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15 jul. 2021

Until January 2nd, 2022, The Museum of Modern Art in New York presents Automania, an exhibition focusing on the social, urban and environmental transformations brought about by the advent of the automobile in the 20th century.

09 jul. 2021

Sunday, July 11th will witness the running of the 39th edition of the Cesana-Sestriere, one of the biggest international historic sportscar racing events, forming part of the European and Italian vintage car speed championships.

01 jul. 2021

MAUTO celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Fiat 127 and pays tribute to its designer, Pio Manzù.

25 jun. 2021

Wednesday, June 23rd saw the end of the 2nd edition of the REB Concours, a prestigious beauty contest for vintage cars, held at the Circolo di Golf Roma Acquasanta.

21 jun. 2021

The remarkable 1000 Miglia 2021 has come to an end, flying the flag of Alfa Romeo: let alone overall victory, emotions and indelible memories remain while we wait for the next edition, from the vintage Alfa Romeos entered by the Heritage department – all of which reached the finish line, to the ovations received by the Giulia GTA and GTAm on the roads of the “Freccia Rossa” (“Red Arrow”)

19 jun. 2021

We can still feel the chills of an edition that has strengthened the bond between the brand and the “Freccia Rossa” (“Red Arrow”) even further.

19 jun. 2021


Last night witnessed the conclusion of the third exciting section, taking the convoy from Rome to Bologna.



18 jun. 2021

Yesterday the 1000 Miglia convoy went deeper into the Italian peninsula, traveling from Viareggio to Rome.

17 jun. 2021

The Alfa Romeo legend returns to take on the roads of the 1000 Miglia: 400 classic cars in the race, 50 of which belong to the Biscione brand, which is also lining up the Giulia and Stelvio in the official convoy.
Yesterday's stage took the convoy from Brescia to Viareggio, amid enthusiasm from the same public that has always accompanied the race, who lit up with passion as they saw the new Giulia GTA and GTAm pass.

16 jun. 2021

The 39th edition of the historical re-enactment of the “Freccia Rossa” (“Red Arrow”): today, the race paddock in Brescia hosted the sealing of the classic cars, not a simple formal ceremony but rather a ritual to bring on the high emotions of the competition.
The cars then paraded in Piazza della Vittoria, to the admiration of the public, before leaving for Viareggio (Tuscany).

14 jun. 2021

The countdown has begun for the “most beautiful race in the world”, on its traditional Brescia-Rome-Brescia route. Four models from the vintage Alfa Romeo collection will be taking part: the 6C 1500 Super Sport (1928), the 1900 Sport Spider (1954), the 2000 Sportiva (1954) and the 1900 Super Spider (1956).

09 jun. 2021

Dit jaar markeert de 60e verjaardag van de Fiat-Abarth 850 TC, de eerste Abarth met het acroniem "Turismo Competizione", dat zijn dubbele ziel in zijn naam onthult.

04 jun. 2021

The 2nd edition of the REB Concours, a prestigious beauty contest for vintage cars, is due to take place From June 21st to 23rd at the Circolo di Golf Roma Acquasanta.

27 mei 2021

A new museum in the heart of Milan houses the priceless permanent collection of the “Compasso d’Oro”, the oldest and most authoritative world design award, established in 1954. The most representative pieces include the iconic Fiat 500, the recipient of awards in 1959 and 2011.

26 mei 2021

The Heritage department and its 1954 Lancia D50 took part in the inauguration of the renovated starting pitch dedicated to the exploits of the great driver Alberto Ascari.

21 mei 2021

The project shared between Heritage and Mopar® offers collectors and owners a selection of original spare parts for vintage cars. Launched in late 2019, the “Heritage Parts” catalog has now had new products added, some in limited editions

20 mei 2021

Readers of the car magazine once again vote historic and current Alfa Romeo vehicles as winners.

14 mei 2021

  • Abarth 1000 SP: a name that still makes the hearts of fans of the Scorpion brand miss a beat.
  • Designed in 1966 by the Milan engineer Mario Colucci, the Abarth 1000 Sport Prototipo was a lightweight and powerful spider. Only a limited number of units were built, and would come in victorious all over Europe, helping to spread the brand's fame.

13 mei 2021

The multi-year partnership between Alfa Romeo and the “most beautiful race in the world” continues. From June 16th to 19th, the renowned contest will be run as always from Brescia to Rome and back again.

26 feb. 2021

For over five years now, the Heritage department has been carrying out protection and valorization activities on historical models from the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia e Abarth brands.

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