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01 Jul 2020

Mopar® Restart: a full program at customers’ service

Once again alongside customers and their service network: with this objective in mind, Mopar® has created a program to gradually restart its business in accordance with the three phases of the outbreak.

Mopar® Restart: a full program at customers’ service


  • Once again alongside customers and their service network: with this objective in mind, Mopar® has created a program to gradually restart its business in accordance with the three phases of the outbreak.
  • During lockdown (Phase 1), the special Pick Up & Delivery and Mobile Workshop services were available. Since May 4 (the beginning of Phase 2), the Mopar® brand has spearheaded the reopening of FCA dealerships and workshops, in total safety.
  • The launch of the New Fiat 500 Hybrid also saw the release of the D-Fence by Mopar® pack, to help sanitize the passenger compartment.
  • Mopar® is never a passive onlooker, so now (Phase 3) is the time for the “PRIME Sanitation Kit”, to guarantee clean air in the passenger compartment.
  • A new outreach campaign is going on air, dedicated to “the new paradigm of care”, produced by Armando Testa. The video can be viewed at the following link.


Everyday life is on its way back, albeit with a “new normal” in place. Since day 1, the Mopar® brand has been taking the field alongside its customers, ensuring the professionalism and dedication you expect from the service network for the Fiat, Lancia, Abarth, Fiat Professional, Alfa and Jeep® brands.  This concrete commitment has never really faltered, not even in the most difficult times of the last few months. The result is the “Mopar® Restart” program, a gradual recovery in line with the government regulations laid down for the three phases of the outbreak.


“We have always been there alongside our customers, but we also stand by our service network and make a real contribution to their daily business,” said Giuseppe Galassi, Head of Mopar® Marketing and Communications for the EMEA Region.  “We were there during lockdown, ‘Phase 1’, providing specific services for those on the front line who needed their vehicle to always be in perfect condition. We were there at the restart in ‘Phase 2’, when we made our dealerships and workshops safe and ready to welcome in the public. We are there even more so now in ‘Phase 3’, as we gradually return to everyday life, with a greater focus on safety, cleanliness and sanitation of the environments we live in, including our vehicles’ passenger compartments. After all, the Mopar® mission is to deal with all eventualities, even the most unexpected ones, and to guarantee total peace of mind to those who rely on us day after day.”


Francesco Abbruzzesi, Head of EMEA Mopar Service, Parts & Customer Care, added: “Throughout these difficult months, we have shown a sense of professionalism and character, by instituting genuine teamwork to serve our customers and the service network. And I'm sure this has also contributed to a strong sense of belonging to the Mopar brand and its core values: Uniqueness, Originality, Authenticity, Passion, Confidence, Dedication, Innovation and Sustainability. These are the ‘keywords’ that drive our day-to-day work and daily enrich an invaluable heritage of excellence, forged over the brand's more than 80 years of history. And so it will be in the future, with a powerful awareness throughout, strengthened even more over these last few months, that we can only win if we remain united, regardless of the goal.”


Phase 3: PRIME Sanitation Kit, the new paradigm of care

The Mopar® PRIME Sanitation Kit has been available since early June, offering a full sanitation service specifically for the passenger compartment. This is the focus of the new outreach campaign produced by Armando Testa, portraying the sanitation of the environment we live in as the “new paradigm of care”. In particular, as germs, fungi and bacteria can accumulate within the air conditioning system, making the air inside the cabin unhealthy, it is important to sanitize the entire air conditioning system and replace the passenger compartment filter each time the vehicle is serviced, every 15,000 km or at least once a year, especially if there are children, elderly people or others at risk on board.
The PRIME by Mopar range also includes a new high-performance filter for the passenger compartment. Based on a special biological treatment using polyphenols, it neutralizes up to 96% of allergens, absorbs noxious gases and fine particulates (PM 2.5), and blocks the growth of mold and bacteria by more than 98%. The efficient and complete protection of anyone on board is therefore guaranteed.
The treatment also includes the use of an evaporator to clean the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Naturally, on top of all this,customers can count on other key interventions after a lengthy period of vehicle non-use, such as tire changes and checks on the battery, brakes and shock absorbers.


Phase 2: a real contribution by Mopar® to the restart of dealerships and service centers

As we all know, when Phase 2 began on May 4, some productivity restarted, including the FCA Sales and After-Sales Network. We were immediately ready to welcome our customers in total safety, based on regular deep cleaning of every showroom and workshop, availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and customers and specific procedures to control access, test drives and repairs. May 4 was also the official launch date of the new D-Fence by Mopar® pack for the new hybrid versions of the Fiat 500 and Panda. Now available across the Fiat line-up, the pack consists of three devices: a high-performance Prime passenger compartment filter, an air purifier with a HEPA filter, and a UV-C lamp. Let’s make a start with the portable air purifier, equipped with a HEPA filter, which sanitizes the air inside the vehicle in minutes. In particular, it filters out pollen and microparticles (PM 2.5) and eliminates toxic gases, as well as up to 98% of bacteria. Finally, the UV-C lamp cleanses all the surfaces inside your car, by eliminating up to 99% of bacteria using a UV-C sterilization system. It is also equipped with plug-and-play technology.


Phase 1: the innovative services of the Authorized Workshops to support frontline workers

In actual fact, FCA dealerships and workshops never completely closed. They operated remotely, in line with government regulations, with positive feedback from customers. For example, during Phase 1, the Mopar® brand took practical action via its Authorized Workshop network to support people who were working for the common good during the public health emergency and needed a vehicle in tip-top condition. Even more so, services were also set in motion to ensure the best possible support for the most urgent cases during the lockdown, at no charge during such exceptional circumstances. The services included: Pick Up & Delivery, to collect the vehicle for urgent essential servicing and repairs and return it to the customer's doorstep; and Mobile Workshop, the home repair service to jump start vehicles with a flat battery.
Last but not least, Mopar® also offered reassurance to its customers with a contractual warranty, a maintenance plan or an extended warranty plan set to expire during the lockdown. For these cases, the expiration of the coverage or the grace period for performing the maintenance was extended by the FCA on a voluntary basis until the month following the end of the lockdown. The interventions already booked and not carried out during the lockdown was replanned compatibly with the times dictated by the measures adopted by the authorities for the restoration of normal operations.



Turin, July 1, 2020

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