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25 Nov 2020

With Fiat Professional, prevention stays one step ahead

With Fiat Professional, prevention stays one step ahead


There’s no stopping the “Salute al Maschile” (Men’s Health) project by Fondazione Umberto Veronesi with Fiat Professional: with the campaign “Gioca d’anticipo” (Stay One Step Ahead), launching in the month dedicated to prevention, special testimonials such as Marco Bianchi and Gli Autogol will send out messages related to the topic of prevention and the importance of a healthy lifestyle through the social channels


November is the month dedicated to the prevention of men’s health problems, and to underline its importance, on Monday 23, Fiat Professional launched the campaign “Gioca d’anticipo” or “Stay One Step Ahead”. Dedicated to men, it is designed to raise awareness about the important of leading a healthy lifestyle. The initiative is the fitting continuation of the Salute al Maschile (SAM) or Men’s Health tour, carried out in 2019 on board a Fiat Professional Ducato, visiting twelve Italian cities and offering medical advice to more than 1,000 men. The campaign is estimated to have raised the awareness of over 100,000 people thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Umberto Veronesi and Fondazione SIU, Italian Society of Urology.


Special testimonials for a message that could save lives

This year, although it has been impossible to organize a traveling event in contact with the public, Fiat Professional has decided to literally stay one step ahead and reiterate the importance of prevention in another way, through a series of essential messages conveyed by some extra-special testimonials: Starting this week, Marco Bianchi, renowned food mentor and scientific information officer of Fondazione Umberto Veronese, will post a series of short videos on his social channels underlining the importance of following a healthy diet. Instead, from early December, famous comic trio Gli Autogol will focus on the importance of physical activity as a weapon for preventing many illnesses. All the contents will feature the hashtag #giocadanticipo.


The scientific support of Fondazione Umberto VeronesI

But that’s not all: Fondazione Umberto Veronesi will provide additional support for prevention in the scientific field, by issuing contents devised especially for the initiative. This is not the first time the Foundation has provided its support: in May and June, it already offered the employees of the FCA group a series of online medical-scientific meetings on some of the topics in question, such as the fight against smoking, how to follow a healthy diet, the fake news related to the Coronavirus and the importance of doing physical activity, even at home and in different ways.


“Stay one Step Ahead”: a message that urges men to view prevention as a way to peace of mind

Even if Ducato, which has always supported Italians with its proverbial versatility, will not be taking to the streets of our nation this year, Fiat Professional and the partners of Salute al Maschile are still playing central roles in the initiative designed to disseminate the message about prevention, this time acting remotely. “Every year in Italy, 36,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, 25,000 with bladder cancer and 2,300 with testicular cancer - stated Paolo Veronesi, President of Fondazione Umberto Veronesi-. The year that’s coming to an end has unequivocally emphasized the importance of not neglecting our health and, on the contrary, of making prevention an integral part of our daily life: scientific research has already extensively shown that early diagnosis and the cutting edge treatments now available can save lives. This is the message we want to launch together with Fiat Professional”.


Fiat Professional: always there to support our customers

“We are proud to always support Fondazione Umberto Veronesi - adds Eric Laforge, Head of EMEA Fiat Professional Brand-. Besides, FCA has always been and always will be in the front line to support charity initiatives in the fields of prevention and support for scientific research, and we’re certainly not going to be discouraged by the fact that our movements are limited at the moment. Quite the opposite, we strongly believe that the credibility of our testimonials and partners, and the force of the web will enable the “Gioca d’anticipo” campaign to reach an even wider audience, capably spreading the clear information needed to raise the male population’s awareness about the issues we are highlighting, throughout Italy”.



Turin, November 25, 2020



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