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13 Oct 2014

New Lancia Ypsilon ELLE: “parfaite pour ELLE”

• Milan today played host to the meeting “The beauty of being a woman” which explored the female universe in the company of Antonella Bruno, director of the Lancia brand for EMEA region, Danda Santini and Eugenio Gallavotti, Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor respectively of ELLE magazine, as well as renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli, Editor of the magazine Riza Psicosomatica. • The event starred the exclusive Ypsilon ELLE, a car positively packed with glamour and elegance aimed at sophisticated and refined women, which pretty much sums up ELLE readers.

New Lancia Ypsilon ELLE: “parfaite pour ELLE”
  • Milan today played host to the meeting "The beauty of being a woman" which explored the female universe in the company of Antonella Bruno, director of the Lancia brand for EMEA region, Danda Santini and Eugenio Gallavotti, Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor respectively of ELLE magazine, as well as renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli, Editor of the magazine Riza Psicosomatica.
  • The event starred the exclusive Ypsilon ELLE, a car positively packed with glamour and elegance aimed at sophisticated and refined women, which pretty much sums up ELLE readers.
  • The ultimate expression of Lancia elegance, and proof of the brand's continuous pursuit of innovative, contemporary new shapes, the new Ypsilon ELLE proposes exquisite paint colours, materials, fabrics and trims that reflect the model's passion for fashion.
  • Also unveiled at the event, an exclusive collection of fashion accessories in Alcantara created by two young designers from Milan Polytechnic: veritable jewels of design that pay tribute to all those who choose the special series in Lancia dealerships.
  • In tandem with the launch, Lancia will release a fun, tongue-in-cheek advert that embraces the spirit of the claim "New Ypsilon ELLE. Parfaite pour ELLE" - produced by the Armando Testa advertising agency. In addition, an original digital campaign with an entirely feminine imprint, created by digital agency Bitmama, will be rolled out across the brand's social media, with exciting new apps.
  • On 11th and 12th October, Lancia showrooms across Italy will hold the first "open days" dedicated to the new Lancia Ypsilon ELLE.


Milan today played host to the press meeting titled "The beauty of being a woman", which explored the female universe in a bid to discover its secrets and its charm, to understand women's take on the world and study that intrinsically female eye for detail.


"The beauty of being a woman" meeting was held in the P12 photographic studios in via Pietrasanta 12 in Milan, an impressive sprawling loft that covers 600 m² - including a 150 m² mezzanine with striking undulating design. Flooded with light thanks to large windows, the space provided the ideal platform for the debut of the new Lancia Ypsilon ELLE, the ultimate expression of Lancia elegance, and proof of the brand's continuous pursuit of innovative, contemporary new shapes.


The event served up an unconventional viewpoint on the automobile world and, in particular, it highlighted the distinctly female DNA of Ypsilon ELLE, the special series spawned by the continuing partnership with Elle magazine, the reference point for women who want to be the first to find out about new trends in fashion, style and wellbeing.


Present at the meeting were Antonella Bruno, director of the Lancia brand for EMEA region, Danda Santini and Eugenio Gallavotti, Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor respectively of ELLE magazine, plus renowned psychiatrist and psychotherapist Raffaele Morelli, long-standing Editor of the magazine "Riza Psicosomatica", author of numerous publications and guest expert on TV programmes in this field.

The informal chat between Danda Santini and Antonella Bruno brought to light all the characteristics that the new model has in common with women, a parallel that will form the common thread linking all online and offline communication relating to the product.


Bolstered by the success of the first edition launched back in 2010, today the new Ypsilon "ELLE" edition proposes exclusive paint finishes, materials and trims that reflect the car's passion for fashion. It thus represents the top-of-the-range model, reproposing the brand's hallmark traits with a contemporary twist. For example, it introduces three new colours created to enhance the refined lines and unmistakable personality of Ypsilon: Glam Powder Pink - a soft, iridescent pink created by Lancia Style Centre exclusively for the model - Glacé White and the trademark two-tone model where Glam Powder Pink is enhanced by stark, elegant contrast with the Vulcano Black roof.


Of course, as every woman well knows, elegance is above all a question of details. Hence the dark chrome trims - on the front grille, fog light surrounds and door handles - body-coloured mirror fairings and 15" diamond cut or 16" diamond cut alloy rims in Powder Pink. The pillars are adorned with the "ELLE" logo in dark chrome plus the exclusive Pied De Poule pattern, for a contemporary twist on a timeless classic.


Refinement and wellbeing on board was the brief that the designers followed in order to create an interior that reflects the taste of the "Ypsilon ELLE woman". A brief well and truly met in the quality of trims, finish details and materials which are specific to the model and are a delight to touch and behold. In particular, the seat surrounds, dashboard fascia and door panels are upholstered in Powder Pink leather with a pearly grain that enhances the material's natural beauty, while the steering wheel and gear lever are in black leather with Powder Pink top stitching for flawless colour matching.


The new seats also deserve a special mention: customised with the ELLE logo on the front headrests and cushions, they feature the exclusive combination of Powder Pink leather and luxury Alcantara for seats and backrests. This heralds the welcome return of Alcantara to the range, a great "classic" of contemporary Lancia elegance which made its debut appearance way back in 1984 on the Thema flagship, and has been present in all four generations of Ypsilon.


To give customers the chance to admire the ultra-exclusive Ypsilon ELLE up close, Lancia has planned the first dedicated "open days" on 11th and 12th October, with all Lancia showrooms in Italy participating in the event. In addition, the launch will be accompanied by an innovative and highly engaging advertising campaign rolled out across press, TV and the Web which will offer a clever, tongue-in-cheek consideration of the "beauty of being a woman".


"The beauty of being a woman" and the "Ypsilon woman"

The car market ceased to be the domain of men only some time ago, and women now play a key role in the decision-making process that leads to the purchase of an automobile. In this regard, Lancia has always been a "trend setter", as one of the first brands to forge a dialogue with the female contingent in the market. Suffice to recall the first Y10 launched in the Eighties and subsequent editions.


Right from its launch, Lancia Ypsilon established strong links with the female universe and every product intervention that the model has seen over the years has been the result of an intense dialogue between Lancia and women. After all, even more so for women than for men, a car represents an expression of their personality, almost like a dress which they choose because it is beautiful, fashionable and makes them feel at ease in any situation. And just like a dress, a car too has to be in step with the times, meaning it must be trendy and fresh.


This is where the Special Series come into play: an integral part of the history of Lancia, and of Ypsilon in particular, they are never mere exercises in style, but a way of multiplying the personality of models in order to engage new targets and offer clients even more choice. It was no accident that Lancia developed 'Special Series' right from the early years of the model, managing them on a par with full-scale product launches complete with comprehensive marketing plans and specific advertising. In this way, the role of the special editions has become increasingly important also in terms of sales volumes and mix.


What's more, for a woman a car is also a sort of home on wheels, so of course it must be stylish, but also comfortable and functional. If we translate these requirements through market research, it transpires that women's primary consideration when choosing a car today is its style, which is the number one purchase motivation for 40% of women.  But the same women are also very attentive to quality, intelligent use of space and environmental friendliness. So the female attitude to cars is complex, articulated, intelligent, elegant and stimulating for companies producing and selling cars today.


Stimulating also because it motivates brands to look beyond the narrow horizons of the automotive world. Lancia's commitment to this inclusive approach is evident in its participation at the Milan event, and in its promotion of other initiatives in the fashion and communication sectors. In short, Lancia explores "territories" that are far removed from the automotive world in its constant pursuit of new inspiration and stimuli, as it endeavours to meet the demands of a sophisticated woman with a strong personality: the "Ypsilon woman".


The world of Lancia Ypsilon is predominantly female. It is no coincidence, of course, that Ypsilon turned out to be the number one car in its segment purchased by women in Italy in 2013 for the second consecutive year. And again in 2014, the model is the most popular car in segment B among Italian women.


Lancia Ypsilon has become "the favourite car among women" because it is designed to meet their needs, and not just when it comes to mobility. In this sense, "The beauty of being a woman" for an "Ypsilon Woman" is that she has the chance to express her own personality, just like when she chooses a dress to "wear". Indeed, while women's car purchases generally are based 40% on style, for Ypsilon that figure reaches 60%. Similarly, other purchase motivations for women are also higher: a car that is always trendy (70% - for Ypsilon the figure rises to 81%), cool (39% - Ypsilon 65%), elegant (42% - Ypsilon 79%) and sophisticated (14% - Ypsilon 32%).


So the "Ypsilon Woman" has a distinct personality, as her purchasing behaviour reveals: compared to the average for segment B, the woman who chooses Ypsilon is more independent and tends not to seek advice from others when it comes to making a decision. What's more, she chooses the Lancia "Fashion city car" because it gives her precisely what she is looking for, with a style that is well-defined, personal and unmistakable, but never "over the top". All enhanced by the functionality and compact size of a car that is perfectly adapted to life in the city, with a practical five-door configuration and an eco-friendly calling card given by low emissions, most notably for the "EcoChic" methane and LPG versions which today account for around half of all Ypsilon sales.


 "Ypsilon parfaite pour ELLE": the affinity between two brands for women

With the new ELLE, Lancia Ypsilon takes quality to yet another level, stepping into the "High End" world and representing the essence of Lancia elegance, with a contemporary twist.


After pleasing its most dynamic, sporty and resolute target with the Ypsilon MOMODESIGN; younger, trendy women with the Ypsilon Elefantino; and all those who care passionately about the environment but refuse to compromise on style and elegance with the Ypsilon EcoChic, now it's the turn of Ypsilon ELLE which carries forward the profitable collaboration established four years ago between Lancia and ELLE.


A collaboration cemented by the many natural, clear affinities between the "fashion city car" and the magazine: for example, the Ypsilon is the favourite car among Italian women, just as ELLE is Italy's biggest selling women's magazine. Plus: both are loved by women who care about fashion and beauty, who want to be happy in the knowledge that they look good, and both focus on matters of elegance and style.


Thus, Lancia Ypsilon ELLE signals an alliance between two brands whose values and target clientele make them kindred spirits: that is why the new Ypsilon is "parfaite pour  ELLE": the advertising campaign claim that accompanies the launch of the new special series. The magazine's historic pay off  - "cherchez la femme" is also very apt, as it is a perfect match for the Lancia Ypsilon and a clever, tongue-in-cheek way of reaffirming the importance of women as the real driving force in society and prime movers of change. It is no coincidence that Ypsilon is a car for women, designed and created primarily by women - from marketing to communication, the majority of the workforce is female - reaching 85% in the Style Centre team that worked on the Ypsilon ELLE.


But naturally, this doesn't mean that men are excluded: indeed, 30% of Ypsilon clients are men. It is a figure that proves that elegance and style are no longer a "gender issue":   in short, the Lancia model is aimed at all those - men and women alike - who are "urban chic", that is to say who personify an outlook and a lifestyle which is as metropolitan - in the sense of being open, carefree and dynamic - as it is elegant, and who therefore naturally stand out, without being ostentatious. A man who isn't ashamed to read a women's magazine, who on the contrary sees it as a valuable tool that affords him greater insight into the female universe.


New Lancia Ypsilon ELLE

The ultimate expression of Lancia elegance, the new Ypsilon ELLE takes inspiration from the world of fashion. So, remaining true to its positioning as the "fashion city car" that continually reinvents itself, the latest version renews the collaboration sealed in 2010 between Lancia and the ELLE brand which gave rise to the first edition of the Ypsilon ELLE that was a huge hit with European customers.


Bolstered by that success, today Lancia presents the new Ypsilon ELLE which explores the latest boundaries of Fashion and Style in the search for innovative and contemporary metropolitan forms and trends. This is demonstrated, for example, in the new pearlescent Glam Powder Pink paint and the special burnished multichrome trims, as well as the exclusive combination of leather and Alcantara: classic Lancia elegance. Indeed, Alcantara® has been used in all four generations of the Ypsilon. 


Specifically, the new special series comes "dressed" in three stunning liveries: Pearlescent Glam Powder Pink, Glacé White and the ultra-refined two-tone Glam Powder Pink / Vulcano Black. The same Glam Powder Pink lends a precious touch to the 16" alloy wheels (available as optional extras on the Glam Powder Pink and Glam Powder Pink / Vulcano Black versions), while a sophisticated burnished multichrome treatment characterises both the "ELLE" logo on the car's wheel arches and several elements of the bodywork: the grille and the door handles, and the 'Ypsilon' signature on the tailgate and the fog light surrounds. All topped off with body-coloured mirror fairings (in gloss black in the two-tone version) and the refined Pied De Poule pattern on the exterior pillars.


The strong personality continues inside, as demonstrated by the specific upholstery of the seats with cushion and backrest in black Alcantara featuring electro-welded ELLE graphics and Powder Pink leather bands with black top stitching. The same Powder Pink also features on the door panels, the dashboard fascia and the edges of the mats. In a flawless colour combination, black leather with Powder Pink top stitching elegantly covers the steering wheel and gear lever boot. Even more exclusive detailing comes in the shape of front Alcantara headrests customised with the ELLE logo and the Glam Powder Pink key cover with ELLE logo.


Moreover, Lancia, Alcantara and the Milan Polytechnic have collaborated to create an exclusive collection of fashion accessories in Alcantara dedicated to the Ypsilon ELLE, created by two young designers - Valentina Bruzzi and Alan della Noce - who are lecturers on the Fashion Design degree course. They are veritable jewels of design, thanks to the supreme versatility of this luxury material, and pay tribute to all those who choose the special series in Lancia dealerships. In addition, they represent a way of strengthening the ties between Ypsilon, its target audience and its natural context, the world of style and beauty.


This demonstrates, once again, how Lancia is continually on the lookout for new trends emerging in the worlds of both contemporary design and communication.  A prime example of this is, the international web magazine launched by Lancia four years ago, which selects and promotes experimental work by countless creative young talents. It is a sort of talent scouting workshop dedicated to spotting and showcasing new trends in the fields of fashion, design, lifestyle, photography, art and architecture.


At this point, it is clear that the team at Lancia Style Centre has paid particular attention both to the use of fine materials and the refined colour combinations of the Ypsilon ELLE. After all, colour has never been simply a matter of aesthetics for the Ypsilon. On the contrary, it is an integral part of a product philosophy based on elegance, glamour, personality, play, creativity, style and the widest array of customisation options.


The Ypsilon ELLE is available with the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II, the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II LPG, the 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir in combination with manual or robotised gearbox, the 95 HP 1.3 turbodiesel MultiJet II and the 80 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir methane engine options. Standard equipment includes automatic climate control, electric door mirrors, ESC, CD MP3 radio, Blue&Me system with steering wheel controls and leather trim for the steering wheel and gear lever boot.


Lastly, Lancia has created a personalised fragrance designed to match the mood of clients who will be able to use the "online fragrance test" developed for the three scents dedicated to the different versions of Ypsilon ELLE: Glacé White (Terre de Soleil fragrance) with spicy base notes, Glam&Vulcano Black (Dandy fragrance) with citrusy base notes and Glam Powder Pink (Petit Amour fragrance) with floral base notes.


A fun, tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign: "New Ypsilon ELLE. Parfaite pour ELLE"

Lancia Ypsilon ELLE will be presented with an advertising campaign rolled out across all media using specific language with a common denominator: tongue-in-cheek humour. Yes, because although the "Ypsilon ELLE woman" is elegant, eclectic and dynamic, she never takes herself too seriously. This is immediately apparent from the TV advert - devised and produced by the Armando Testa agency - which shows an unconventional pit-stop that turns into a bizarre make-up session: an outlandish team of mechanics, dressed in smart, seductive dinner jackets, showers special attention on both the Ypsilon ELLE and its glamorous driver.


The mechanics give the car a complete make-over, painting it in the new nuance of Glam Powder Pink, decorating the pillar with the distinctive Pied De Poule pattern and replacing the 16" diamond cut rims. At the same time, the female driver also gets a similar beauty treatment, her hair and make-up now immaculate. Now the two stars are ready to strut their stuff in town.


To poke more light-hearted fun at the stereotypes that women (and men) have regarding the other sex, the advert plays out to the well-known song "Tous les mêmes" by Stromae which is precisely about the misunderstandings between men and women. The film was shot in Los Angeles by Luca Maroni - the director of many successful Lancia adverts who recently passed away - and ends with the claim "New Ypsilon ELLE. Parfaite pour ELLE".


The same creative concept forms the basis for the customary fashion-specific language of the Lancia brand in press and outdoor campaigns, and in particular in magazines that are popular with female readers who want to be the first to find out about new trends in fashion, style and wellbeing.

To bolster the launch of the new Ypsilon ELLE, Lancia will also avail of a series of online communication initiatives produced in conjunction with the Bitmama digital agency.


A different language register is employed for the Web, which is one of the most widely used media among the Ypsilon ELLE target. Indeed, surfing the web, social networking and online shopping are top of the list of these women's activities. Social networks are an essential tool for keeping in touch with others, but also for information gathering and sharing opinions and advice. Moreover, female users are more active and more creative than men: they share and chat more frequently - among themselves and with Brands - and they use a wider range of tools (pc, tablet, smartphone).


Contrary to popular belief, social media user demographics reveal the majority of users are not as young as you might think: in Italy the majority of users fall into the 36-45 year-old age group. The favourite social network of this user category is Facebook: for this reason Lancia has decided to make it even more "pink" with a brand new tool which - in an elegant, dynamic and tongue-in-cheek way - will entertain women with fascinating content as well as style tips. Et voilà "Facebook pour ELLE", the app which blanks out content posted by male friends and replaces it with invaluable "ELLE pills": beauty tips, news from the fashion world, home and lifestyle advice, gourmet recipes.


Using the same clever, tongue-in-cheek style, Lancia also presents three new videos soon to be published online on the official Lancia website which follow the same road paved by Ypsilon last year on St. Valentine's day, with a viral video that promotes Magic Parking through a humorous treatment of the "in-car man/woman relationship". Now, with Ypsilon ELLE it is even more advanced, becoming a sort of "translator" that deciphers the language of women and explains what they actually mean, making it the only "expert" that can help men survive in a relationship. Lastly, Lancia will hold a fun online competition that tests men and women's knowledge about one another's worlds. Up for grabs, a holiday for two in Paris, the city of romance par excellence where quarrelling is inconceivable, as well as the capital of fashion and elegance.


A commercial success for almost 30 years

1985 saw the launch of the very first Lancia Ypsilon - the famous Y10 - the head of a family that for almost 30 years has always kept in step with the times, so much so that it has enjoyed unwavering commercial success: suffice to say that between 1985 and the present day over 2 million 300 thousand units have been sold.


The ties between women and the Ypsilon model grow stronger with each generation but also - in terms of sales volume - month after month. In Italy, September marked the best sales month ever with a record-breaking share of 15.9% and the top spot in segment B. And that's not all. Factoring in sales volumes for the January-September period, for the second year running Ypsilon sits in second place in the list of best selling cars in segment B in Italy.


The "secret" of this success lies in the model's ability to constantly renew itself while remaining true to its DNA, precisely like the women who choose it. These women are all unique, with individual tastes and personalities, but the Ypsilon 2014 Collection offers them all what they want. The range currently comprises five versions - Elefantino '14, Gold and Platinum trim levels, in addition to the "ELLE" and MOMODESIGN special series - which can be paired with 5 engine options: the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II, the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II LPG, the 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir in combination with manual or robotised gearbox, the 95 HP 1.3 turbodiesel MultiJet II and the 80 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir methane.



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