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22 Jan 2021

Historical share record in Europe for 500 and Panda in 2020. Fiat begins 2021 with a totally refreshed line-up

2020 was a record year for the 500 and Panda, leaders among European city cars that both achieved a market share of 17.8%, up 3 percentage points each.

Historical share record in Europe for 500 and Panda in 2020. Fiat begins 2021 with a totally refreshed line-up


  • 2020 was a record year for the 500 and Panda, leaders among European city cars that both achieved a market share of 17.8%, up 3 percentage points each.
  • In 2020, Fiat and Lancia’s Mild Hybrid versions – the 500, Panda and Ypsilon – became leaders in the hybrid city car segment in Europe, with sales of 110,000 units.
  • New 500: over 10,000 units sold in Europe and a leader in the Italian electric vehicle market in December.
  • Fiat comes into 2021 with a completely refreshed line-up.


Having consigned a year of commercial successes and new products to history, the Fiat brand is preparing for 2021 with a completely refreshed, accessible, connected line-up, one respectful of the environment and designed in Italy.

2020 was challenging for everyone, but for Fiat it was also a year of a wholesale refresh: so many new products and so many records broken. One figure stands out: the 500 and Panda, the city cars that have always led their segment in Europe, achieved an overall market share of 35.6%, with individual growth of over 3 percentage points each. In its 40th anniversary year, the Panda also saw the best market share in its history – 17.8% in Europe and 47.8% in Italy. In the meantime, the 500 achieved its best market share ever outside Italy, 19.3%.  


2020 began with the launch of the hybrid versions, first the 500 and Panda in February, then the Ypsilon in May, becoming the undisputed leader for hybrid city cars in Europe with 110,000 units sold in 2020 and second place in the hybrid market overall. This was the first move toward electrification: by the end of 2021, 60% of Fiat cars will be available in electrified versions, a proportion higher than the market average. This year of the “restart” will definitely be spearheaded by the New 500. In only two months, over 10,000 sales have already been posted in Europe, with an excellent result in Italy where it took the lead in December.


2020 was also the year of the Tipo and Panda, both of which have been completely refreshed. Specifically, the Tipo family has been expanded even further with the introduction of the new Tipo Cross, the crossover variant and a nod to a brand-new target audience for Fiat. The same goes for the Panda, whose line-up has been broadened with the launch of the new Panda Sport. The refresh of the Fiat line-up was then topped off by the recent debut of the New 500 Family. In short, a completely new line-up to face up to 2021 with great optimism and to continue as leaders.


Let's go back over the biggest events for the Fiat brand in 2020 together.


2020 began with the brand’s entry into the world of electrified vehicles, in February with the launch of the Mild Hybrid engine in the Panda and 500 Hybrid Launch Editions, both fitted with an efficient, compact and lightweight hybrid engine. The new 500 and Panda Hybrids, added to in May by the Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic – the leader of the B-segment in Italy, are now the undisputed benchmarks in Europe for electrified urban mobility, thus making hybrid cars accessible to all. In 2020, the Panda, 500 and Ypsilon hybrids totaled 110,000 units sold, with a sales mix for the 500 and Panda of over 50%. The Panda was also the best-selling hybrid car in Italy, as well the car posting the best sales in Italy for the 9th year running.


Fiat’s journey continued in March with the presentation of the New 500 “la Prima” cabrio Opening Edition and culminated in October with the international launch of the entire New 500 line-up, including the New 500 3+1 “la Prima” Opening Edition. The fact that we chose the right path to take was vindicated by early sales data for the New 500. The New 500 will definitely play a leading role in 2021, taking its energy and creativity with it all over the world. That all-Italian creativity, having proven itself able of starting off from 63 years of history and successes, has resulted in an all-new, all-electric and electric alone, high-tech and connected car that remains a 500: stunning, charismatic and with the ability to bring about change, to become an object of desire for zero-emissions mobility as an icon of Italian culture.


2020 was also the year of the total refresh of the best-selling Tipo and Panda models, two cars that now make up a single big family, broader and new in terms of engines, design and technology, while never sacrificing the qualities of practicality and flexibility that have made it such a success. Suffice to say that the two models account for over 50% of the brand’s sales. The major innovations of 2020 include the New Tipo Cross, a genuine ‘family crossover’, the dynamic New Tipo City Sport and the New Panda Sport, each of which meet the requirements of a new target audience. More specifically, last year witnessed the 40th anniversary celebrations of the Fiat Panda, a model that has become part of the collective unconscious, packed with functional and emotional value. It has won everyone’s hearts by breaking so many records: the overall bestseller in Italy for 8 years running and the leader – together with the 500 – in the European city car market, with over 300,000 cars sold per year. But that’s not all. In 2020, the Fiat Panda reported the best year-on-year growth in its segment, up 3.4% on 2019. It also achieved its best market share since 2012, confirming its position as the car with the best growth in the segment for the second year running.

No less extraordinary is the success of the Fiat Tipo. Launched in 2016, it has become a veritable family of cars within only a few years. To follow the first sedan version came the 5-door and Station Wagon versions in 2017, joined in 2020 by the brand-new Tipo Cross and Tipo Sport. Courtesy of its continuous renewal, the model has become one of the most lauded in its segment both in Italy and in the EMEA region, where it has contributed to the performance of the Fiat brand, with sales of over 164,000 units, 6% up on 2019, let alone the fact that 90% of its volumes are sold outside Italy. For example in Italy, with a share of 11.9%, the Fiat Tipo is the second best-selling model in its segment.


We now come to 2021 with the debut only a few days ago of the New 500 Family, the trim levels, colors and interiors of which have been updated. The internals have also been reworked, to make it even quicker and easier for each customer to choose a car.


We therefore have an all-new line-up, ready to put its best foot forward for the New Year.



Turin, January 22nd, 2021 


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