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02 Apr 2020

Relaxed Electro-Mobility with Opel and Free2Move Services App

Relaxed Electro-Mobility with Opel and Free2Move Services App
  • All in one app: “Charging Pass” for authentication and invoicing
  • Fully connected: all services available with “Charge My Car” service pack
  • Up to date: information about charging points and state of charge always available


Rüsselsheim.  Find charging stations, pay comfortably via invoice and be prepared for all eventualities. The new Free2Move Services app makes it easier to get a good start into the world of electro-mobility. Opel Corsa-e or Grandland X plug-in hybrid drivers can book the “Charge My Car” service pack for €4.99 per month (RRP incl. VAT in Germany) and gain full access to all services via the app.

The charging point finder lists all registered charging stations on a map. In addition to the exact address, the finder can also say at the time of enquiry whether the charging point is free or occupied. In combination with the navigation system in the Corsa-e, the route guidance considers the battery’s state of charge, traffic jams, blocked roads and weather conditions, which all can influence not only the route but also the range of the Corsa-e. Based on these parameters, the navigation system calculates the optimum route and recommends stops and points for recharging. The app simplifies fleet management and avoids unnecessary paperwork for company car drivers, compiling all the energy costs in a monthly invoice.

The app, which bundles together all the services for electro-mobility, is a product of the Free2Move mobility brand of Groupe PSA. The Free2Move portfolio features various services, such as those for electric mobility. Free2Move also offers Free2Move Lease in Germany since October 2019.

Registered customers who have booked the “Charge My Car” service pack receive by post a “Charging Pass”, which serves as authentication at charging stations. During registration, the customer nominates a credit card for the monthly billing of the Corsa-e’s or Grandland X plug-in hybrid’s charging costs. Of special interest to company car drivers and fleet managers: the app shows not only the current bill, but the documentation also enables access to older invoices. The collection of individual receipts, as with conventional fuels, is therefore unnecessary.

Dynamic route guidance based on traffic, weather and state of charge

The Free2Move Services app sets standards for dynamic route planning. If the traffic situation or the energy consumption change, not only is the route guidance adapted but also the planning for the next recharging stop. For example, if a road closure makes a longer diversion necessary, the app recommends an earlier recharging stop. The plan also suggests an optimum duration for the recharge, in order to arrive at the destination as quickly as possible. If the battery recharges to only 70 instead of 80 per cent state of charge, for example, the app reacts by adapting the route guidance accordingly at the next manual restart.


Contact :

Martin Golka
Director Product Communications
Tel : +49 6142/69-21574
Mobile : +49 151-17473954

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