24 guov 2015

Abarth at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show

Abarth at the 2015 Geneva International Motor Show


  • Abarth 500 2014: a 12.2% rise in sales with respect to 2013 in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • The Abarth 500 2015 range: the new line-up, developed to accommodate a greater number of clients of the Scorpione, enhanced by the new 595 "Competizione" with a 180 HP engine.
  • Abarth 695 Biposto: deliveries of the smallest supercar, which is being enthusiastically welcomed by Abarth fans, have started.
  • The 2015 racing season: the German ADAC Formel 4 Powered by Abarth kicks off in the wake of the success of the Italian F.4 Championship Powered by Abarth.
  • Abarth and racing: a bond which has been formed by Movistar sponsoring Yamaha MotoGP.


Abarth returns to the Geneva Motor Show to present its latest line-up to the public and to celebrate the remarkably successful sales results of 2014: the 6,869 Abarth 500s sold in EMEA, represent an increase of 12.2% over 2013.


The Scorpione brand offers a new extended range which allows every customer to choose between various levels of performance and technological equipment. The range spans from the 140 HP of the Custom, continuing to the 160 HP of the Turismo and on to the novelty of the 180 HP of the Competizione, and finally reaching the "pure distillate of performance" with the 695 Biposto and its 190 HP, which combined with a dry weight of just 997 kg, is able to guarantee the best weight/power ratio in its class (5.2 kg/HP).


The success of the brand springs from the unique formula that succeeds in offering a perfect synthesis between performance, technology and iconic Italian style. Today's 595 range line-up features three trim levels ("Custom", "Turismo" and "Competizione"). In particular, the "Competizione" and "Turismo" represent the two fundamental souls of Abarth: the first expresses its sportier, "racing purist" character, the second, on the other hand, offers the typical values of an Italian Granturismo in a compact form, perfect for everyday performance". "Completing the line-up is the 695 Biposto, dubbed the "smallest supercar" which offers a road vehicle with all the excitement and technology of a real racing car.


The new Abarth 2015 range is therefore presented with a complete "line-up", which is able to satisfy the requirements in terms of performance, customisation and product content from increasingly demanding customers and preparations, with 4 engines ranging from 140 HP to 190 HP, 3 different transmissions (manual, robotised sequential gearbox, front coupling "dog ring"), with two body configurations (sedan and convertible).


Furthermore, with its extended range, Abarth has succeeded in consolidating its global brand identity by expanding the Abarth network, which will be doubled in size with respect to 2014. The official Abarth dealer and tuner network in the EMEA area counted 6,869 new registrations last year with a 12.2% increase with respect to 2013.

Sales in overseas markets represent 77% of the total, reflecting the international vocation of the brand. In Europe, which in turn impacts on the excellent performance in particularly competitive markets, such as the UK, where in 2014, Abarth recorded an increase of 21% on sales from the previous year, a significant increase considering the traditional severity and skills possessed by sports car clients in the country.


The same passion for the Scorpion is alive even in Asia, such as in Japan, where Abarth increased its sales by 19%, meaning that the Japanese market accounted for the second highest volume of sales after Italy.


Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show will have the opportunity to admire a session dedicated to kits and accessories made by Abarth - which complement the Abarth range and satisfy the custom attitude of Abarth customers. In more detail, the wide range of tune-up kits and accessories for all Abarth models features five engine upgrade kits, three braking and suspension system tune-up kits, cosmetic kits and a growing number of special accessories which can be purchased from the official Abarth e-store (www.abarthstore.com). This is of major significance in relation to the part associated with sports exhaust systems, an ingenious invention where the intuition of Carlo Abarth has actually given birth to the concept of "customisation" in the automotive world.


On the racing front, the brand is celebrating the success of the first edition of the "Italian F4 Championship Powered by Abarth" by supplying engines for the "ADAC Formel 4 - Powered by Abarth" in Germany. Once again, Abarth is a springboard for motor sport talents allowing young drivers to gain racing experience at the wheel of a single-seater equipped with a 1.4 Turbo T-Jet 160 HP engine.


The 1.4 T-Jet engine of the single-seater is specifically prepared for the F4 championship. It delivers 160 HP and 240 Nm of torque and is the same versatile, robust and reliable power unit fitted on the Abarth 500 Assetto Corse and the Abarth 695 Assetto Corse Evoluzione that compete in the single-make championships.