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26 Jun 2018

Italian Carabinieri takes delivery of liveried Jeep® Wrangler

• The delivery further reinforces the strong bond between the Carabinieri State Police and the FCA Group. • A special relationship focused on security.

Italian Carabinieri takes delivery of liveried Jeep® Wrangler


  • The delivery further reinforces the strong bond between the Carabinieri State Police and the FCA Group.
  • A special relationship focused on security.
  • The brand's most iconic model will patrol the beaches between Cattolica and Bellaria day and night.
  • A security measure adopted in Italy for the first time, thanks to Jeep® Wrangler's unsurpassed off-road capability.
  • The legendary SUV can deal with any terrain to guarantee constant surveillance and quick intervention, to prevent crime and protect residents and holidaymakers.
  • Versatility and functionality of Jeep SUVs grant the freedom to go anywhere, in utmost safety.


The Italian Carabinieri has taken delivery of a special Jeep® Wrangler it will use to patrol the beaches of Romagna this summer, protecting residents and holidaymakers.


Wearing the force's eye-catching livery, the vehicle was presented this afternoon in Rome at a ceremony in the grounds of the Carabinieri High Command, in the presence of Commander-in-Chief Giovanni Nistri, Vice Commander Riccardo Amato, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and EMEA Region COO Alfredo Altavilla.


Once in active service, the Wrangler will be used for surveillance work on the Romagna Riviera, and more specifically the 30 km of beach between Cattolica and Bellaria that includes the popular resorts of Rimini and Riccione.
It will be the first time such an operation - designed to provide even greater safeguards and security during the busy summer season - will have been conducted in Italy.


Synonymous with off-road excellence, the Wrangler given to the Carabinieri is powered by a 2.8-litre CRD turbodiesel engine with automatic transmission. Its unique characteristics are enhanced by the high-performance Mopar® One Pack - a special customisation that enables the vehicle to handle more extreme off-road terrain in complete safety. The pack includes a 2-inch lift kit by Fox Performance, front steering stabiliser, 17-inch x 8.5-inch Performance Gladiator black alloy rims, extra-large 32-inch all-terrain tyres, front and rear moulded splash guards and side mudguard extensions.


In addition, the iconic Jeep SUV has also been fitted out with an array of specialist Carabinieri features, including a flashing light, siren with telescopic mounting, machine gun holder, two signalling disc holders and a portable radio.


Fully fitted, the unstoppable 4x4 will give the Carabinieri a round-the-clock presence and ensure the patrol is able to respond quickly to any incidents along the shoreline, with its advanced 4x4 system adapting effortlessly to all terrains including road surfaces and sandy beaches. While the Carabinieri guarantee people's safety everywhere, Jeep Wrangler is able to take them anywhere they need to go.


The Jeep brand originated with the military: Jeep Wrangler is the true descendant of the 1941 Willys Overland MA/MB, the all-terrain vehicle that gave birth to the Jeep legend. It is remembered not only as a symbol of freedom but also as a rescue vehicle, due to its invaluable service during the Second World War, when it was used as a troop carrier, reconnaissance vehicle and ambulance.
The model's evolution has led to the development of the classic design elements that still make every Jeep distinctive. The 1945 CJ-2A model already featured the seven-slot front grill, and over time this design cue has become one of the brand's most genuine, iconic symbols. Ever since, the brand has always remained true to its roots, while still looking firmly to the future. Other signature features include the round headlights, the trapezoidal wheel arches and the almost vertical windscreen.


As well as the Jeep Wrangler, a large number of FCA range models were also on display at the official ceremony in the Force's livery, reflecting the historic partnership between the Group and the Carabinieri. The relationship was born after the Second World War, when all the Force's patrol cars had the Alfa Romeo brand on their radiator grills, starting from the Giulietta and moving on to its direct descendant, the Giulia. The latter, in particular, was the car that introduced state-of-the-art concepts in the 1970s, combining excellent speed and agility with outstanding reliability. Over time, as needs changed and evolved, the Group has gone on to supply cars with different characteristics, to satisfy every requirement. For example, on show today was the superlative Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, used for special missions such as transporting organs and blood, as well as for escort duties at official ceremonies. Alongside it were the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and the various Fiat cars: Tipo 5 Porte and Panda 4x4, the agile city car with an off-road personality. The display also included two Fiat Professional models - the Doblò and Ducato - used by the dog handler and bomb disposal corps respectively and the first off-road vehicle to be used by the Carabinieri, the Fiat Campagnola, introduced in the 1950s.


Today, thanks to the Wrangler - which joins the Renegade already in service and on display at the ceremony to underline the unique bond with the Jeep brand - the vehicle supply to the Carabinieri is further expanded in order to meet the claim 'Go Anywhere, Do Anything', belonging to vehicles with outstanding characteristics for extraordinary missions on any terrain.


Turin, 26 June 2018



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