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04 Dec 2020

e-Village opens in Turin, as the green showcase for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

e-Village promotes the Group's vision of sustainable mobility

e-Village opens in Turin, as the green showcase for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


  • e-Village promotes the Group's vision of sustainable mobility
  • e-Village displays all of FCA’s electrified cars in a surface area of over 1,300 m2 at the new Green Pea facility


Named e-Village, the location was chosen by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to promote the Group's vision of sustainable mobility. The showcase has been set up within Green Pea, the first Green Retail Park in the world, unveiled in Turin today.


“Green Pea is the ideal location for FCA’s green gems,” noted Olivier François, President of Fiat and Chief Marketing Officer at FCA. “It is an innovative facility, where we can show the new face of mobility. Not only with cars, but also with heart, soul and the senses.  The space is intended to be simple and prudent, given that simplicity and prudence go hand in hand with sustainability. ‘Less is more’ is rule number one when it comes to sustainability.  But rule number two is lateral thinking. This will not therefore only be the home of technology, it will be the home of solutions from purchase, rental, sharing, our new services and charging systems to our new apps.”


e-Village – laid out on the ground floor of the Green Pea building, with its 5 floors dedicated to changing our relationship with energy, movement, our homes, clothing and leisure – is a multifaceted space with well-defined geometries, following the entire ecological complex’s common thread of zero impact.


Specifically, it follows the 3R rule: Reuse, Recycle, Reduce, resulting in an innovative showcase, one capable of showing the new face of the mobility of the future. Many of the furnishings have been made in partnership with Stay Green, a designer and sustainable producer whose goods are all Made in Italy. They use recycled raw materials or reuse and adapt exhibition components produced for previous automotive trade fairs. The visuals, printed on panels made using theBreath® – an advanced technology designed to improve air quality and is capable of reducing pollution, represent the most powerful unelectrified tool that can significantly reduce air pollution, thanks to its absorbent properties.


In this space spread out over more than 1,300 m2, where the best technologies in the field of green thinking come together, FCA, its Leasys services (FCA Bank Group) and Mopar jointly present an eco-friendly and sustainable product line-up, aimed at the welfare of the environment and the future of mobility, courtesy of Fiat and Lancia Hybrid technology, the Jeep PHEVs and the electric 500 and Ducato.  Visitors to the exhibition can also admire the Fiat Centoventi, the revolutionary concept car that was the first to offer innovative solutions such as modular batteries, scalable range, the use of sustainable materials and a set of reusable plug-and-play accessories; the Jeep Renegade PHEV, a longitudinal cross-section of which displays its hybrid technology; and the prototype Alfa Romeo Tonale, the brand’s first compact SUV, due to arrive in 2021, when it will also be available in a plug-in hybrid version. e-Village – part of the Mirafiori Motor Village, Turin – also includes a space for Group brand merchandising and a conference hall.


Reconciling customer requirements and care for the environment constitute FCA’s roadmap in its commitment to an increasingly sustainable mobility.


The world never stops turning, but it needs to face up to massive environmental problems: one of the greatest challenges for society is therefore to redesign our mobility systems. All automakers are involved. Major change is essential and must take into consideration the constant evolutions in customer requirements and greater attention to the planet, as well as demand.


FCA has grasped the nettle and is committed to creating conditions for mobility to become more sustainable and a smart choice for the motorist from the start. The company has therefore created a structured, environmentally friendly system that is also economically competitive, bringing together partners, products and interdisciplinary services from a variety of markets, to simplify the lives of customers who choose electric and electrified cars.


The goal is to turn the issues into opportunities, to foster a new interpretation and experience of mobility that reconciles customer requirements with care for the environment: e-Mobility by FCA.


The full-electric New 500

The main attraction at e-Village is the full-electric New 500. Cabrio, hatchback or 3+1. In all its variants, the Fiat EV is a paean to Italian style, a winner for its ability to combine tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and new technology, memory and a leap of ingenuity. All it takes is a mere glance: the 'face’ with its unmistakable rounded 'eyes’ contrasts with the modern, essential lines of the bodywork, conveying a powerful, robust character. Inside, the play of cross-references continues with the circular instrument panel and the two-spoke steering wheel, in a space completely redesigned to improve comfort and roominess. The same goes for the technology content and the many services related to the world of the New 500.


The car is “designed to be electric,” having gone back to the drawing board. One example is the decision to place the batteries in a single pack, in the underbody between the two axles. This is a win-win idea, both by retaining the breadth of the passenger compartment and trunk, and by perfecting the dynamic response of the full-electric model, the best in its class to date.


The result of all this work is an agile car, fun to drive, comfortable, quiet and always connected. A compact car suitable for the city, easy to use, as intuitive as a smartphone and at the same time able to guarantee the range of a 4-meter electric vehicle, along with being the first and only car in its class with level 2 autonomous driving. And all this comes with the advantage of zero emissions.


The New 500 line-up is available with three levels of customization (Entry-Level, Mid-Range and High-End), named ACTION, PASSION and ICON respectively, each with a specific product mission, featuring the very best in technology, connectivity and safety.


Fiat 500 Hybrid and Panda Hybrid

Alongside the full-electric New 500, there is also room for the 500 and the Panda Mild Hybrid, FCA's first city cars equipped with new gasoline Mild Hybrid technology.


The new gasoline Mild Hybrid engine pairs the new 3-cylinder 1-liter engine from the FireFly family, delivering 70 hp (51.5 kW), with a 12-volt Belt-integrated Starter Generator (BSG) electric motor and lithium battery. Compared to the 1.2 69-hp Fire, the Mild Hybrid engine improves fuel efficiency, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 20% on average and by up to 30% for the Panda Cross, without foregoing performance, also ensuring a very high standard of driving comfort thanks to the BSG system, which allows for quiet, vibration-free restarting of the internal combustion engine in Stop&Start mode. Customers also benefit from all the advantages of its hybrid vehicle type-approval, which – as well as complying with the Euro 6D Final standard and depending on local regulations – include freedom of access and movement in city centers, cheaper parking in town centers and tax breaks.


Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe

Electrification is a fundamental aspect of the developmental journey at Jeep and represents a commitment to becoming the leader in sophisticated environment-friendly technologies, while maintaining our historic values of adventure, authenticity, freedom and passion. With their plug-in hybrid electric technology, Jeep’s 4xe plug-in hybrid models boast the best performance and driving pleasure of any Renegade and Compass ever. They are literally capable of “going anywhere and doing anything.” At the same time, they are ideal cars for everyday driving in the city, thanks to their plug-in hybrid technology that allows travel at zero emissions, and an average range of 50 km (NEDC2 cycle) in full-electric mode.


The new Jeep Renegade 4xe and Jeep Compass 4xe Plug-in Hybrid range consists of three trim levels – Limited, S and Trailhawk – all with four-wheel-drive, new six-speed automatic transmission and, as we have mentioned, two overall output levels: 190 or 240 hp. The Business trim level is also available (only on Compass). Many are the customization options, with a generous exterior color palette offering up to 18 striking one- or two-tone combos with a black roof (available depending on model) for Renegade and remarkably 22 for Compass. Plus, alongside the new propulsion systems, specific technology and safety features have been developed, as have new electric driving functions, and public and home charging solutions with the easyWallbox.


Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic

The new Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic, available in Silver and Gold trim levels, is a typically Lancia hybrid to meet new requirements for urban mobility. Available in Silver and Gold trim levels, it is equipped with the new gasoline Mild Hybrid engine, pairing the new 70 hp (51.5 kW) 3-cylinder 1-liter engine from the FireFly family with a 12-volt Belt-integrated Starter Generator (BSG) electric motor and lithium battery.


Compared to the 1.2 69-hp Fire, the Mild Hybrid engine improves fuel efficiency, thus reducing CO2 emissions by up to 24%, guaranteeing the same performance and also ensuring a very high standard of driving comfort thanks to the BSG system, which allows for quiet, vibration-free restarting of the combustion engine in Stop&Start mode. A new 6-speed gearbox was chosen for the transmission, designed to optimize the engine’s range of usage. Customers also benefit from all the advantages of the hybrid vehicle type-approval of the new Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic, which – as well as complying with the Euro 6D Final standard and depending on local regulations – include freedom of access and movement in city centers, cheaper parking in towns and tax breaks.



Fiat Professional aims to offer comprehensive electric mobility solutions. With an analysis of energy demand as a starting point, these solutions will not only cover every single task, they will also provide answers ranging from the vehicle to infrastructure, not to mention a whole range of the everyday services increasingly required by a new and emerging mobility.


That's why, in addition to a full range of versions, the E-Ducato will also offer modular options for battery size, with ranges in a typical city-based delivery mission cycle from 200 to over 360 km in normal environmental conditions depending on battery type and the various charging configurations. It also comes with high-potential performance: speed limited to 100 km/h for improved energy absorption, maximum output of 90 kW and maximum torque of 280 Nm. The new electric motor will not penalize the Ducato’s strengths either: best-in-class load volume from 10 to 17 m3, with a similarly best-in-class payload of up to 1,950 kg. Even more so, the E-Ducato is 100% connected, with an exclusive suite of features that cover the professional and electrification requirements of every kind of client, from user-choosers to sizable fleets that use a fleet management system.



The Mopar section at Green Pea features a large wall, with accessories for Jeeps on one side and for the New 500 on the other.


Specifically, the Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe SUVs can be customized with a wide range of Jeep Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar®. The Renegade and Compass 4xe have more than 100 accessories designed to enhance Jeep’s dualistic personality: Urban and Off-road. These include the brand-new Mopar 4xe pack, featuring a set of accessories designed to enhance the electric nature of the car. The Blue styling accents on the hood and rear-view mirror caps are complemented by an iconic matching ring on the classic seven-slot grille and premium-quality mats dedicated to the car’s special powertrain.


When it comes to the New 500, Mopar focuses on the fashion element, with packs that enhance the various possible nuances of elegance and distinctiveness of brass (brass pack) or chrome-plate (chrome pack), plus the sporty matt grey (grey maratea pack), yet always taking into account customers’ comfort, for example with the 500-branded cable tidy. This may seem minor, but every detail has been carefully designed to improve life, including while charging, the approach to which will now come naturally to customers. Not to mention the 16” diamond-cut wheel rims, nor the wide range of options for the roof, providing customers with endless opportunities for customization. Courtesy of Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar®, it would be therefore be very unusual to see two identical 500 electrics at a set a traffic lights.


FCA Bank Group

Shared and electric mobility are two major cornerstones of the FCA Bank Group environmental sustainability strategy, now given its own prestigious space by the opening of Green Pea, consistent with its values. The showcase includes a Leasys E-parking lot, featuring the full-electric New 500.


In 2020, FCA Bank has launched a range of finance solutions focused on eco-sustainability: Be-Hybrid, whereby customers who purchase a hybrid or electric car will receive a free gift of adopting a tree with Treedom, so they can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. Conversely, Leasys – the FCA Bank Group mobility division – has not only launched a range of services to meet the requirements of electric mobility, they have also worked on infrastructure development. Leasys mobility solutions can be found both online and with a physical presence across Italy and beyond, now in France and soon in Spain. These are Leasys Mobility Stores, where customers can pick up and drop off the cars they book via our apps, or charge their electric or hybrid car at no cost whatsoever. By the end of this year, there will be over 400 Leasys Mobility Stores with 1,200 charging points in Italy, in all the big cities, airports and train stations, alongside a plan for further development both in this country and in the rest of Europe, where 1,500 stores and 3,500 charging points will have been set up by 2022.


In terms of services, it has launched mobility solutions to meet the electric challenge: pay-per-use Leasys Miles Hybrid, long-term rentals such as Be Free Hybrid, and the innovative Leasys CarCloud car subscription, the options of which now go from Mild and Plug-in Hybrids to Full-Electric with the New 500. And there’s more – the first electric car sharing scheme, its entire fleet consisting of Fiat 500 models: LeasysGO!, to be marketed to employees in the pre-launch phase, then to all city user customers, whereby subscribers can sign up via Amazon for 120 minutes of car sharing per month. The service will be available in Turin in 2020, followed by Milan, Rome, Lyon and Valencia by the end of 2021.



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