24 guov 2015

Alfa Romeo at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

• The undisputed star of the show, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the open-top version of the multi-award winning coupé launched last year, which is known for delivering strong emotions and a supreme driving experience, while marrying outstanding design with the performance of powerful and versatile engines. • Across Europe, except Switzerland, the new Alfa Romeo Spider 4C will be proposed at a price starting from 60 403 € (excluding VAT and other local taxes).

Alfa Romeo at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show


  • The undisputed star of the show, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the open-top version of the multi-award winning coupé launched last year, which is known for delivering strong emotions and a supreme driving experience, while marrying outstanding design with the performance of powerful and versatile engines.
  • Across Europe, except Switzerland, the new Alfa Romeo Spider 4C will be proposed at a price starting from 60 403 € (excluding VAT and other local taxes).
  • Also on show in Switzerland the multi-award winning supercar, Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé, the latest brand icon whose breathtaking design and superb performance capture the essence of the sporting spirit.
  • On debut the new MiTo Racer and Giulietta Collezione versions.
  • The exhibition would not be complete without the high-performance "Cloverleaf" versions of the Giulietta and the MiTo with their now legendary symbol, since 1923 the hallmark of the most powerful Alfa Romeo models.


Alfa Romeo returns to the Geneva Car Show with yet another high-impact stand. Once again, it is the brand's sporting soul that steals the limelight with dream spiders, high-performance models, and timeless classics which combined give powerful emphasis to the brand's uniqueness on the world stage of the automobile industry.


For over a century, Alfa Romeo has been dedicated to those whose expectations from a car go beyond the concept of "useful means of transport", entering the realm of the "most genuine emotions". Hence the exhibition area in Geneva is ideally located to capture the sensations which only Alfa Romeo can give with its qualities of agility, power, and safety: a winding road.


Alfa Romeo 4C Spider and Coupé

The star of the Alfa Romeo stand is unquestionably the 4C Spider. Following its world debut in Detroit during the 2015 North American International Auto Show, in Geneva the EMEA-region version is on display. The new Alfa Romeo 4C Spider combines the pleasure of open-air motoring with the sporting and minimalist character of the multi-award winning 4C Coupé.


Two examples of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider grace the stand in Geneva: one Madreperla White (metallized tri-coat) elegantly offset by the stand's black floor, and the other in Prototype sporting yellow.


Designed by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, this intriguing two-seater, rear-wheel drive, mid-engine 4C Spider is the latest confirmation of excellence for this Italian brand in a sector which has recognised some of its models as among the most beautiful in world automobile history.


It is now down to the 4C Spider to uphold and carry forward the concept inaugurated in 2007 with the prototype 8C Competition and developed with other extraordinary vehicles such as the 8C Spider (2008), the 4C Coupé (2013), and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 2014.


The highest expression of Alfa Romeo's exclusive binomial of "functional beauty", the new open-top features a seductive Made-in-Italy "cladding" enclosing a carbon fibre monocoque that takes its inspiration from F1 racing cars and makes for an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 138 HP/l.


The advanced technology, which includes a 1750cc all-aluminium turbocharged direct injection engine with intercooler and dual CVVT, ensures a supercar performance: top speed of 257 km/h, 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds, 1.1 g lateral acceleration, and 1.25 g deceleration peaks when braking.


Also on display with a Rosso Competizione Red Tri-coat colour scheme is the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé, the latest brand icon whose breathtaking design and superb performance capture the essence of the sporting spirit. It is no surprise that, since its launch at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, this seductive coupé has attracted a steady flow of international awards and plaudits.


The multi-award winning Alfa Romeo 4CCoupé is at its best on the circuit, where speed, short stopping distances, and transverse acceleration are of the essence when competing for the fastest lap-time: 0 to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds, 258 km/h top speed, deceleration peaks in the range of 1.25 g. and lateral acceleration peaks above 1.1 g. All this is made possible by optimal weight distribution - 40% on the front axis, 60% on the rear - an overall weight of 895 kg, consisting mostly of carbon fibre, aluminium, steel, and SCM, and an extraordinary weight-to-power ratio below 4 Kg/HP.


Furthermore, the Alfa Romeo 4CCoupé will be even more exclusive and packed with more standard equipment. An array of features previously available as optional only have been made standard for orders starting from the end of February.


The award-winning Alfa Romeo coupé is being renewed to express the spirit of 4C - which is to be always at the top in terms of technological innovation and care for detail - even better.


Equipment included in the new improved version includes carbon fibre headlamps body with bi-led headlamps, Alfa Hi-Fi sound system, Alfa Romeo car cover and car care kit specifically designed for the 4Ccare and cleaning. Free optional equipment now includes parking sensors and cruise control.


For new orders, the de-tax price of 52,206 Euro for the Alfa Romeo 4C will be the same price across all of Europe, except for Switzerland.


Customers placing new orders can configure their 4C with a series of optionals that will be launched with the 4C Spider, among which screened Bi-Xenon headlamps and the new "Prototype Yellow" colour combined with the black leather (or black leather and microfiber) interiors and yellow stitching.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Collezione

With the new Collezione version on display in Geneva, which will be ready for sale on Europe's markets in April, Alfa Romeo Giulietta confirms its lead role in this segment.


The new Collezione outfitting is set up as top of the range: it is intended for demanding and elegant clients who are attentive to detail and looking for a distinctive look that is no less "substantial" in terms of its standard kit and efficient and performative technical characteristics.


The new Giulietta Collezione features black wing-mirrors and 17" alloy spoke wheels (special 18" alloy rims with burnished finishing available upon request). For an extra touch of elegance and distinctiveness, upon request, the Giulietta Collezione is also available with a contrasting black sunroof for a perfect color matching with rims and caps.


Attention to detail and premium-grade materials - the hallmark of Made-in-Italy styling - are on full display in the elegant, dark interior, with the added appeal of new dual-chrome (black and grey) high-quality leather seating with contrasting stitching, and grey satin-chrome features on the dashboard, door panels and central tunnel.


The new Giulietta Collezione is well-appointed with a standard kit of 6 airbags, the Alfa DNA device (with Q2 and DST electronic differential), the new ESC (inclusive of ASR and Hill Holder), fog lights and tyre pressure sensor. As always, the standard kit comes with dual-zone automatic temperature control for optimal comfort, electric rear windows, touch screen radio with CD/MP3 and a dual tuner function, leather-clad steering wheel with radio controls, front and rear arm-rests, lumbar-adjustable front seats, electrically foldable wing-mirrors, rear parking sensors, electro-chrome rear-view mirror, and rain and twilight sensors.


The special Collezione version also features the new Bluetooth-enabled multi-medial Uconnect device with an integrated 5" touchscreen (6.5" upon request), Aux-in port, USB port and voice commands. The 6.5" device also features SatNav with 3D maps, progress indicator, and the 'One Step Voice entry Destination' function to enter an address vocally. Both systems have been developed in collaboration with top-of-the-range partners such as Harman and Here Auto for the 6.5" UConnect device and Continental for the 5" UConnect.


The new turbodiesel Multijet second generation 1.6 JTDM 120 bhp Euro 6 engine debuts on the Collection outfitting: the perfect combination of performance, fuel saving and respect for the environment. It reaches 100 km/h in 10.2 seconds with a consumption of 3.9 l/100 km and only 103 g/km of CO2 in the combined cycle (3.8 l/100 km and 99 g/km of CO2 with low rolling resistance tires).


Other four engine types are available: second-generation turbo-diesel Multijet, 2.0 JTDM 150 HP and 2.0 JTDM 175 HP, the latter exclusively with Alfa TCT dual-clutch transmission, and the turbo petrol 1.4 MultiAir 120 and 170 HP, the latter also exclusively with Alfa TCT.


The Giulietta Collezione on display in Geneva is Perla Moonlight and sports the scintillating 2.0 JTDM 175 HP engine with dual-clutch Alfa TCT transmission which reaches 219 km/h top speed, 7.8 seconds acceleration 0-100 km/h, 4.4 l/100km of fuel consumption and 116 g/km of CO2 (combined cycle).


Alfa Romeo MiTo Racer

With its sporting style and roadworthiness, which has made it a recognised point of reference in its category, the new MiTo Racer version makes its debut in Geneva this year targeting a more mature clientele that is interested in new tendencies, as suggested by the numerous chromed stylistic elements and the brown eco-leather upholstery for a vintage look which indicates a sophisticated and contemporary style.


Available on the main European markets from the end of April, the new MiTo Racer, displayed at the exhibition, sports a new white scheme - with seven more to choose from among which slate grey - and an elegant polished finishing for the 17" alloy wheels and wing-mirrors. The new special series also features a satin-chrome finish for the door-handles and the front and rear light frames, a rear sport bumper, spoiler and chromed exhaust-pipe.


Even greater attention has been given to the interior, where the dark sporting character is enhanced by all-new grey textile seats with brown eco-leather for a vintage effect, matching stitching, and the Alfa Romeo words on the front headrests. Leather cladding with brown stitching also features on the sports steering wheel with radio controls, the gear-stick cover, and the hand-brake.


A further classical touch may be seen in the carpets with Alfa Romeo words and brown stitching, and the black Street dashboard. The standard kit includes manual temperature control and UConnect infotainment system with 5" touchscreen with Bluetooth interface, Aux-in port, USB port and voice commands (SatNav upon request).


Safety in the MiTo Racer offers as standard 7 airbags, the Alfa DNA (with Q2 and DST electronic differential), the ESC system (including ASR and Hill Holder), fog lights and tyre pressure sensor.


The new version offers a wide range of engines to choose from, all of which are efficient, reliable, high-performing, and eco-friendly, for instance the multi-award-winning petrol 0.9 Turbo TwinAir 105 HP. For a higher performance, there is the turbo petrol 1.4 MultiAir 140 HP with automatic Alfa TCT that reaches a top speed of 209 km/h, 0-100 Km/h acceleration in 8.1 seconds, 5.4 l/100Km consumption, and 124 g/km of CO2 (combined cycle).


The range also includes the turbo diesel 1.3 JTDM 85 HP and 1.6 JTDM 120 HP, both second-generation Multijet engines, and the 1.4 GPL Turbo 120 HP, an exciting blend of power and technology that combines high-level performance with eco-friendliness and modest running costs.


Finally, the MiTo Racer range includes the petrol-driven 1.4 78 HP engine, which, with the turbo-diesel 1.3 JTDM 85 HP, makes it possible even for new drivers to enjoy an Alfa Romeo.


The example exhibited in Geneva sports the Hawthorn White finish. The vehicle is mounted with a petrol 0.9 Turbo TwinAir 105 HP engine with a sparkling personality - 105 HP (77 kW) at 5,500 revs/min and top torque of 145 Nm at 2,000 revs/min - and low consumption rates and CO2 emissions. And none of this detracts from its performance: top speed of 184 km/h and 0-100 km/h acceleration in 11.4 seconds.


The high-performance "Cloverleaf" versions of the Giulietta and the MiTo

With their minimalist style, compact and powerful engines, the right weight-to-power ratio, and "Made in Alfa Romeo" technical features that express all the joy of driving, the high-performance "Cloverleaf" versions of the Giulietta and MiTo also have their say. A worthy homage to the "Cloverleaf", the epic symbol which has marked Alfa Romeo's top performers since 1923, be they competition cars racing on circuits all over the world or special editions.


Visitors to Geneva will be able to appreciate two examples with their legendary symbol: a MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde with opaque Magnesium Grey colour scheme and a gutsy turbo-petrol 1.4 MultiAir 170 HP engine and automatic Alfa TCT transmission, and a Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde with Rosso Competizione colour scheme and accessories designed in collaboration with Mopar® - a top brand for services, customer care, original spare parts, and FCA brand accessories that enhance the vehicle's sporting vocation. In particular, the exhibited Giulietta has a rear spoiler and carbon fibre wing-mirrors, as well as body skirts, rear diffuser and front spoiler.


Alfa Romeo Stand

Alfa Romeo returns to the Geneva Motor Show with a high visual-impact stand where the latest developments are on display and the powerful emotions which only Alfa Romeo can give with its special blend of agility, power, and safety may be experienced. A black floor recalling a winding road showcases the legendary performance of Alfa Romeo cars.


Central to the stand are the new 4C Spider, making its first appearance in Europe, and a classic 1900 Sport Spider, a single example of a racing car built in 1954 on the evolved mechanical basis of the 1900 with a particularly aggressive and streamlined open bodywork by Bertone, and all the performance and drivability of a modern car. It is the perfect transition between agile and powerful open-top cars that give their best in an exciting flow of straight lines and curves.


One area of the stand will be dedicated to exclusive Alfa Romeo merchandising, accessories and original spare parts developed in collaboration with Mopar, the leading brand for services, customer care, original parts and FCA brands.


Lastly, thanks to the distribution of information and other material available at the stand visitors will be able to become familiar with the products of FCA Bank, a financial institution specialising in the automobile sector which operates in all the main European markets, as well as in Switzerland with FCA Capital Suisse SA, with a single purpose: to support sales of all FCA brands with cutting-edge financial products complete with high added-value services targeting car dealerships, private customers, and companies.