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22 Jul 2021

PEUGEOT is adding to its range of lifestyle products and asserting its upmarket position with a cabin case signed with its new logo. Based on the rigid SAMSONITE C-Lite model, its iconic design will appeal to fans and representatives of the Lion brand. It is resistant, light, and practical with four wheels, making it ideal for weekends or business trips. This new cabin suitcase will be available in the coming days at a price of €399 including tax on the online shop

08 Jun 2021

PEUGEOT is launching a new range of clothing for its fans, friends and sales teams: T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, body warmers and windbreakers. Accessories they can use on a daily basis: pens, notebooks, mugs or umbrellas. The designers of the PEUGEOT Design Lab studio have infused a modern, technical and high quality design into each piece of this collection, bearing the new PEUGEOT logo or the Brand Icon, portraying the coat of arms. This new lifestyle range is enhancing PEUGEOT's new identity and asserting its move upmarket. It is available from today on the online shop

27 Apr 2021

For those of you who love performance, technicality and elegance, the Lion brand is launching a line of lifestyle clothing and accessories. The PEUGEOT Design Lab studio drew inspiration from the sophisticated design codes and meticulous materials of the new 508 PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED to create this new collection. The cap, polo shirt and jacket have a sporty and elegant look with black technical fabrics. The key ring, the card holder and the black leather wallet are stamped with the three Kryptonite-coloured claws, the new PEUGEOT SPORT signature. The chronograph watch with its faceted case and stitched leather strap chimes with performance and efficiency. This new collection is available now on the online shop

09 Dec 2020

PEUGEOT is selling the "Armand, SINCE 1810" watches for its fans. They are an elegant way to pay tribute to the history of the brand. The PEUGEOT Design Lab studio has designed the exclusive facetted case and ensured the quality of its "watchmaking" finish. Every detail of these timepieces is meticulous, such as the PEUGEOT name engraved on the back of the case, or the bracelet in braided metal or stitched leather. The "SINCE 1810" watches complete the eponymous collection. They are available from today on the online store, for the price of € 129 incl. VAT and € 149 incl. VAT.

02 Dec 2020

Just like every year, PEUGEOT has some Christmas offers available on its online shop This year, vouchers will be automatically created on the internet user's basket depending on the amount of the order. This offer is applicable from 8 to 25 December 2020. A great chance to treat yourself or others by for example picking up a box of miniatures that are a tribute to the brand's 210th anniversary, a sculpture of the PEUGEOT ambassador lion, or an item from the LEGEND lifestyle collection.

01 Oct 2020

The Lion Brand dedicates to its fans a chic and contemporary box set in a limited edition of 210 copies, containing two "speedforms". These 1/43rd scale sculptures represent the PEUGEOT L45, winner at Indianapolis in 1916, and the PEUGEOT e-LEGEND CONCEPT, an enthusiastic vision of the future. These models symbolize the industrial adventure of PEUGEOT since its creation, as well as its sporting exploits and innovations. These new exclusive boxes are numbered and available with the "speedforms" in either black and white or white and black. They are available now at the price of € 104.90 Inc. VAT from the online store

10 Sep 2020

On 26th September 2020, PEUGEOT will celebrate 210 years of history. The Lion Brand pays tribute to its anniversary through the lifestyle collection “SINCE 1810“. Dedicated to fans of the brand, it features a timeless design. The collectors will enjoy the keyring or the mug, essential objects of everyday life, and the chic and sober black or white garments as well. The exclusive pepper mill and kitchen apron, that complete the collection, are a nod to the PEUGEOT expertise in tableware. PEUGEOT Design Lab, the global Brand design studio, signs the logo that celebrates the 210th anniversary. This special logo is inspired by the original one, side-on and underlined by an arrow. These new PEUGEOT Lifestyle items bearing this emblem are available now from the online store

30 Jul 2020

PEUGEOT sells the miniatures Cars of the Year 2020: the PEUGEOT e-208 and 208. Two miniatures in 1/43rd scale will satisfy collectors. Three miniatures in «3 inches» scale are dedicated to young and adult fans of the Lion brand. The irresistible design of the miniatures is faithful to the New PEUGEOT 208, as well as the bright and toned metallic colours Blue Vertigo, Faro Yellow and Elixir Red. The PEUGEOT 208 models are available now on the PEUGEOT online store

25 Jun 2020

PEUGEOT Design Lab, the PEUGEOT Brand design studio, has made its mark on the design of these essential objects of everyday life. Their sharp design, ergonomics and manufacturing quality embody the upmarket move of PEUGEOT. To satisfy all the Lion’s fans desires, these gratifying new PEUGEOT lifestyle products are available in thematic collections: PEUGEOT Sport, LEGEND, Electric, 208, 2008 and Corporate. These new pens, mugs and umbrellas are available now on the PEUGEOT online store

18 Feb 2019

For meticulous do-it-yourselfers, Peugeot Outillage offers it’s a complete range of tools : hammer drill, jack hammer, circular saw, jig saw, orbital sander, angle grinder, restorer and multi-function tool. This new collection has been designed by PEUGEOT Design Lab. These power tools build upon the family of cordless tools launched with the EnergyDrill drills. Peugeot Outillage is also launching with collection with a new logo and a new brand signature as well as a new Web site. The full range of EnergyHub tools is on sale now in leading DIY stores, specialised websites, and via the PEUGEOT online store. Their prices range from €79.99 to €289 (incl. Tax).

15 Nov 2018

PEUGEOT is introducing new LEGEND clothing and accessories for fans of the lion brand. Their retro styling has been created by the designers from PEUGEOT Design Lab. These products build upon the lines of the LEGEND Lifestyle and LEGEND 504 collections, and are available now on the PEUGEOT online store.

27 Sep 2018

In October 2018 PEUGEOT will start selling online a miniature replica of the monumental PEUGEOT Lion, that will be present at the Paris Motor Show. This timeless and spectacular sculpture has been created by the PEUGEOT Design Lab team. The Lion ambassador celebrates the 200+ year history of the brand and 160 years of existence of its iconic logo.

19 Sep 2018

PEUGEOT is launching eight new cordless tools for 2018. The hammer drill, jack hammer, circular saw, jig saw, orbital sander, angle grinder, restorer and multi-function tool will power even the most demanding DIY enthusiasts. Their sleek and modern design is signed by Peugeot Design Lab. Building upon more than 200 years in the business, PEUGEOT is expanding its new range of cordless tools. These new tools will be on sale beginning in November, and on show from 19 September on the PEUGEOT stand at the commercial vehicle auto show in Hanover.

09 Jul 2018

PEUGEOT releases eight luggage and leather goods models with details in Alcantara®. The design, developed by Peugeot Design Lab, drew inspiration from the refined passenger compartment in the new PEUGEOT 508. Elegant, functional and multi-purpose, these pieces are sure to please even the most discerning travellers. This new line of luggage joins the PEUGEOT Lifestyle range. Available now in the online store.

16 Apr 2018

This year, PEUGEOT celebrates the 50th anniversary of its iconic 504. To mark this anniversary, PEUGEOT has produced a new collection of t-shirts, cap, mug, badges and scale models. PEUGEOT’s Design Lab designers have given the collection a signature neo-retro style directly inspire by the 504s range of 60’s paint colours. The 504 LEGEND range is available now on the PEUGEOT online store and at PEUGEOT dealers worldwide.

13 Jun 2017

At the request of PEUGEOT Outillage, the designers at Peugeot Design Lab have developed a new modern design for the next generation EnergyDrill. Available now the collection of four cordless drills (including two hammer-action drills) range in price from €189.90 to €289.00 (incl. tax). PEUGEOT tools are on sale now at major DIY stores, specialised websites and the PEUGEOT eStore.

05 Apr 2017

PEUGEOT is launching ten new models of luggage and leather goods for urban and travel use. Designed by the creators at Peugeot Design Lab, they're inspired by the new PEUGEOT 3008 and 5008 and the GTi series. The PEUGEOT brand brilliantly bridges the worlds of automobiles and luggage. This luggage is on sale now in the PEUGEOT online shop, as well as at Peugeot Avenue Paris.

30 Nov 2016

Peugeot Design Lab and ARTOYZ are launching the next series of 12 lion figurines. The LEO’Z Series 3 designed by a selection of international artists to both indulge existing collectors and make the toys irresistible to those who are new to the collection. This limited series is available now for €12.90 (€140 for the 12 LEO’Z display) at PEUGEOT Avenue Paris and from the online PEUGEOT store.

13 Jul 2016

Peugeot Design Lab has put the talent of its stylist Sylvain Henry to good use to design toys in partnership with Baghera. Peugeot unveils two ride-ons inspired by the emblematic pre-war 402 Darl’mat and the L45 metal miniature, a replica of the racing car that won the Grand Prix of Indianapolis 100 years ago. The 402 Darl’mat ride-ons, available in Blue or Beige, are available to buy from the Peugeot online store. The L45 completes the Peugeot miniatures range and will be available at the end of the summer.

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