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28 Mar 2019

FCA What’s Behind: Revealing the details of research and development

FCA What’s Behind: Revealing the details of research and development


  • Delivering the high standards of quality, safety, reliability and comfort that characterise every FCA Group vehicle is a never-ending task that often takes place behind the scenes: FCA ‘What’s Behind’ is a video project that reveals the details.

Getting behind the wheel of your FCA Group vehicle has become part of everyday life. Starting the engine and setting off is a comfortable, automatic action behind, but behind that simple action lies a process of complex, detailed work that involves hundreds of people around the world. 

Developing a car requires engineers and technicians to guarantee quality, safety, reliability and comfort in all conditions. 

The FCA ‘What’s Behind’ project describes, for the first time, the many activities that contribute to the development of - and quality checks carried out on - all FCA vehicles. This excellent documentary series will expand the geographical and thematic horizons of enthusiasts, professionals and motorists.

Episodes range from the glaciers of Arjeplog in Lapland, Sweden to the deserts of South Africa, where vehicles are tested under the most extreme conditions, including FCA centres of excellence like the Balocco Proving Ground (Vercelli), the Orbassano  Safety Centre (Turin) and the Turin Research Centre. 

These key sites, which are global benchmarks for research and development, include testing centres, circuits, plants and offices - and all are working to deliver the total quality expressed, for example, in driving pleasure, aerodynamics, reduction of emissions and fuel consumption plus the most appropriate drive systems.

That’s why, for the first time ever, FCA has taken cameras ‘behind the scenes’ for an exceptional, exciting report.



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