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06 Apr 2021

New Jeep® Compass, born to surprise

The New Compass is a completely new model, with major changes to those features and contents that are mostly appreciated by European customers: style, technology, safety, sustainability and functionality.

New Jeep® Compass, born to surprise


  • The New Compass is a completely new model, with major changes to those features and contents that are mostly appreciated by European customers: style, technology, safety, sustainability and functionality.
  • First Jeep® launch in Europe for the Stellantis Group, the new model is produced in Melfi, Italy.
  • In Europe, Compass accounts for more than 40% of Jeeps sales and today one in four Compass vehicles sold is a plug-in hybrid model.
  • A range of engines with lower CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, including the 4xe variants with plug-in hybrid technology.
  • The 4xe is the new Jeep 4x4: it evolves the concept of capability, adding sustainability, efficiency and even more fun.
  • The New Compass exterior and interior represent an expression of formal concepts, which will be found in upcoming Jeep models. More modern, technological, sophisticated and with a stronger European flavor, while maintaining Jeep authenticity.
  • More high-tech and safer than ever: debuting in the Jeep European lineup is Uconnect™ 5, the most advanced infotainment system ever in a Jeep vehicle, and Highway Assist, a driver assistance system for level 2 (L2) autonomous driving.
  • A tailor-made range, including the S trim, offering maximum sophistication and comfort, the Trailhawk, the specific off-road version, and the ‘80th Anniversary’ special-edition launch model.
  • Targeting “pragmatic dreamers”, rational customers who give importance on value and specs, but also look for a car able to answer to their emotional needs of freedom and adventure.
  • By choosing the New Compass, owners receive access to the benefits of Jeep Wave, the brand’s new loyalty and customer care program.
  • Leasys and FCA Bank support the Jeep brand and the launch of the New Compass with an array of rental and financial solutions.
  • More than 100 exclusive Jeep® Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar®.


Today, Antonella Bruno, Head of the Jeep® brand Europe, unveiled the New Compass, the first Jeep SUV launched in Europe by the Stellantis Group. The launch marks a major step in the importance of the brand around the world and especially in Europe. A replay of the press conference can be viewed here.

The New Compass has been developed to speak a more European language, courtesy of the enhanced quality of the finishes and its advanced on board technology. It also introduces major new features that take it to an even higher level in terms of design, safety, technology and functionality.

Where does its secret lie? In combining two souls of Jeep – the off-road and urban spirit – to meet the needs of customers in the C-SUV segment. Rational, factual people, they are also fascinated by the possibility of getting away from their daily routines: we call them “pragmatic dreamers”.

The new model has a strong aesthetic character, enhanced by a refined and distinctive style – which remains true to the brand’s styling cues, excellent driving dynamics and more sophisticated safety and connectivity. All this crowned by the renowned Jeep 4x4 capability, a feature honed over 80 years of leadership in off-road driving.

In short, whether concerned with a pragmatic need for mobility or the desire to experience exciting everyday ‘adventures’, the answer lies in the New Compass, which offers a balance between performance and emotions, rational usage and dreams of freedom and adventure. All in the name of the brand’s claim: “Go Anywhere, Do Anything”. Because, 80 years later, Jeep remains Jeep.

At the launch of its first generation in 2017, the Jeep Compass marked the return of the brand to the C-SUV segment and was the first Jeep specially designed to hit global roads. This laid solid foundations for the success of this model: since its launch in Europe, the Jeep compact SUV is the driver of the brand’s commercial performance and accounts for more than 40% of its sales, confirming its position as one of the most appreciated Jeep models by European customers and one of the most sought-after in the 4xe configuration with plug-in hybrid technology. Approximately one in four Compass models sold in Europe is a 4xe version. The 4xe variant is the best-selling plug-in hybrid model in Italy.

The New Compass is fitted with a range of efficient internal combustion and plug-in hybrid engines, all Euro 6D Final-compliant, and a range of cutting-edge active and passive safety systems that enhance the dynamic behavior and the renowned Jeep 4x4 capabilities.

The engine range was updated with the addition of the new GSE four-cylinder 1.3-litre turbo petrol engine, designed to offer outstanding performance, while delivering excellent driving comfort and efficiency, with consumption and CO2 emissions reduced by up to 27% (WLTP cycle) when compared to the previous petrol model. All this was made even more fascinating by the debut of the version with plug-in hybrid technology for 100% electric, zero-emissions driving – the combination of extraordinary 4xe capabilities and sustainable mobility: the Jeep brand’s take on electrification.

Along with Renegade, the Compass was the first model to feature the 4xe logo, which identifies all Jeep 4x4 vehicles offering enhanced hybrid capability and performance, and providing the best possible balance between efficiency, driving fun and attention to the environment.

The new model features a refreshed high-tech profile, while maintaining its renowned urban, modern, sophisticated and environment-conscious spirit. More elegant and modern, it features an all-new cabin, designed to improve comfort and life on board, and to make the urban driving experience smarter. Major highlights include the full-HD digital 10.25-inch instrument cluster, DAB radio, Uconnect 5 system with touchscreens from 8.4-inch to 10.1-inch, moved to the middle of the dashboard in a higher position so the driver can remain focused on the road, a five times faster processor, Android operating system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration, interactive 3D TomTom navigation and natural voice recognition, and Uconnect Services.

The interior has also been made even more functional with a new arrangement of the central console and augmented storage compartment space (providing nearly 4.4 litres of additional storage – a three-fold increase versus the 2.8 litres of the previous version, now with a total of 7.2 litres). In addition, it offers a more modern and distinctive style, courtesy of the new dashboard, central tunnel, steering wheel and door panels, featuring premium materials and finishes.

The New Compass is the first Jeep vehicle in Europe to offer level 2 autonomous driving and is equipped with the latest generation ADAS, as standard across the range. These include: Traffic Sign Recognition, which reads and interprets the road signs; Intelligent Speed Assist, to automatically keep the car within the speed limit advertised; Drowsy Driver Alert, to alert the drivers when their attention falters or if they drop off for a moment; and Automatic Emergency Braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition, which slows the vehicle down to a complete stop, to avoid (or mitigate) accidents that could occur. But the biggest new feature is the Highway Assist, combining Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering, to automatically adjust the vehicle’s speed and trajectory. The vehicle therefore automatically stays in the middle of the lane, at a sensible distance from the vehicle in front, for a driving experience with total peace of mind (available in the second half of the year).

The New Jeep Compass also comes with a new range, now offered in five trim levels (Sport, Longitude, Limited, S and Trailhawk), with five different combinations of powertrains – petrol, diesel and plug-in hybrid, three gearboxes (six-speed manual, automatic Dual Dry Clutch Transmission (DDCT) or six-speed automatic) – and front- or four-wheel drive. The petrol version comes with the 1.3-litre GSE engine with 130 hp or 150 hp, paired with a manual transmission and Dual Dry Clutch Transmission (DDCT) respectively, both with front-wheel drive. To complete the range of internal combustion engines comes the 1.6-litre, 130-hp diesel engine paired with six-speed manual transmission and front-wheel drive. The plug-in hybrid range is offered with two power outputs – 190 hp and 240 hp, paired to a six-speed automatic transmission and eAWD four-wheel drive.

Furthermore, there is an array of rental and financial solutions offered by Leasys and FCA Bank that make the Jeep range and New Compass even more accessible to customers. These include innovative rental solution as Leasys Miles, the pay per use mobility solution, and financial solution as the FCA Bank private lease.

Finally, for the launch of the New Jeep Compass, Mopar® developed new accessories with the aim to complete the new vehicle’s features with additional contents, improve the customization opportunities, and enhance the interior comfort offer.


In-depth fact sheets are available at the following links on the media website:


New design

Intuitive technology with the Uconnect™ 5 system

New-generation safety systems

A full range of engines

A perfectly tailor-made range

Leasys and FCA Bank support the launch of the New Compass

Exclusive Jeep® Authentic Accessories powered by Mopar® for the New Jeep Compass


Turin, April 6th, 2021


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