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25 Feb 2019

Fiat celebrates 120 years of history at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show

Fiat celebrates 120 years of history at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show


  • Geneva will set the scene for the début of the new 500 '120th' family, the most elegant and best-connected range ever, celebrating the first 120 years of the Fiat brand.
  • Available on 500, 500X and 500L, the new '120th' range is characterised by its brand new, sophisticated two-colour Tuxedo livery, an all-new feature for the 500X.
  • Available Apple CarPlay support lets you control your iPhone® using your Uconnect touchscreen. It enables you to access Apple Maps, Apple Music, send and receive messages, make phone calls and more through Siri® or your 7-inch touchscreen.
  • The spotlight will also be on the new Panda Connected by Wind special edition. Springing from the collaboration between Fiat and the Wind 3 Group, it has 4G internet connectivity, courtesy of the "WINDPACK", allowing users to simultaneously connect up to 15 devices and offering 50 GB of monthly traffic.
  • Completing the line-up is the Tipo Sport 5-Door - the top-of-the-range model developed in collaboration with Mopar® - with a striking black and white livery.


Fiat has chosen Geneva as the prestigious stage to host the presentation of its new 500 '120th' family, the most elegant, best-connected range ever. Available on 500, 500X and 500L, the new range celebrates Fiat's 120th birthday - a milestone that very few car manufacturers around the world have reached - and at the same time, it also writes a new chapter in the book on connectivity - a social and technological dimension already explored in 2018 with the 500 Mirror family.


In Geneva, visitors will have the opportunity to become familiar with Fiat's idea of connectivity - something that is always simple, democratic, safe and intuitive. After all, these are the cornerstones of the Fiat tradition - offering technological solutions that are innovative but user-friendly, and just as capable of meeting modern daily mobility requirements as they are of accommodating the increasing focus of society on safety and communication.


A lot has changed since 11 July 1899 - a significant date as it saw the establishment of the 'Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili - Torino', but the brand's perception of the car, and above all, the way in which it is experienced, has remained unchanged over the years, becoming a distinctive trait of the brand globally.


The Geneva International Motor Show will also see débuts for the new Panda Connected by Wind, the result of the cooperation  between Fiat and Wind - yet another example of 'connectivity according to Fiat' and its way of experiencing the car: always 100% connected, contemporary and safe.


The 500 "120th" family, the best-connected and most elegant range ever

Geneva will host the world preview of the new celebratory range that visitors will be able to admire in three versions - 500X '120th' 1.0-litre FireFly Turbo with 120 hp, 500 '120th' 0.9-litre Twin Air with 85 hp and 500L '120th' 1.3 Multijet with 95 hp. All three vehicles sport a sophisticated two-colour Tuxedo livery (black and white), an all-new feature for 500X.


The name Tuxedo is a reference to the traditional prestigious ceremonial suit and it is accessorised with an exclusive matching key cover, copper-coloured details and elegant interior upholstery. This elegant styling proudly features a special Fiat logo, bearing the celebratory '120th' wording, combined with the well-known connectivity or streaming symbol. Indeed, the new 500 '120th' family offers a Uconnect 7-inch / 177.8 mm HD LIVE touchscreen, which is Apple CarPlayTM ready and Android AutoTM compatible as standard.


The available Apple CarPlayTM support lets you control your iPhone® using your Uconnect® touchscreen. It also enables you to access Apple Maps, Apple Music, send and receive messages, make phone calls and more through Siri® or your vehicle's touchscreen.


Available Android AutoTM integrates your Android phone with your Uconnect touchscreen. This new feature makes it easy for the driver to benefit from full connectivity while safely keeping his hands on the wheel.


New Fiat 500X '120th'

For the very first time, the Italian crossover from the Fiat brand sports a two-colour livery - the charming Tuxedo (black and white) combination. Just like the traditional prestigious ceremonial suit which is also available in other shades, it is also available in elegant Pearl Tuxedo (Pearl White and black) and Silver Tuxedo (Silver Grey and black) colourways.


The Tuxedo livery also features a set of distinctive black caps on the rearview mirrors, side sills in Cinema Black, chrome window frames and 16-inch (or 17-inch on request) alloy wheels with a dark finish. The front proudly sports full LED headlamps, providing light that is up to 160% more powerful than halogen lamps as well as being safer and consuming less energy (-66%).


Inside, the exclusive mark of the celebratory range stands out. The seats, with their copper coloured upholstery, are perfectly matched with a number of fine elements, such as the fascia of the black control panel and the door armrests, which are covered in high quality vinyl. The sophisticated, metropolitan 500X "120th" is also big on comfort, thanks to a full range of standard equipment including dusk and rain sensors, automatic headlamps and parking guide system.


The four different engines available also make for a comfortable driving experience - 120hp 1.0-litre FireFly Turbo, 110 hp 1.6-litre E-torq, 95 hp 1.3-litre Multijet and 120 hp 1.6-litre Multijet, all with 5 or 6-speed manual transmission. The range also offers Gelato White, Pearl White, Silver Grey and Cinema Black liveries, all with matching dashboards as well as the exclusive two-colour Pearl Tuxedo and Silver Tuxedo versions, both with black dashboards and details.


Fiat 500 '120th'

The iconic 500 also appears in the new '120th' outfit, sporting a new two-colour Tuxedo "suit" (black and white) with a new, even more elegant line, enhanced by the chrome sill on the bonnet, the 16-inch alloy wheels with copper-coloured finish and the black roof (in the same shade used for the soft top of the convertible version).


The same elegance can be found in the passenger compartment where the black fascia of the dashboard and the exclusive pinstripe (black with vertical stripes) fabric of the seats make a dapper impression. The top part is in high quality vinyl, emblazoned with an embroidered '500' logo. Fully equipped - featuring fog lamps, 50/50 rear seat and personalised mats - and available in sedan and convertible versions - the 500 '120th' is available with the choice of 69hp 1.2-litre, 85 hp 0.9-litre Twin Air and 69hp 1.2-litre LPG engines. The vehicle also comes in a choice of Cortina Grey, Carrara Grey, Vesuvius Black, (three-layer) Ice White and Gelato White finishes.


Fiat 500L '120th'

The new Fiat 500 family is completed by the 500L '120th, also featuring the elegant two-colour Tuxedo livery (black and white). This is enhanced by the Myron details on the bumpers, side sills and two-colour 17-inch alloy wheels, complete with shiny black and chrome finish details on the front grille. Elegance is also the name of the game inside, with a sophisticated black fascia for the dashboard, and exclusive seats upholstered in grey fabric and black eco-leather, enhanced by the copper-coloured shade of the stitching and the '500' logo. The Fiat 500L '120th' also has fog lamps, dusk and rain sensors and rear parking sensors as standard.


Customers can choose from the 95 hp 1.4-litre Fire petrol engine with 6-speed manual transmission, 95 hp 1.3-litre MultiJet II turbodiesel with manual or Dualogic robotised transmission or the 120 hp 1.6 MultiJet paired with a manual transmission.


Drivers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the livery - as well as the classic two-colour Tuxedo version in black and white, other options include Gelato White, Cinema Black, Maestro Grey and Moda Grey, or two-colour Maestro Tuxedo (Maestro Grey with a black roof) and Moda Tuxedo (Moda Grey and black top) versions.


Uconnect® 7" HD LIVE touchscreen, Apple CarPlayTM ready and Android AutoTM compatible

The modern, innovative Uconnect® 7-inch / 177.8 mm HD LIVE touchscreen - which is Apple CarPlayTM ready and compatible with Android AutoTM - is supplied as standard on all the vehicles in the 500 '120th' family, making every trip a unique, engaging experience. In detail, the next-generation Uconnect system features a high-resolution 7-inch / 177.8 mm touchscreen, Bluetooth hands-free interface, audio streaming, text reader and voice recognition function, plus USB ports with iPod integration and controls on the steering wheel.


In addition to the range of Uconnect LIVE services, the main features of the Uconnect system are the integration of Apple CarPlayTM - a smarter and safer way to use an iPhone® while driving - and compatibility with Android AutoTM.


Apple CarPlayTM shows road directions optimised according to real time traffic conditions via Maps and can be used to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and stream Apple Music while remaining focused on the road. It also allows drivers to use other apps such as Messages, Audiobooks and Apple Podcasts and supports other apps on their iPhone®. Apple CarPlayTM also features Siri voice control and is specially designed for all driving scenarios.


The system is also compatible with Android AutoTM, so that drivers can continue their Android experience in the car, by 'projecting' apps and services to the central display. It is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe - the driver can use Google MapsTM or Waze to obtain route guidance, easily access music, multimedia contents and his or her favourite messaging apps. To learn more about Android AutoTM compatibility, go to:


Panda Connected by Wind, celebrating 120 years of Fiat history at 4G speed

Geneva will also see the debut of the new Panda Connected by Wind special edition, the result of a partnership between Fiat Wind, one of the brands of Wind Tre, a major player in the mobile market in Italy and one of the main alternative operators in the landline market. Marketed in Italy starting from April, the car has a dedicated new look and is fully equipped especially with 4G internet connectivity courtesy of the "WINDPACK". To celebrate its 120th anniversary, Fiat - in cooperation with Wind , which has been serving the needs of families for 20 years, will be offering customers purchasing the new special edition  the possibility to remain connected to the Wind Tre network even when on the move, thanks to the wi-fi router and the Wind SIM with 50 GB of data monthly traffic.


The Panda Connected by Wind special edition features a "Linkzone 4G" Wi-Fi router that enables the simultaneous connection of up to 15 devices, at the maximum available speed - a technological feature that further enhances the community perspective inherent in the Panda model. The mobile Wi-Fi router turns the Panda Connected by Wind into an efficient hotspot, with no need to install any software or drivers. Once activated, it creates a wireless network to connect any Wi-Fi compatible device to browse the Internet, download files and music, share photos and documents and manage e-mail messages. The hotspot additionally means users can enjoy the Uconnect app and all its functions, including integrated Waze navigation, music streaming and internet radio, by exploiting the data traffic of the offer dedicated to the Panda connected by Wind.


Using the web interface, it is possible to manage all advanced settings quickly and easily. You can also take the Wi-Fi router with you when you step out of the car, so you can enjoy connectivity wherever you are. On the beach, in the mountains or at the gym, you can browse the internet, watch films and listen to your favourite playlist. The device is powered by a built-in battery and can also be charged through a special cradle fixed in the vehicle's 12V socket. In perfect harmony with the concept of freedom inherent in Fiat Panda, you can also use the  international roaming services within the European Union.


The new Panda Connected by Wind continues the path of user-friendly technology kicked off last year with the Panda Waze, the most social city-car ever and the first in its segment to offer integration with the famous Waze navigation app in 'Panda Uconnect'.


The Panda Connected by Wind will certainly consolidate the model's leadership, which has been the outright best-selling vehicle in Italy since 2012 and expand its large community of 7.5 million owners and enthusiasts who, since 1980, have chosen it as the ultimate expression of 'freedom on four wheels'.


The Panda Connected by Wind sports a special celebratory badge showing the number '120' and the name 'Connected by Wind', in addition to gloss black accents on the skid plates, door handles and the 15-inch bi-colour wheels. Its uniqueness is further highlighted by a white livery paired with two optional exclusive features, namely a black roof and orange mirror caps, the colours that characterise the brand and Wind.


Young and bright inside, with black fabric seats embellished by white and green contrasting seams, the car has Radio U-Connect Mobile and a special smartphone cradle to stay connected. The Panda Connected by Wind has a 69 hp1.2-litre 69 engine.


Tipo Sport, more beautiful and dynamic than ever

The Tipo Sport 5-Door - the top-of-the-range version developed in collaboration with Mopar - will be introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show with a striking white livery and contrasting black roof.


Equipped with a 120 hp 1.6 Multijet engine with DCT automatic transmission, the Tipo Sport on display at Geneva has a smart Pastel White paint job matched with a contrasting Black roof (optional). Black also features on the door mirror caps and door handles.


Many elements recall the world of sport, such as new front and rear sports bumpers, side skirts, rear diffuser, a spoiler on the roof and one-of-a-kind fog light bezels. The sporty look is completed by a Gloss Black treatment that embellishes the 18-inch alloy wheels with diamond finish (optional and made by Mopar) plus the wide grille. The headlights are available with optional Bi-xenon technology that guarantee 30% more superior performance over the standard version.


The same exclusiveness continues inside the passenger compartment with a Total Black ambience that is the perfect setting for the leather and fabric seats that are embellished with double-stitched seams and cross-pattern techno-leather upholstery on the steering wheel and gear lever. Finally, connectivity is standard with the Uconnect 7-inch / 177.8 mm HD LIVE touchscreen, which is Apple CarPlayTM ready and Android AutoTM compatible.


Interestingly, a Tipo Sport was the 500,000th car to roll off the production line, confirming the success of the model. In less than three years since its launch, it has become the segment leader in Italy and is in the top 10 in four European countries, as well as being Fiat's second most successful model globally, with over 70% of units sold outside Italy.


The new Tipo line-up comprises three body variants (4-Door, 5-Door and Station Wagon) and four trim levels (Street, Mirror and the new S-Design and Sport), to meet the needs of owners of diverse ages, tastes and mobility needs. The S-Design and Sport are intended for a young, dynamic demographic looking for a strong personality and a sporty character in their car, with all features raised to particularly high levels in the Sport trim. The Mirror is designed for customers who need space and modularity and want to be connected at all times, while the Street is ideal for young people who want to enjoy the attractive style, roominess and comfort for which the Tipo family is justly famed. In other words, the model embodies all of the traditional, distinctive features of the Fiat brand - practicality, simplicity and personality. This is why every one of the 500,000 Tipo cars built is a kind of tailored garment, able to satisfy every customer's mobility needs and tastes.


Authentic Accessories developed by Mopar for Fiat models

A selection of Authentic Accessories developed by Mopar will also be on show on the Fiat stand. These top-quality products all perfectly match the technical and styling features of the various models, enabling full customisation. Available premium products include the Carbon Sport kit, dedicated to the Tipo with 'Piano Black' elements, and the Dark Pack for the 500X, created by Mopar to enhance the trademark looks, elegance, design and sporty style of the Italian crossover made by Fiat.


The Dark Pack gives the car an intriguing, sporty look through the special Monster Matte black colour that adorns the mirrors, moustache, door handles, tailgate handle and internal trims of the rear light clusters. It also includes the Prime Parts pollen filter, with Mopar Connect and 18-inch wheels available on request.



At the Geneva International Motor Show the FCA Group is presenting some of its new licensing collaboration projects, which aim to expand the visibility of its brands outside the automotive world.


These are exclusive products with a strong iconic value that celebrate Fiat's anniversary and evoke the brand's founding values. On the Fiat stand, visitors can admire the Gabs Collection, dedicated to the iconic Fiat 500, which renews itself with the new colourful 'SS19' capsule, encompassing the values shared by Fiat and Gabs - style, design, colour and recognisably Made in Italy. There is also space for '500 Happy People', which focuses on travel experiences through cartoon-style illustrated prints.


Finally, a new collection of products available at Fiat dealers, celebrates the brand's famous acronym (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) while, exclusive to the Geneva International Motor Show, limited edition -Fiat Centoventi - made in Fiat' t-shirts will be available during the event.


Android Auto, Google Play and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google LLC.
Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.





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