Alfa Romeo RomeoFri, 16 Apr 2021 12:10:10 +0200ALFA ROMEO GIULIA GTAM IS SPECIAL GUEST OF KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN AND ANTONIO GIOVINAZZI AT IMOLA GRAND PRIX<p style="text-align:justify">On Sunday, the Imola Grand Prix is due to be run, with the debut of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm on the Italian and international stage.</p>Fri, 16 Apr 2021 12:10:10 +0200Wanderlust: Alfa Romeo Stelvio now with new Instagram-inspired ‘filter windows’ gives drivers sensation of travelling through Italian beauty spot<p>Drivers of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio will still be able to enjoy a taste of travel this year thanks to an Instagram-inspired filter window technology that &lsquo;transports&rsquo; drivers and passengers to some of Italy&rsquo;s most iconic and beautiful locations.</p>Thu, 01 Apr 2021 11:46:41 +0200GIULIA GTA KICKS OFF THE F1 CHAMPIONSHIP BY TAKING TO THE TRACK WITH ALFA ROMEO DRIVERS<p style="text-align:justify">Alfa Romeo has sportsmanship and racing in its DNA: the Biscione brand &ndash; as Alfa Romeo is known in Italy &ndash; won the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in history, in 1950 at Silverstone, where Nino Farina triumphed aboard an Alfa Romeo Gran Premio Tipo 158 &lsquo;Alfetta&rsquo;.</p>Thu, 25 Mar 2021 16:09:12 +0100ALFA ROMEO CELEBRATES WOMEN IN MOTORSPORT, PAST AND PRESENT<p>Alfa Romeo has a long history in racing that dates back to 1910 and extends to Formula One today. Throughout these decades, many Alfa Romeo drivers have made an indelible mark in the sport. In celebration of International Women&rsquo;s Day, Alfa Romeo looks back at the female race drivers that helped shape the brand.</p>Mon, 08 Mar 2021 11:32:23 +0100ALFA ROMEO RACING ORLEN UNVEILS THE NEW C41<p>A spectacular ceremony in the impressive setting of the Grand Theatre, in Poland&rsquo;s capital city, saw the attendance of a limited number of senior team personnel &ndash; with media, fans and employees being invited to watch virtually in respect of the local Covid regulations. Team drivers, Kimi R&auml;ikk&ouml;nen and Antonio Giovinazzi, and reserve driver, Robert Kubica, entered the stage with the C41, in a striking new livery.</p>Mon, 22 Feb 2021 14:15:15 +0100JOIN US FOR THE LAUNCH: ALFA ROMEO RACING ORLEN C41<p>Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN will be launching its 2021 contender, the C41, on Monday 22nd February, 2021. The ceremony will take place from 11:05am GMT at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, Poland.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 11:35:23 +0100CELEBRATING 2021 WITH THE ALFA ROMEO MUSEUM<p>The Museo Alfa Romeo will run a series of virtual conferences, celebrating 12 crucial moments in the brand&rsquo;s history throughout 2021.&nbsp; To celebrate this, a calendar highlighting these 12 important pages in the Biscione&rsquo;s long and glorious history can be downloaded from the museum&rsquo;s <a href="">website</a>.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100ALFA ROMEO TONALE WINS THE POPULAR VOTE AT WHAT CAR? CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2021<p>The Alfa Romeo Tonale has won the Reader Award at this year&rsquo;s influential What Car? Car of the Year Awards 2021.&nbsp;</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100ALFA ROMEO INTRODUCES NEW STELVIO VELOCE TI FOR MY21<p>For MY21 Alfa Romeo will introduce the new Veloce Ti to the Stelvio line-up for the first time.&nbsp; With a wide range of equipment and cutting-edge technology as standard, its styling evokes the Quadrifoglio version highlighting the performance and dynamics of this SUV, now with new and more efficient engines, in line with E6d-final regulations.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100ALFA ROMEO GIULIA TOPS FOUR CATEGORIES AT THE SPORT AUTO AWARDS 2020<p>The Alfa Romeo Giulia has taken first place in four categories of the competition run by the German magazine SPORT AUTO.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100NEW FIAT 500 AND ALFA ROMEO STELVIO WIN DESIGN AWARDS FROM READERS OF AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT<p>Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)&nbsp; UK&nbsp; is taking its support for business customers to the next level</p> <p>The New 500 has won the &ldquo;Best Design 2020&rdquo; award, as voted for by readers of the leading German magazine &ldquo;Auto Motor und Sport&rdquo; in the Autonis 2020 contest. Readers also crowned the Alfa Romeo Stelvio in &quot;Large off-road vehicles/SUV&quot;.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100KIMI RÄIKKÖNEN AND ANTONIO GIOVINAZZI TO RACE ON WITH ALFA ROMEO RACING ORLEN IN 2021<p>Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo welcomes the renewal of Kimi R&auml;ikk&ouml;nen and Antonio Giovinazzi&rsquo;s contracts in Formula One with the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN team for 2021.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100ALFA ROMEO EXTENDS PARTNERSHIP WITH SAUBER MOTORSPORT FOR 2021 FORMULA ONE SEASON<p>Alfa Romeo and Sauber Motorsport extend partnership for the 2021 Formula One World Championship.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100“SEAHORSES”: AN EXHIBITION OF THE POWER OF ALFA ROMEO ON WATER<p>The Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese is paying tribute to the less known chapter of Alfa Romeo in the water, with a new exhibition entitled &ldquo;Cavalli Marini&rdquo; (Sea Horses), a quotation from an article published in the journal Quadrifoglio in 1973.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100GIULIA GTA PUT THROUGH PACES BY ALFA ROMEO RACING ORLEN F1 DRIVERS<p>The Alfa Romeo Racing &ndash; ORLEN Formula 1 drivers, Kimi R&auml;ikk&ouml;nen and Antonio Giovinazzi, participated in a day of real-world tests on the new Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA and GTAm at the famous Balocco Proving Ground, fine tuning parts developed in collaboration with Sauber engineering.</p>Fri, 19 Feb 2021 09:36:09 +0100