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02 Apr 2014

Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14: The freedom to customise according to the latest trends in fashion and design

Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino ’14:  The freedom to customise according to the latest trends in fashion and design
  • The Elefantino '14 Collection stars on the catwalk of the 'Lancia Fashion Apartment' in Milan
  • Fashion and design experts and teachers are also there to examine the topic of customisations in contemporary society and in the automotive world
  • Star of the show is the fashion city car with Elefantino '14 offering new paint colours, new interiors, new chromatic shades and plenty of customisations, to reassert its young, glamorous and accessible positioning
  • The extra choice for the second best-selling car in the B segment in Italy in 2013
  • All digital initiatives implemented for VYP - Very Ypsilon People: from the project Selected by Elefantino to the "Dress Y Award" competition on the international website


The new Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino '14 Collection is being presented today in Milan as inspired by the theme of customisation expressed through colour. The event is hosted at the 'Lancia Fashion Apartment' in Milan, a picturesque location where fashion, design and elegance coexist in harmony. The only library in Europe focusing on the history of fashion is to be found here. Containing over 50 thousand volumes and publications, the Fashion Apartment is a focal point for stylists, designers and young students coming from all over the world.


Here Lancia has found its ideal 'home', right in the centre of Milan, a venue at which to meet with its target clientele and intercept those new consumer trends and behaviours which are born and develop in metropolitan areas, allowing the brand to continue to offer unique vehicles with personal style, like the iconic Lancia Ypsilon, Lancia's true fashion city car.


In this suggestive setting, the presentation of the new Lancia Ypsilon Elefantino '14 becomes an opportunity to talk about social trends and to analyse how the female world interprets the concepts of identity, personality and customisation. For this reason, the Milan event saw the participation of three fashion and design experts: Patrizia Martello, a sociologist and trend watching specialist, Alba Cappellieri, chair of the degree course in Fashion Design at the Politecnico di Milano, and Mauro Galligari, an expert in fashion and design trends. The guests organised a meeting with Antonella Bruno, Head Brand for Lancia EMEA.


Exceptional patron of the event in Milan, the Lancia Ypsilon with the new Elefantino 2014 Collection confirmed the model's intrinsic ability to innovate constantly and thus to embody a kind of elegance always suited for our time. Versatile, creative and at ease in the urban context, the Fashion City Car can boast a natural readiness for customisation, just as happens in the fashion world, one of Lancia's preferred areas. Moreover, in recent years the theme of customisation has become paramount for the car world where there is a great variety of choice and where customers are getting more and more attentive and selective, and ask their car to be customised to the maximum extent possible.


In the crowded compact car market, the Ypsilon is positioned above the average mainly because it shows it has a unique and distinctive style, allowing those who choose it to express their personality and provides a pleasant escape from daily pressures. As such, then, the Ypsilon is not just a means of transport: those who buy it appreciate the design that makes it unique, but most of all because its elegance is not "just in the shape" but it expresses its character and is based on its many solutions and content. One of the main reasons for buying is first of all the style, and then there is the compactness that you would expect from a city car.


Designed for a young, metropolitan clientele that pays attention to trends, the fashion city car is equipped to face the challenges of 2014 with an updated product range and a rationalised offer. As of today, four versions are available - the Elefantino '14, Gold and Platinum trim levels, in addition to the MOMODESIGN special series - which can be equipped with five engine versions: the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II, the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II LPG, the 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir in combination with manual or robotised gearbox, the 95 HP 1.3 turbodiesel MultiJet II and the 80 HP 0.9 Turbo TwinAir methane.


The biggest news is the new Ypsilon Elefantino '14 and its three different fresh-named styles - 'Lime', 'Watermelon' and 'Coconut' - which expand the customisation options further with an eye to the model's young, glamorous and accessible positioning. Therefore, the new Elefantino '14 Collection interprets the latest trends in society, culture, design and fashion appearing on the streets of our cities.


After all, its territory of choice is the city where it can express all its 'urban chic' spirit. In fact, in the "Fashion city car" we can find together an urban soul - open, casual, dynamic - and an elegant and sophisticated soul - able to stand out without ostentation. From here comes its success with both genders, though it must be said that the Lancia Ypsilon world is a predominantly female world - last year in Italy and for the second year running, the Ypsilon was confirmed as the most feminine car in its segment, but this did not exclude male customers, whose share came to over 30% of the model sales.



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