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18 Feb 2020

No drama with Mopar. New web series goes on air.

4 videos, 4 everyday situations, 4 dramatic situations and only one solution: Mopar.

No drama with Mopar. New web series goes on air.


4 videos, 4 everyday situations, 4 dramatic situations and only one solution: Mopar. “No drama with Mopar” dramatizes the unique features of the brand devoted to assistance, spare parts and customer service for FCA cars.


This is the first time that Mopar – fully in line with its communication strategy – has created four video clips to lightheartedly tell the story of what can happen when customers fail to take advantage of the Mopar assistance and spare parts service.


The four episodes are firmly anchored to everyday situations that everyone can associate with, and connect with their needs as drivers. Thus they are reminded that Mopar offers concrete and important solutions to situations that can have serious real life consequences (the lightheartedness of the clips is merely a matter of ‘tone of voice’).


«This is a highly appealing project which highlights our experience and the quality of our products, projecting the idea that with Mopar “everything will be OK” – explains Giuseppe Galassi, Mopar Head of Marketing and Communication for the EMEA region – These vivid video stories help the public realize how unique we are in dealing with or preventing all kinds of events, however unexpected, providing maximum serenity for those who entrust themselves to us.»


Conceived by the Armando Testa creative agency and directed by William Zanardi (aka William9) for the Little Bull Studios production company, the exclusive series uses an elegantly amusing language, easygoing and ideal for new media, especially on social and digital channels. It plays cleverly with the concept of "drama", in the cinematographic sense, creating engaging cross-brand clips that will be published on Facebook and Youtube, specifically planned for EMEA markets.


The first episode (watch it on this link) focuses on Mopar’s "Genuine Parts" line and its top quality spare parts designed for installation directly on production lines. The protagonist of the story is a young violinist performing in a conservatory exam. There’s an atmosphere of great tension. Emotions are stretched to an extreme. The student is totally concentrated and the examiners observe his playing carefully, on the lookout for the tiniest imperfection. The melody soars, along with the student’s abandon and the examiners’ ecstasy, when suddenly, through the open windows, a squeal of brakes shatters the magic and the music. Down in the courtyard, the student’s father climbs hurriedly out of his car. We assume that his worn brakes have caused the screeching and ruined his son’s exam.
If he had opted for Mopar spare parts and the FCA assistance network, this “dramatic finale” would never have happened.


The second video will be devoted to “Mopar Vehicle Protection”, the service designed to offer all customers the pleasure of worry-free driving, unthreatened by the unexpected.
The following month, the third clip will focus on “Essential Parts”, the spare part service designed for cars with over four years on the road, offering customers an excellent compromise between quality and economy.
The series will conclude with the fourth episode, featuring the exclusive “Prime Parts” products: a line conceived to offer innovative products to customers in search of ever greater performance levels.


Let’s discover together the “dramas” that Mopar resolves.



Turin, 18 February 2020



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