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14 Dec 2018

Jeep® Winter Experience: freedom for all seasons

• For the entire 2018-2019 winter season, the Jeep® brand has chosen CampZero, the first Active Resort dedicated to mountain lovers as the exclusive base for the "Jeep® Winter Experience". • Mopar offers outstanding possibilities for customising Jeep vehicles in a unique and distinctive way, to prepare for incredible adventures on the snow.

Jeep® Winter Experience: freedom for all seasons


  • For the entire 2018-2019 winter season, the Jeep® brand has chosen CampZero, the first Active Resort dedicated to mountain lovers as the exclusive base for the "Jeep® Winter Experience".
  • Mopar offers outstanding possibilities for customising Jeep vehicles in a unique and distinctive way, to prepare for incredible adventures on the snow.
  • Guests at the location in the heart of the Ayas Valley, near Champoluc, will feel empowered at the wheel of the 4x4 Jeep lineup - including the new Wrangler Rubicon and Sahara, the new Renegade Trailhawk, the new Cherokee Limited 4x4, the Compass Limited 4x4 and the powerful Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.
  • The activity celebrates the legendary off-road capabilities of Jeep SUVs and marks the end of a year of success and new launches, including the new Renegade, Wrangler and Cherokee.
  • Jeep is the fastest growing brand on the European market (EU28 + EFTA) with sales up by almost 50% compared to 2017. Furthermore, it is about to record its fifteenth consecutive month of growth.
  • The brand is gearing up to achieve new goals in 2019, starting from the production of Jeep Compass in the Melfi plant, where the pre-production of the Renegade Hybrid Plug-in will also kick off.


A beautiful, wild landscape has been chosen for an activity that will express the spirit of adventure and freedom that animates both mountain lovers and Jeep® owners. These are also the same values that drive both to strive to overcome new limits, without ever settling for less. After all, in mountain activities and on and off-road drives alike, pleasure lies not just in the destination but above all in the journey. At the wheel of a Jeep vehicle drivers can tackle the toughest and most demanding terrain, even when weather conditions make the challenge more demanding. There is no better place than the mountains to showcase the engineering, reliability and safety of Jeep vehicles.


The Jeep brand has been on an extraordinary journey of its own in 2018, with 12 months of continuous growth across the four seasons with the trademark determination that has always distinguished the range. Because a Jeep SUV can take on city streets, sweeping highways, sand, mud and rock with the same ease. From a certain point of view, the "Jeep Winter Experience" is the last leg of a long journey that started late spring at the Balocco Proving Grounds with the reveal of the new Renegade MY19, the most capable SUV in the B-SUV segment, and the debut of the new family of turbo engines designed to maximise fuel-efficiency and secure outstanding performance also on the Trailhawk version which boasts the best off-road capabilities in its category.


The journey continued in the summer with the 2018 edition of Camp Jeep, held in Spielberg, Austria. The well-known annual meeting of Jeep fans was the opportunity to introduce the new Wrangler to the international media. The iconic Wrangler stays true to its authentic style and blends legendary off-road capabilities with the highest levels of comfort and handling for everyday use.
From the Alpine peaks to the sunny streets of the Mediterranean, Sicily was the third destination of this year's journey. The charming location was chosen to announce the beginning of autumn with the new Cherokee, one of the more versatile and distinctive mid-size SUVs on the market. The model embodies a combination of unique features, including legendary 4x4 off-road capability at the top of its category, authentic and modern design, excellent on-road dynamics and a host of user-friendly technologies for connectivity and safety.


And now, surrounded by the first snow of winter, the Jeep brand has reached the stunning Valle d'Aosta for an exciting "Jeep Winter Experience" with its fully refreshed range in terms of product, engines, design, connectivity systems, driving assistance and safety. In particular, the "Jeep Winter Experience" will offer the opportunity to appreciate the sophisticated 4x4 systems, ranging from the Active Drive of Renegade to high-performing Rock Trac of Wrangler Rubicon, all equipped with Jeep Selec-Terrain traction control system (except for the iconic Wrangler), and the most advanced safety features, including Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control and Hill Descent Control.


The feet of Monte Rosa will be the backdrop for the "Go anywhere, Do anything" claim of the brand, which perfectly expresses the freedom of movement and spirit that turns a simple road trip into an extraordinary journey, whatever the weather or the road conditions. These are the emotions conveyed by the powerful Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that visitors to the "Jeep Winter Experience" get to try out.
Freedom is also that of Jeep owners who want to customise their car for the cold season. For them, Mopar has developed a unique collection of original accessories, a selection of which will be fitted to the Renegade and on the Wrangler parked in front of CampZero.


The "Jeep Winter Experience" will be an opportunity to learn more about the entire Jeep range, which is one of the newest on the SUV market in the EMEA Region and which, in little more than one year, has been expanded with important news. Sales are up by almost 50%, doubling in Spain and increasing by 77% in Italy. In short, compared to the previous year, Jeep is the fastest growing brand in the European market (EU28 + EFTA) and is now well on the way to score the fifteenth month of growth in a row. At the end of 2018, the US brand will have scored another record - that of increasing its 2010 sales figures almost tenfold. One of the most successful models is the new Renegade - Jeep brand's best-selling model in the EMEA Region. Incidentally, in Italy last November, it collected more than double the number of orders versus 2017, rising to second place among small SUVs. By the end of the year it will have sold 300,000 units since it was launched. Similarly, compared to last year, the new Wrangler has recorded an 80% sales increase in Europe, almost tripling registrations in Italy in October. The new Cherokee also celebrated an increase of orders of approximately 50% over 2017. A similar success was enjoyed by the new Compass which cemented its position as the best-selling Jeep model in Europe with almost 65,000 units sold. Furthermore, it is still the leading SUV in the C segment in Italy in October. Compass sales doubled in Germany and it registered an increase of orders of more than 33% compared to last year in Spain in October.
2018 is closing with these excellent results and the New Year will see the Jeep brand ready to achieve new goals, starting from the production of Jeep Compass in the Melfi plant (Italy), where pre-production of the new Renegade PHEV will also kick off. The expansion of the range with new special editions and important innovations in terms of engines, connectivity and infotainment will continue throughout 2019.


Renegade and Wrangler customized with Genuine Accessories by Mopar

The bond between Jeep and Mopar, the FCA brand for aftersales products and services, is a strong one and the two have long been exploring the world of customisation together.


For this reason, a Renegade and a Wrangler customised with a selection of genuine accessories by Mopar will be parked in front of CampZero. The two vehicles are made even more attractive and suited to winter activities, with specific skis rack fitted on the roof of the Jeep Wrangler and a snowboard rack on the Renegade. The striking Ocean Blue Metallic livery of the iconic Wrangler is set off by black "1941" graphics on the hood and "Moab" decal on the side, in addition to other black elements which enhance its sporty look, including  front grille, fuel cap, tubular side steps, kick plate and valve caps with Jeep logo. The car is complemented by a host of exclusive accessories, such as a hard top, body-coloured mirror caps, non-slip mats, special grab handles for open-air adventures and a tailgate table sporting the iconic Jeep design. These are just a selection of the 130-plus Mopar accessories developed for the legendary Wrangler to allow the broadest and most complete customisation options and satisfy many different drivers' lifestyles. With the innovative Mopar Custom Shop process, many accessories can be configured on the vehicle at the time of purchase, to be installed directly at the production plant with the same high-quality standards, reaching the dealership already finished and ready to drive away.
CampZero guests will also have the opportunity to admire a Renegade equipped with some of the 120-plus Mopar accessories that allow many distinct levels of customisation. On the exterior, the vehicle wears a striking livery featuring an original decal on the hood, black fascias with the Renegade logo, specially shaped splash guards and an array of grey elements, such as the front grille, 16-inch alloy wheels and mirror caps. Furthermore, skid-plates and specific off-road pedals further express the extreme nature of the vehicle on display. It also carries the Jeep® Performance Parts badge, belonging to the range of Original Accessories specifically developed by Mopar to guarantee the utmost protection and unmatched performance when driving off-road.



Turin, 14 December 2018



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