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04 May 2021

Leasys launches new Clickar e-commerce feature in Italy for the online purchase of used vehicles

Clickar, Leasys's  web site dedicated  to the trade of used and off-lease vehicles, adds  a new feature for the online purchase of the vehicle you want.

Leasys launches new Clickar e-commerce feature in Italy for the online purchase of used vehicles


  • Clickar, Leasys's  web site dedicated  to the trade of used and off-lease vehicles, adds  a new feature for the online purchase of the vehicle you want.
  • Cars can be purchased, following a few simple steps, with an online payment or through a loan by FCA Bank.


Rome, 4 May 2021


Clickar, the leading online web site in Italy for the sale of used and off-lease vehicles, which recently opened also in the European countries where Leasys operates, continues its digital evolution and development. Leasys, a Stellantis brand and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, enriches the site by launching today in Italy the new e-commerce feature that will make it possible to complete the purchase of cars online, in an even easier and faster way.


The new digital payment feature, which is already available on selected vehicles and will soon be extended to the entire catalogue of the platform, will affect both the vehicles present in the showcase and those that can be purchased through auctions. And the benefits are still the same:  2-year warranty included and the possibility to return the vehicle within 14 days if not satisfied.


The online payment of the car can be made via an online bank transfer or through an FCA Bank loan. Once you have chosen the vehicle you want to buy, just add it to your cart and select one of the two available methods.


The purchase of the vehicle by bank transfer is a convenient and fast solution: just fill in the online form with your information to generate automatically the pre-filled contractual documentation that will be transmitted to your email address, together with the link for the online payment. Once the payment has been made online and the contract is signed, all you have to do is wait to pick up the car at the Clickar Point and start driving.


If, on the other hand, the preferred option is purchase with a loan, you will be able to use a simple and intuitive tool, developed by FCA Bank, which uses the most advanced technologies. The process requires the user - after the amount of the monthly instalment and the duration of the loan have been chosen - to upload directly into the platform all the necessary documents, such as identity card, driver's license and tax code card, as well as income and bank information. It will then be enough to sign digitally the contract to complete the process and receive, in just a few days, the result of the credit assessment of the application.


Also in this case, once the purchase procedure has been completed, it will be possible to pick up the vehicle at the indicated Clickar Point.


With over 600,000 vehicles sold, Clickar is Leasys's digital platform dedicated to the trade of used and off-lease vehicles. Thanks to an easy and intuitive service, it is able to provide all types of customer a wide range of reliable vehicles in excellent condition, which can be purchased from the digital showcase or through participation in special auctions. In addition, the platform does not charge any commissions and, thanks to an extensive network of Clickar Points, is able to offer support and advice throughout Italy.




Leasys, a Stellantis Brand, and a subsidiary of FCA Bank, a 50:50 joint venture between Stellantis and Crédit Agricole,  was established in September 2001. Leasys offers a complete and innovative system of mobility services to individuals, professionals and businesses of all sizes: from short, medium and long-term rentals to peer-to-peer car sharing via the U Go platform and I-Link. At the end of 2019, it launched the first car subscription service in Italy with CarCloud. With the Clickar brand, Leasys is also one of the leading Italian online and offline retailers of pre-owned company cars to individuals, professionals and companies. Headquartered in Italy, Leasys began a process of internationalisation in 2017 by opening multiple offices throughout Europe: today the company operates in Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Poland, managing a fleet that will have over 400,000 vehicles by the end of 2021. In June 2019, the company launched the Leasys Mobility Stores, physical outlets with a grassroots presence across Italy.  Now also available in France, the stores offer customers access to all the mobility services provided by Leasys. The stores, where customers can access all the mobility services provided by Leasys, will be available shortly also in the European countries where the company is operational. With the recent launch of the first totally electrified Mobility Store in Torino Caselle airport, Leasys is on track to become a key operator also for sustainable mobility. In fact, thanks to the installation of over 1,200 charging stations in all the stores, at the end of 2020, Leasys had Italy’s largest private electrified. In 2021, the electrification project will continue also in the European countries in which Leasys operates. For more information:



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