “1-2-3 Offer – You Can Count On Citroën”.

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