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27 Nov 2014

The “Kate Moss: The Icon” photo exhibition in Berlin

The “Kate Moss: The Icon” photo exhibition in Berlin

The project curated by the ONO Arte contemporanea art gallery in Bologna and sponsored by the Lancia brand arrives in Germany. The most celebrated photos pay homage to an icon of style and elegance. On show in front of the German gallery, a unique and exclusive example of the Ypsilon, the best-loved Lancia model among women.


Following from its success in Italy - the exhibition was hosted at the gallery in Bologna from March to May 2014 - today the art exhibition crosses the border, arriving in Berlin: to be precise, in the rooms of the Hiltawsky gallery from 28 November to 21 February 2015. 


The public can admire the 30 most celebrated photos that immortalise the woman who revolutionised the aesthetic standards and style of the nineties: Kate Moss. The beautiful model from London thus becomes the focal point of a genuine celebration, through the lens of such artists as Albert Watson, Chris Levine, David Ross, Jurgen Ostarhild and Satoshi Saïkusa. Additionally, and exclusive to the Berlin stage of the exhibition, there will be some photos by Michel Haddi, Pamela Hanson, Dana Lixenberg and Marc Hispard.


On show for two weeks from the opening, outside the gallery in Berlin will be an exclusive Lancia Ypsilon distinguished by a livery embellished with some of the photos from the exhibition. This evocative "wrapping" makes the car a powerful and one-of-a-kind element of communication, as well as a sincere tribute to a woman who for twenty years has captivated and inspired stylists and artists, able to dictate fashions and crazes, through the style that earned her the title "Queen of Cool".


The same style is expressed by the Lancia Ypsilon, the undisputed "Fashion city car" that keeps on charming with its character and sophisticated style, so much so that it is the favourite car for women. An example? In October, for the second month running, it was the best-selling compact car in Italy, with nearly 5,000 registrations and a 14.7 per cent share in its segment.


The "Fashion city car" has always had a firm connection with the world of women: the car represents women's expression of their personality, almost as if it were a dress, picked out because it's beautiful, fashionable and makes you feel at ease in any situation. And just like a dress, cars too must keep pace with the times, be contemporary and fresh.


This is the context entered by the brand-new Ypsilon Elle, the exclusive special series that has been on sale for just a few weeks and results from the renewed partnership with Elle magazine, the point of reference for women who want to know about fashion, style and wellbeing, as well as new trends, in advance.


The profound relationship between Ypsilon and women is also expressed in the promotional activities, as demonstrated by the sponsorship of the "Kate Moss: The Icon" photo exhibition. Lancia also explores communication "territory" a long way from that of the car - like fashion, art and the web - with the aim of direct dialogue with the "Ypsilon woman" in the areas most agreeable to her, characterised by beauty, elegance and exclusivity.


Turin, 27 November 2014



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Ypsilon 2011-2015

Ypsilon 2011-2015

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