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20 Jun 2013

Elefantino and S MOMODESIGN: The latest Lancia Ypsilon special series top the bill in Taormina

Elefantino and S MOMODESIGN:  The latest Lancia Ypsilon special series top the bill in Taormina
  • Ypsilon Elefantino: a contemporary interpretation of a theme associated with the Ypsilon since

1997. Glamour and accessibility from a special series dedicated to young women drivers.

  • Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN: sporting spirit and a two tone colour scheme for urban young men.

  • Spotlights focus on the Delta S by MOMODESIGN, the most dynamic member of the Delta family.

  • The Taormina Film Fest offers the perfect opportunity to enter the world of Lancia and meet the

friendly and trendy young men and women who live in it.

  • The city is a natural setting for Lancia, whose "urban chic" look embodies a new, contemporary

elegance based on an open, carefree and expressive "urban" spirit combined with a sophisticated,

distinctive, and quality-oriented "chic" soul.


The latest additions to the Ypsilon family, the Elefantino and S MOMODESIGN special series, are topping the bill at Taormina. The stage is the 59th edition of the Taormina Film Fest, the international cinema festival of which Lancia is the official Sponsor and Car for the fifth year running.


The stars of this year's event are the Ypsilon Elefantino and S MOMODESIGN, two special series that are designed to match the preferences of two target markets: young female and young male drivers respectively. The Elefantino and S MOMODESIGN re-interpret concepts that have proved highly successful in the past and that represent two distinct souls for the Ypsilon "fashion city car". Both represent a return to the past, as special series have played a key role in the history of Lancia: over the years, special series of the Ypsilon, from the Y10 to the 3-door Ypsilon, have brilliantly interpreted changing market trends.


It is important to emphasise that these new special series fully express the personality and distinction of Lancia. Far from being just another styling exercise, they both represent new Ypsilon personalities capable of attracting different customers and offering the market a wider choice. It is no surprise therefore that Lancia begins developing special series right from the beginning of a new model's lifecycle, and introduces them with full scale product launches, complete with universal marketing plans and dedicated communications. Thanks to this approach, Lancia's special series have assumed a growing importance in terms of sales volumes and product mix.


The Elefantino and S MOMODESIGN are extremely attractive in terms of price/content ratio. The Ypsilon Elefantino sells for the same price as the Silver, while the Ypsilon S MOMODESIGN sells for the same price as the Gold. A special promotion has also been formulated for both models, and offers finance with accessible instalments, free insurance for the first year and a 30% discount for the second. This attractive offer is open to all customers up to the age of 25.


Lancia's partnership with MOMODESIGN does not stop at the Ypsilon. The recently launched Delta S by MOMODESIGN, dedicated to young urban drivers, is currently the most dynamic version of the Delta family. Only a few weeks after its launch, the Delta S by MOMODESIGN already accounted for 20% of Delta sales. To complete this list of 2013 specials, Lancia's new Voyager S will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show at the end of the year. This new version will extend even further the already amazing potential of a vehicle that is totally unique for interior space and flexibility of use.


The Taormina Film Fest offers a great chance to get to know the world of Lancia, a brand that has always stood out for its innovative solutions and unconventional approach to design. Lancia applies an equally original approach to its product communications and to the constant dialogue that it maintains with its international clientele.


The city is a natural environment for Lancia and in perfect harmony with the brand's style and character. Lancia's "urban attitude" is not tied to any place or time, but defines a distinctive character and lifestyle. The world of Lancia is populated by friendly, trendy young men and women capable of choosing their own style with taste and individuality. As they evolve, so does Lancia, in its products, communications, languages and target markets. Need an example? Take the "TrendVisions" platform, dedicated to creativity and the latest tendencies. TrendVisions collects ideas and gives expression to talented young people through features on fashion, design, architecture, art, photography and contemporary lifestyle.


Even in the traditional media, Lancia communicates in three different tones: "Surprising", "Spicy" and "Seductive". These three S's effectively express Lancia's "urban chic" style, a new form of contemporary, versatile and creative elegance formed by the coming together of an open, carefree and expressive "urban" spirit with a sophisticated, distinctive, and quality-oriented "chic" soul. The same three S's express the Style, Spirit and Substance of Lancia's DNA too.


Unique cars demand exclusive communications. This is the raison d'être behind Lancia's choice of language. Lancia's communications are "surprising" when they ignore conventions and continuously change the rules of play, "intriguing" when they present models in ironic, unusual but fashionable situations, and "seductive" when they capture your attention with stylish, personalised messages and products.


The Ecochic range represents a new concept in automotive ecology, in perfect harmony with Lancia's "urban chic" style. Ecochic models are economical but free from limitations and restrictions thanks to their excellent autonomy and ability to enter city centre areas forbidden to conventional vehicles.


The latest additions to the Lancia 2013 range are destined to consolidate the excellent sales figures the brand has achieved so far. In Italy, in 2012, Lancia recorded its best results for the last 12 years, taking a 5.1% share of the market. And that's not all! Between 2011 and 2012, Lancia grew by 26% in the rest of Europe. These figures are even more impressive when viewed in the context of today's extremely challenging market. The success of the Ypsilon has certainly made a major contribution to sales. From its launch to the present day, the new Ypsilon has sold over 100,000 units and has established itself as the second best selling car in segment B.



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