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13 Nov 2020

Mopar® for the New 500

The Mopar® team has developed a line-up of over 80 accessories exclusively dedicated to FCA’s first car born full-electric.

Mopar® for the New 500


  • The Mopar® team has developed a line-up of over 80 accessories exclusively dedicated to FCA’s first car born full-electric.
  • Four different themes enable each and every motorist to wear their News Fiat 500 like a tailored suit.
  • Uconnect™ Services and the FIAT app: the Connected Services team at Mopar® has coordinated the development of an innovative range of connected services focused on safety and remote control of the vehicles, mostly included as standard in the New 500.
  • Mopar® Vehicle Protection: more certainty, more freedom, more value, for the New 500.


The New 500, recently unveiled in Turin, is FCA’s first car born full-electric and is destined to change the rules in the world of zero-emissions vehicles. It is designed for anyone looking to drive the car of the future right now, with Italian style and elegance in mind. The event was attended by Mopar®, FCA’s after-sales brand: it's clear that an advanced concept of mobility cannot overlook high-quality services and accessories, nor maximum opportunities for customization based on products and ideas developed together with all the stakeholders involved in the creation of each and every model.


A tailored suit with Mopar accessories

“The Mopar team has worked on the New 500 from the first sketch onwards, together with colleagues from engineering, style and products, with the aim of offering maximum customization,” said Giuseppe Galassi, Head of Mopar Marketing & Communications. Authentic Accessories by Mopar are therefore the ideal extension of the various trim levels in the line-up. The extras are perfectly consistent with the spirit of the model, in the name of continuity designed to simplify and ‘naturalize’ the customer’s electric experience.”
“But that's not all,” continued Francesco Abbruzzesi, Head of EMEA Mopar Service, Parts & Customer Care, “our creations for the New 500 express a strong sense of belonging to the Mopar brand and its core values: uniqueness, originality, authenticity, passion, confidence, dedication, innovation and sustainability. These are the ‘keywords’ that drive our day-to-day work, which we pass on to each and every person who jumps on board the New 500.”


Fashion Accessories

Mopar has worked on the four areas that epitomize the soul of the 500 and its customers. Great emphasis is therefore laid on the fashion element, with packs that enhance the various possible nuances of elegance and distinctiveness of brass (fashion pack) or chrome (chrome pack), yet always taking into account customers’ comfort, with the ‘tunnel pocket’ – including a customized bag tray and special compartments for your phone, make-up and a vanity case. Not to mention the dedicated diamond-cut wheel rims, a specific chrome plating pack, the special key cover and the chevron motif on the roof, reminiscent of the fashion industry and its craftsmanship.


Sport Techno Accessories

Traditionally, the 500 has also belonged to the world of sport. In the Sport Techno line-up, Mopar has explored a field that forms part of the model’s history, by raising its features to another, stronger level. Exclusive 17" alloy wheels, rearview mirror caps, front and rear logo and key cover, all in matt maratea gray, giving the car a markedly sporty feel. Not to mention the specific motifs on the roof and sides. The range of customizations is completed by an illuminated door sill guard and the Interior Ambient Light, for an extra dash of brightness in the passenger compartment.


Ethics&Aesthetics Accessories and Be Proud Accessories

Finally, the utmost care and attention has been paid to the environment, in the development of accessories with recycled or recyclable materials, e.g. the material used for the iconic ‘Pebble’ key made of a material derived from scraps from vegetable production, seeking out ethics in aesthetics, without leaving behind the car's heritage: hence the worlds of “ethics&aesthetics” and “Be Proud”. Care for the environment can also expressed by a leaf on the roof and the environment-friendly mats; respect for yourself and the vehicle's passengers is reflected in the D-Fence by Mopar pack, consisting of a high-pressure passenger compartment filter, an air purifier and a UV lamp, to sanitize the car’s interior in 3 steps: by improving the quality of the ambient air, purifying the air already inside the passenger compartment, and eliminating up to 99% of bacteria. Each and every New 500 will therefore be an inimitable icon of cool and allure, capable of inspiring change and becoming part of the solution for a new mobility, although it would be very unusual to see two completely identical models at the traffic lights, courtesy of Mopar.


A simple and intuitive electric experience

Let alone the customer's electric experience, which must always be kept simple and natural. One example is the 500e-branded cable tidy. This may seem minor, but every detail has been carefully designed to improve life, including while charging, the approach to which will now come naturally to customers.


Uconnect™ Services and the FIAT app

As the New 500 is the car of the future, the Connected Services team at Mopar knew they had to develop a range of innovative services to make this the most high-tech and connected car ever.
New 500 customers can discover so many features as standard, either via the FIAT mobile app on their smartphone or on board the car via the new infotainment system.
The FIAT app gives you remote control over your New 500: you can check charging status, open and close the doors, turn on the lights and schedule the aircon. You can search for the nearest public charging points and manage car maintenance. If needed or if danger strikes, the car can put the driver in immediate contact with an operator to dispatch the emergency services or roadside assistance. Using the ‘Send&Go’ feature, you can also plan your journey the night before and send it to the 500, to find it ready for use the next morning. Even better, the first time you log into the FIAT app, you’ll be shown the full experience with the My easy Charge service, to immediately check the availability of the charging stations closest to you, start the charging process and pay from your cellphone. You’ll also see the easyWallbox, used to charge the car at home.
All these connectivity functions are enabled by the Uconnect Box, which can also be used to access the on-board services, e.g. to transform your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot for up to 8 devices, to use Amazon Alexa voice services in the car, to stay constantly informed on traffic, weather and speedcams, and to make sure your maps are always kept up-to-date over-the-air. The Uconnect Box is a certified telematics system whereby customers can access offers from selected leading partners in the industry and insurance benefits related to vehicle telematics data. And there's more: in addition to all these services as standard come other optional packs, available via a new e-commerce site dedicated to the value-added connected services on offer, to provide end customers with a direct purchase experience. These services include My Alert, designed to always keep your 500 under control and to inform you if theft is suspected or attempted, and My Fleet Manager, an innovative, complete solution launched simultaneously with the New 500, for companies to control and monitor their fleet of connected vehicles via a dedicated portal.


Mopar Vehicle Protection

When it comes to maintaining the 500 BEV Mopar Vehicle Protections offers a series of flexible and convenient Service Contracts based on annual mileage and the period of the plan, that immediately blocks the costs of future repairs/servicing. Our portfolio consists of:

  • Extended Warranty’s – continued protection, years down the road to ensure peace of mind.
  • Maintenance Plans - ordinary and extraordinary servicing remarkably affordable (fixed costs at today’s rate) and predictable (following the routine maintenance regime) including specific checks on the high voltage battery to ensure optimum performance.
  • Complementary Maintenance - a series of affordable on top services to compliment extended warranty and  maintenance plans.
  • The right mix of expertise, value and convenience.


Turin, November 13, 2020



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