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03 Jun 2021

LeasysGO! comes to Rome: the car sharing service dedicated to the electric New 500 now open for business in the capital

Created by Leasys, a brand of the Stellantis Group and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, LeasysGO! allows you to rent the electric New 500 in car sharing.

LeasysGO! comes to Rome: the car sharing service dedicated to the electric New 500 now open for business in the capital


  • Created by Leasys, a brand of the Stellantis Group and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, LeasysGO! allows you to rent the electric New 500 in car sharing.
  • LeasysGO! is a free-floating service: free parking without restrictions linked to the charging stations, and with the process to charge the electric New 500 managed by the Leasys team.
  • After a successful launch in Turin and Milan, LeasysGO! arrives in Rome with an initial fleet of 300 cars, a number set to grow in the coming months.



Rome, 3 June 2021


Sustainable mobility is back in the spotlight in one of the most beautiful city in the world: the Municipality of Rome and Leasys, a Stellantis brand and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, announce the arrival in Rome of LeasysGO!, the first car sharing service dedicated to the electric New 500. The opening of LeasysGO! to the Roman public represents a further milestone for the city in the promotion of a greener and more responsible mobility. Leasys's eco-sustainable, free-floating car sharing service has already been launched successfully in Turin and Milan, with more than 45,000 rentals and a saving of over 12 tons of CO2 per month*, a figure that is set to increase with the start of the service in Rome. 
"Our city showed once again that it is an important hub for operators of shared mobility which, thanks to Leasys's investment, is becoming increasingly electric and sustainable. This is another step forward in the process of green transition that we have started in the capital, as a part of a broader technological innovation approach. Rome increases the fleet of electric vehicles available to citizens. In this way we are opening up the market to new businesses to create development in local communities and are encouraging sustainable policies" said the Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi.


LeasysGO! launches in Rome with an initial fleet of 300 cars, which is set to grow in the coming months. The cars are managed in free floating, so it will be possible to drive the New 500 without worrying about parking, which will be free and not linked to the presence of charging stations.  Cars will be charged by the Leasys team, using the numerous proprietary and public charging stations in the city. Shared vehicles will always be charged and ready to be driven, at no cost for the customer.     


LeasysGO! also offers a sharing service to and from Rome Fiumicino's Leonardo Da Vinci Airport. Customers will be able to pick up or drop off their cars at the airport's Leasys Mobility Store car parks or at locations dedicated to car sharing without any extra charge for the service.


The service, to which the Stellantis e-Mobility team also contributed, is the perfect solution for enjoying the benefits of electric driving through the streets and the many beauties of Rome, experiencing a “Green Dolce Vita ", and for getting around the city's restricted traffic zones.


"We are proud of the arrival of LeasysGO! in Rome, the culmination of the growth phase in Italy of our sustainable mobility revolution project, in view of its expansion to other European countries," said Giacomo Carelli, CEO of FCA Bank and Chairman of Leasys. "We would like to thank the City of Rome for its collaboration, and are certain that Leasys's sharing mobility will make a significant contribution to the spread of a zero-emission, environmentally friendly mobility culture.


Renting the New 500 with LeasysGO! is very simple and, thanks to the dedicated app, manageable with your smartphone. All you have to do is purchase the annual subscription voucher on Amazon, at a cost of €9.99, a promotional price for the June launch in Rome and discounted from the current €19.99, choosing between the Prepaid and Pay-per-use subscription.


The Prepaid subscription, at a monthly cost of €19.99 and including 2 hours of mobility per month, is designed for those who make more continuous use of the service. Alternatively, there is the Pay-per-use subscription, with no fixed monthly cost and a charge of €0.29 per minute. For both plans, the maximum daily cost is set at €43.50, with the possibility of keeping the car for a total of 24 hours from the start of the rental period. Once you have purchased the voucher, you can then redeem it on the LeasysGO! website and start booking cars.


With LeasysGO!, in addition to cutting-edge technology, the elegance of the Made in Italy products does not go unnoticed. In fact, like in Turin and Milan, the New 500s will also be available in Rome in 3 different colours: Celestial Blue, Ocean Green and Mineral Grey, thus standing out among the other sharing services with their typical single-colour approach.  


*Compared to the use of a thermal-engine Fiat 500.



Leasys, a Stellantis Brand and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a 50:50 joint venture between Stellantis and Crédit Agricole, was established in September 2001. Leasys offers a complete and innovative system of mobility services to individuals, professionals and businesses of all sizes: from short, medium and long-term rentals to peer-to-peer car sharing via the U Go platform and I-Link. At the end of 2019, it launched the first car subscription service in Italy with CarCloud. With the Clickar brand, Leasys is also one of the leading Italian online and offline retailers of pre-owned company cars to individuals, professionals and companies. Headquartered in Italy, Leasys began a process of internationalization in 2017 by opening multiple offices throughout Europe: today the company operates in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Greece and Poland, managing a fleet that will have over 400,000 vehicles by the end of 2021. In June 2019, the company launched the Leasys Mobility Stores, physical outlets with a grassroots presence across Italy. The Stores, which provide customers access to all the mobility services provided by Leasys, are now available in France as well and will open soon also in the other European countries where the company is operational. With the launch of the first totally electrified Mobility Store in Torino Caselle airport, Leasys is on track to become a key operator also for sustainable mobility. In fact, thanks to the installation of over 1,200 charging stations in all the stores, at the end of 2020, Leasys had Italy’s largest private electrified network. In 2021, the electrification project will continue also in the European countries in which Leasys operates.
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FCA Bank
FCA Bank S.p.A. is a bank engaging mainly in car finance, with the aim to meet all mobility requirements, including through its Leasys S.p.A. subsidiary. It is an equally-held joint venture between the global automotive company Stellantis and Crédit Agricole, leader in consumer credit. FCA Bank S.p.A. provides financing products to drive the sales of prestigious car brands in Italy and in Europe. The loan, lease, rental and mobility financing programs provided by FCA Bank S.p.A. are specifically designed for sale networks, private customers and corporate fleets. FCA Bank S.p.A. is operational in 17 European countries and in Morocco, directly or through branches. At 31 December 2020, FCA Bank had a total loan and lease portfolio of approximately €26.2 billion.
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