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14 Oct 2021

In episode 3 of the docuseries on 115 years of Lancia history, entitled “Dust and Stars”, Luca Napolitano, Chief Executive of Lancia, talks about the strong bond between the brand and the world of rallying on the one hand, and with the world of cinema, the arts and communications on the other.

13 Oct 2021

Tomorrow, at 11 am CET, click this link to watch the third chapter of the Docufilm on Lancia history, titled “Elegance in Motion since 1906”.

08 Oct 2021

On October 14th at 11 am CET, click this link to watch the third chapter of the docufilm on Lancia history, titled “Elegance in Motion since 1906”.

In this episode, titled “Dust & Stars”, Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand will talk about the connection between the brand and the world of rallies, cinema, art and communication.

01 Aug 2021

“In a memorable day for Italian athletics and Italian sport in general,” stated Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand, “With huge pride we join all her fans and congratulate Luminosa Bogliolo on her Italian record. Today, her commitment, talent, preparation and passion have all been rewarded in the name of Italian excellence. Congratulations, Luminosa!”

30 Jul 2021

At the starting blocks is a partnership in the name of elegance, talent and “Made in Italy”.

29 Jul 2021

In chapter 2 of the documentary series on the 115 years of Lancia history – entitled “A brand and its unique identity” – Luca Napolitano, CEO of the Lancia brand, and Roberto Giolito, Head of Heritage Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth brands, talk about the evolution of the logo and the origin of the names of Lancia’s iconic cars.

28 Jul 2021

Tomorrow, at 11:00 am CET, click to the link to watch the second chapter of the docu-film on Lancia history, titled “Elegance in motion since 1906”.

21 Jun 2021

Lancia produces its first electric scooter, that, in combination with the Ypsilon Hybrid Ecochic, it offers a complete, sustainable solution for urban mobility.

17 Jun 2021

A journey through time, from 1906 to today, via a series of appointments that tell the story of a brand that people have always held close to their hearts.

14 Jun 2021

Jean-Pierre Ploué, Stellantis Chief Design Officer, will personally supervise LANCIA Design from Torino Centro Stile and declares: ‘’LANCIA renaissance is a truly exciting challenge. LANCIA is an iconic brand, which will be restored to its central historical position in Europe, leveraging on its huge potential.’’

07 May 2021


For Mothers' Day, Lancia presents a talk show video on YouTube and its social media channels, between three moms chosen as ambassadors for the new Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid.



29 Mar 2021

As part of the new global structure at Stellantis, the Lancia Chief Executive Officer, Luca Napolitano has announced the organization of the Lancia brand with immediate effect.

16 Dec 2020

Before the launch of this operational phase, the e-Shops were piloted with an increasingly large pool of dealers, for several months.

11 Dec 2020

The Fashion City Car par excellence: elegant, original and chic. Since 1985, when it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show as the Y10, the Ypsilon has won the hearts of 3 million customers.

17 Jun 2020

FCA is restarting with children and their future, by supporting the work of Save the Children.

25 Mar 2020

Potential customers can now contact official FCA dealers, without leaving their house, by using Google Hangouts Meet.
FCA Bank is using advanced digital tools to provide quotes for financing and insurance services.

18 Dec 2019

New entity will have the leadership, resources and scale to be at the forefront of a new era of sustainable mobility

18 Jun 2019

FCA Italy S.p.A. and FCA Group Marketing S.p.A. have choosen IMG to manage global licensing for its Fiat, Fiat 500, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Abarth brands. The new partnership now sees IMG representing the entire FCA Group, already being the licensing agent for the group's US-based brands Jeep, RAM, Dodge and Chrysler.

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