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19 Jun 2017

A communication campaign, or rather two, to accompany the launch of new Fiat 500L

A communication campaign, or rather two, to accompany the launch of new Fiat 500L


  • The new campaign for the European launch of the new Fiat 500L starts; based on two subjects, "The Stork" and "Kids".
  • These creative ideas are based on the concept "Let's make room for the next generation".
  • You can view the "The Stork" video at this link.


A new communication campaign gets under way, devoted to the launch of a new Fiat family car, a new model that is now even more 500, even more crossover and even more technological. It was made by the Leo Burnett creative agency and is based on two subjects, "The Stork" and "Kids", which revolve around the concept "Let's make room for the next generation" and describe the unique features of the new 500L from a different perspective. The concept summarises that the new 500L is a new-generation family car, connected, stylish and dedicated to the new generations that will drive tomorrow's world. The multi-subject communication will be available on various media (TV, radio and web) and distributed all over Europe, with a specific schedule for each market.


The whole campaign is based on the concept of the "family", the central theme in positioning the new 500L, which is the ideal car for young families that grow daily and face the changes and challenges of life, such as the arrival of a newborn baby. And it is precisely this happy event that is studied by the "The Stork" video, which reveals the most cool and aspirational side of the new 500L in an unusual and emotional style.


The advert features a stork, which carries a baby and leaves it in front of the door of its new home. As the baby starts to cry, the stork realizes that the house opposite has a new 500L parked outside. The stork decides to fly back and move the baby, now happy and smiling, close to the "Baby Limousine". This emphasises the freedom to choose a family car that is different from the others, because freedom has always been one of the key values of both Fiat and the 500.


"Kids", which will have different variations by country, also features a family theme as its subject. This communication campaignQue also has an international flavour and a focus on children, who are sitting comfortably in the back seat today, but who will be "promoted" to the driving seat tomorrow. They are not just any children, but children with clear ideas, able to express their idea of the world and the future. It is precisely the children's spontaneous and charming point of view that amusingly describes the technical and special features of the 500L. A change of perspective with respect to the usual communications, which represents the family spirit of the new model in an engaging and effective manner.


Both are creative works, with a pleasantly light and playful touch, that capture the spirit of the Fiat 500, highlighting that the new 500L can follow families in their future choices, babies included, always ensuring the iconic style of the 500 and a functionality at the top of its segment. In fact, the new 500L is also part of a family, which started in the sixties with models that had different shapes and characters, but that shared the same values: the Fiat 500, the icon of Made in Italy that in a few weeks, on 4 July, will celebrate its 60th birthday.



Turin, 19 June 2017




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