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01 Dec 2020

Debut of the New Tipo Cross and of the Tipo and Panda line-up, completely renewed in engines, style, versions and technology

The Fiat Functional Family, made up of the Panda and Tipo models, has been completely refreshed and is expanded by the introduction of the New Tipo Cross and the New Panda Sport.

Debut of the New Tipo Cross and of the Tipo and Panda line-up, completely renewed in engines, style, versions and technology


  • The Fiat Functional Family, made up of the Panda and Tipo models, has been completely refreshed and is expanded by the introduction of the New Tipo Cross and the New Panda Sport.
  • The New Tipo City Sport was also presented at the press launch.
  • The New Tipo and New Panda are now available in a newly structured line-up: Life, Sport and Cross.
  • The web conference led by Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat, Lancia & Abarth Brands, can be viewed at this link.


The Fiat Functional Family – consisting of the best-selling Tipo and Panda models – has been completely refreshed. Both models are now available in a newly structured line-up featuring three souls: Life, Sport and Cross. The first of these, ‘Life’, is dedicated for customers who live life in the city to the full; the second, ‘Sport’ for those with an active lifestyle; and the third, ‘Cross’, for those who also use their car to explore the great outdoors, or more simply to take a break from the daily routine and immerse themselves in exciting adventures. The major innovations include the New Tipo Cross, the New Tipo City Sport and the New Panda Sport, to complete the refreshed line-up, each responding to the needs of a new target customer base and significantly boosting Fiat’s offering.


At the European press presentation of the new Tipo line-up, the New Tipo Cross made its debut as a true innovation in the range, demonstrating itself to be a true ‘family crossover’ intended for a completely new target customer: young families, with a dynamic lifestyle, who seek functionality, emotions, space but also style and content at an affordable price. The world premiere of the New Tipo City Sport also took place, aimed at a young and dynamic customer looking for a distinct character, sporty feel and technological innovation in a car. Even more so, the new version boasts a bolder design, best-in-class safety and infotainment systems and a better-performing and environment-friendlier engine line-up.


Panda has also been refreshed in its style and substance. The New Panda thus represents the natural evolution of an invention that has for 40 years always been synonymous with charm, ease of use and versatility. Panda is all this and so much more: a symbol of freedom to travel, a ‘vehicle’ for emotions and memories, but also an ingenious product that has become part of the collective unconscious, just like other results of Italian creativity.


“The debut of the new Fiat Functional Family and the premieres of so many models mark a big step forward in the strategy to refresh our line-up; in the response to the needs of our target customers; and finally in the expansion of the offer to a completely new customer base for Fiat,” said Luca Napolitano, Head of EMEA Fiat, Lancia & Abarth Brands. “In addition, this consistently continues the strategy to refresh the line-up, started this year: we’re offering mobility solutions for in and out of the city that are increasingly sustainable, connected and high-tech in line with the needs of our target customers, both now and in the future.  With the Aspirational world – one of the two souls of the Fiat brand – perfectly embodied by the iconic 500, the Functional world is in the hands of highly successful models such as Panda and Tipo. Two extraordinary cars that now make up a single large and uniform family, with breadth and innovation in terms of technology, environmental impact and connectivity, while never sacrificing the qualities of practicality and flexibility that have made it such a success. Suffice to say that the two models account for 58% of total Fiat car sales and 40% of FCA’s total.”


Now coming to an end, 2020 has therefore been a very important year for the Fiat brand, a strategic journey embarked on in February with the launch of the Mild Hybrid engine in the Panda and 500 Hybrid Launch Edition, equipped with efficient, compact, light and accessible hybrid engines. The pathway continued the following month with the presentation of the New 500 “La Prima” cabrio, FCA's first full-electric car. The campaign culminated in October with the launch at the Pinacoteca Agnelli art gallery in Turin of the entire New 500 line-up, including the fascinating New 500 3+1 “la Prima” Opening Edition. The first sales data for the New 500 and the hybrid versions of the Panda and 500 confirm that the path we have taken is the right one: around 100,000 units sold since launch, with a 50% mix between sales of the two models, in addition Panda was the Hybrid vehicle most sold in Italy in 2020.


New Tipo Cross

The Tipo family has been expanded by with the arrival of a new body – the New Tipo Cross, to add to its other three body variants (4-door, 5-door and Station Wagon). A real crossover, it is aimed at a completely new target audience. Indeed, families – the long-standing customer base for the Fiat Tipo – have broadened their preferences and tastes and are increasingly seeking alternative styles. Without ever wanting to sacrifice space and comfort, they are now shifting to the world of crossovers. The same families are now ready to experience a more emotive, distinctive, dynamic and young car, while still at an affordable price. The Tipo Cross, “Fiat’s new family crossover”, is the answer.
Overall, the New Tipo Cross is structured decidedly more powerfully and boldly. At first glance, the car is clearly broader, with the new design of the grille that extends below the headlights, and is patently taller: The height of the New Tipo Cross has been raised by almost 4 cm, courtesy of renewed calibration of the suspension and the addition of a new rim and tire solution, seen before on another Fiat crossover, the 500X. The New Tipo Cross includes larger tires for an even more robust look. The new setup also offers a higher driving position and makes it easier to get in and out of the car, as well as simplifying everything Tipo families are used to, including putting children on the rear seats or finding things that might get stuck under the seats. An innovation in aesthetics, the car is almost 7 cm taller than the Tipo Life and is marked out by the addition of ‘cross’ details, starting off from wheel arch rims across the side and front, where there’s also room for an exclusive skid plate and bumper, with a prominent bull bar to give the car a more solid and muscular appearance, via the side skirts and rear extractor to the practical roof rack only available to date on the Station Wagon version.
A standout among the major new features of the New Tipo Cross is the fully configurable new 7” digital TFT cluster, replacing the conventional analog instrument panel. A seriously higher-tech and more advanced system, it helps you keep control of the status of the car, the multimedia aspect and your phone. The cluster is also paired with the all-new Uconnect 5 radio with 10.25” touchscreen, another first – like the cluster – for the FCA Group on the New 500, now available on the Tipo. Developed with the idea of providing customers with a straightforward and convenient user experience in mind, the Uconnect 5 system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto means you can use the features of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto cable-free on the radio touchscreen with customizable profiles and the option to store up to 5 configurations.
The New Tipo Cross can be fitted with the 95 or 130-hp turbodiesel 1.6 Multijet or the new gasoline-powered 100-hp 1.0 GSE T3. More specifically, the latter forms part of the FireFly Turbo engine family, as the most up-to-date version for the best performance, paired with seriously lower consumption and emissions. Its maximum output is 74 kW (100 hp), while the peak torque is as high as 190 Nm at only 1500 rpm, rather than the 4500 rpm of the current 95-hp 1.4 gasoline engine, which only went up to 127 Nm. The engine therefore ensures driving pleasure and offers optimum startup courtesy of the advantageous torque curve even at low rpm and is also more comfortable, thanks to its impressive noiselessness. CO2 emissions also go all the way down to a value of 121 g/km (WLTP). Even better, the gearbox has been calibrated to ensure maximum responsiveness in city traffic and the best comfort there is on the highway, stopping the engine revving any higher than 3200 rpm at a cruising speed of 130 km/h. Finally, the New Tipo Cross can come with the Euro 6D Final-compliant Multijet diesel engines, available in two outputs: 95 and 130 hp (previously 120 hp), with a considerable improvement in performance and CO2 values, (from 110 g/km (WLTP)). The 130-hp 1.6 Multijet is also the ideal engine for commercial fleets, a strategic field for the C-segment and therefore for the Tipo.


New Tipo City Sport

The New Tipo City Sport – orders for which can be made from the end of the first quarter of 2021 – is a rush of dynamism and technology, the ideal car for those attracted to a young, sporty style. The new version is immediately recognizable for its distinctive aesthetics, such as the specific “Sport” badge under the front mirror, and the exclusive Metropolis Gray livery embellished with 18” diamond-cut alloy wheels and numerous gloss black details: from the insert in the lower part of the grille to the side door panel and from the rearview mirror caps to the door handles. Also in gloss black, the refreshed front grille, where the brand-new badge with Fiat lettering stands out, as a major statement of strong renewal – the Tipo is Fiat’s first car to take on this logo, to follow the New 500. For an even more contemporary look, the New Tipo City Sport comes with new full-LED headlights as standard in both the front and rear: not only do they enhance the car’s lines, they improve active and passive safety, courtesy of better visibility. In line with the quest for better sustainability in every minute detail, they also reduce the car’s electricity consumption and therefore, accordingly, CO2 emissions.
The powerful sporty impression continues in the passenger compartment, where the black ceiling stands out, well-matched with the new sports steering wheel, now more compact and pared down for better ergonomics and to offer perfect visibility of the new in-car 7” digital TFT cluster. The air conditioner controls have also been revisited and new chrome and black inserts have been added. Finally, together with the ‘Keyless Entry/Go’ system – to lock and unlock the doors and start the engine, with no need for conventional keys – the New Tipo City Sport offers a wide range of state-of-the-art advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), including ‘Adaptive High Beam’, to ensure improved visibility when driving at night, by automatically turning on the high beams when the opposite carriageway is empty.
Available in 5-door and Station Wagon body variants, the New Tipo City Sport can be fitted with the 130-hp turbodiesel 1.6 Multijet or the new gasoline-powered 100-hp 1.0 GSE T3.


New Panda Sport

Aimed at the young and dynamic customer, the New Panda Sport is marked out by its distinctive aesthetics: the new two-tone 16” ‘Sport’ alloy wheels with black and red tires; the handles and wing mirror caps in the same color as the bodywork, on demand in gloss black paired with a black roof (optional); and the exclusive chrome “Sport” logo on the side panel, above the direction indicator. A new and exclusive Matt Gray livery is also available.
The same bold features can also be found in the interiors, where the standouts include the new titanium-colored dashboard, specific door panels in eco-leather, black ceiling and new seats with dark gray upholstery, techno-leather details, fabric side panels and red stitching. And for the customer who wants an even bolder image, the New Panda Sport can be fitted on demand with the Pandemonio Pack – a clear homage to the kit launched in 2006 on the Panda 100 HP – which includes red brake calipers, blacked-out windows and the new techno-leather steering wheel with red stitching. For the first time on the model, the features as standard include the new 7” touchscreen radio with DAB digital system, set up for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, to fully integrate your smartphone, which can be placed in a useful mount above the radio.
Finally, the New Panda Sport is fitted with the70-hp 1.0 FireFly Hybrid – the innovative engine now available across the line-up, which pairs the Euro 6D Final-compliant 70 hp (51.5 kW) 3-cylinder 1-liter engine from the FireFly family with a Belt-integrated Starter Generator (BSG) electric motor, with an 11-Ah lithium battery and peak output of 3.6 kW.


The presentation of the new Fiat Functional Family

Multifaceted and flexible, the new Fiat Functional Family enables the brand to become even more democratic and inclusive, offering everyone the opportunity to choose the New Panda or New Tipo version that best suits families’ varying lifestyles and daily requirements, whether young or not quite as young, city slickers or fans of travel in the great outdoors. So many families, all different, but who deal with big or small ‘missions’ on a daily basis: going shopping, taking their children to school, commuting to the office but who also enjoy a trip out of town.
To give an account of this cross-section of reality, the Italian brand has developed a contemporary storytelling, in typical Fiat style, starting right from the place that best represents this multiplicity of tastes and requirements: an apartment building. In this place where divergent households coexist, we can see how the three worlds – Life, Cross and Sport – correspond to specific target customers who can be fully satisfied by the technical and style features of each new model. Indeed, it is up to them to choose between the 70-hp 1.0 FireFly Hybrid throughout the Panda line-up – the most democratic hybrids on the market, or the innovative 100-hp gasoline 1.0 SGE T3 in the New Tipo. The same way, for a ‘full house’ of technology, customers can decide between the wide range of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) available on the New Tipo or the brand-new infotainment system on the New Panda, which for the first time includes a 7” color touchscreen, DAB digital radio, setup for Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.
To make the choice even clearer, the three themes are uniform across both line-ups, only differing in the number of trim levels and body variants. For example, the New Tipo is offered in the ‘Life’ theme in the Tipo, City Life and Life trim levels, available in three body variants (4-door, 5-door and Station Wagon); the ‘Sport’ theme, available in the City Sport trim level and 5-door/Station Wagon variants; finally, the ‘Cross’ theme is available in two trim levels – City Cross and Cross – and in the 5-door crossover body variant. The New Panda line-up has been created with the same philosophy in mind, in five trim levels: Panda and City Life for ‘Life’ theme, the new Sport version to express its eponymous theme and the City Cross and Cross versions to represent the ‘Cross’ theme.
More information about the New Tipo line-up can be found at this link; find out all you need to know about the New Panda here.


Tipo and Panda, two success stories

Launched in 2016, the Fiat Tipo has become a veritable family of cars within only a few years. To follow the first sedan version came the 5-door and Station Wagon versions in 2017, now joined by the brand-new Tipo Cross and Tipo Sport. Courtesy of its continuous renewal, the model has become one of the most lauded in its segment in Italy and across Europe, where it has contributed to the performance of the Fiat brand, with more than 75% of its sales volumes in markets beyond Italy. In total, from launch to date, over 700,000 units have been sold in EMEA, achieving the highest 2019 share outside Italy in 2019.
Even more significant are the data for the Fiat Panda: in its first 40 years, it has won everyone’s hearts by breaking so many records: the overall best seller in Italy for 8 years running and the leader – together with the 500 – in the European city car market, with over 375,000 models sold per year. But that's not all. This year, the Fiat Panda has reported the best growth in its segment, +3.7% on 2019 sales, and the highest market share of any vehicle from 2012 to date: 17.8% in Europe and 49.1% in Italy. These significant figures demonstrate the extent to which the model has become part of the collective unconscious, packed with functional and emotional value, as well as a symbol of freedom of travel. After all, the New Panda is the only city car in its segment to boast a full range in terms of traction (4x2 and 4x4) and of engines (4x4 Gasoline, Hybrid, Methane and LPG). All enveloped in a familiar, robust and reassuring ‘form’ that immediately conjures up charm and complicity, when driven in both the city and on the remotest mountainside. Let alone the specifics that have brought it worldwide renown: compact exterior dimensions, configurable large interior space and original color combinations.


D-Fence pack by Mopar and over 80 exclusive accessories for the New Tipo  

On demand, the increasingly environment-friendly New Tipo and New Panda line-ups can also be fitted with the D-Fence by Mopar pack, consisting of three devices: a filter that stops impurities getting into the car from outside, blocks particulates and practically 100% of allergens, and reduces the formation of mold and bacteria by 98%; a purifier for the air inside the passenger compartment, which filters out micro-particles such as pollen or bacteria; and a UV lamp to cleanse all the contact surfaces in our cars: the steering wheel, the gear stick, and the seats. Finally, for the New Tipo line-up, Mopar has developed a collection of over 80 unique, exclusive accessories, perfectly matching the new model’s technical and style features and designed to offer the most comprehensive and extensive customization to suit the varying lifestyles of its clientele.


FCA Bank supports the sales of FIAT

FCA Bank, the captive bank of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance, supports the sales of Fiat vehicles by providing a broad range of financing solutions to help Customers to purchase or lease their new Fiat Tipo Cross and Sport. Anybody who wishes to drive the new Fiat Tipo, with more technology, style and family oriented, can opt for one of the following products:
Instalment Loan: Traditional financing that allows the buyer to pay for the vehicle over an extended period of time; Leasing and PCP (Personal Contract Purchase): Highly flexible solutions with low monthly payments and the possibility to choose, on the contract expiration date, whether to return, keep or replace the car with a new one; Private Lease: A solution for drivers who do not want to own the vehicle, with the ensuing costs and uncertainties, involving a single monthly payment inclusive of the main insurance, assistance and infomobility services for a peace-of-mind experience. All of FCA Bank’s solutions are intended not only for individuals but also for companies and independent professionals. In addition, Leasys, a subsidiary of FCA Bank, makes available long-term and innovative car rental solutions for a totally relaxed driving experience. Moreover, FCA Bank provides a broad range of insurance products in combination with the financing contract, for both personal protection - such as Prestito Protetto, which ensures the repayment of part of the loan in case of sudden and unpredictable occurrences such as a job loss - and car protection. The financing and insurance solutions described are available in most European countries where the companies of the FCA Bank Group operate. All the structures are extremely flexible, to meet in full local requirements.


Turin, December 1st, 2020

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