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02 Feb 2015

Nuovo Doblò Cargo: “a better way to work”

The completely revised interior and exterior styling of the Nuovo Doblò Cargo is the result of cutting-edge car-like design that combines with the light commercial vehicle concept to convey a sense of vigour, security and muscle. This new Fiat Professional vehicle expands on the concept of “design connected to functionality” that has always been a hallmark of the model.

Nuovo Doblò Cargo: “a better way to work”


Model overview

Presented today to the international press, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo, fourth generation of the Fiat Professional model, now more functional, with more performance and more value. These are the guidelines that allowed Fiat Professional to design a vehicle at the top of its class in terms of performance, functional characteristics, load capacity, productivity, fuel economy and low running costs.


On the heels of the world début at the 2014 Hanover Motor Show, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo is now available to the wider public with a completely updated interior and exterior design reflecting classic car-like specifications. To get an idea, take a look at the ultra-modern distinctive front end, the bigger front grille and the many new components (bumpers, bonnet, headlights and tail-light clusters).


A comprehensive update also for the passenger compartment, with new dashboard, fabrics, steering wheel, instrument panel graphics and door panels. Likewise, the functionality-driven configuration is visible in a series of specific ergonomic solutions, from the multifunction front bench seat for driver and two passengers, the quieter interior, the new infotainment and navigation sytems and the gateway device. Also, as in the previous generation the Nuovo Doblò Cargo's load capacity and volume are both at the top of the category.


The second aim in developing the new Fiat Professional vehicle was performance, as evident from the improved torque response during city driving (up to 40%). In addition, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo ensures the best handling and driving comfort in its class, thanks especially to the Bi-link independent rear suspension (exclusive contents for the segment). The range also extends to include the new "EcoJet" version - equipped with the 90 hp Multijet II 1.3 or 105 hp Multijet II 1.6 - which combines reduced running costs and low fuel consumption (improvement of up to 15%).


The major functional and performance evolution combined with development initiatives aimed at reducing the total cost of ownership (including all costs from purchase to sale) make the Nuovo Doblò Cargo reliable, distinctive and more valuable for Fiat Professional customers. The entire package is sweetened by the comprehensive range of services and accessories created in collaboration with Mopar, in addition to the affordable financing solutions developed by FCA Bank.


Depending on the market the range is composed of 4 bodies (Cargo, Combi, WorkUp and Load platform), 2 roof heights and 2 wheelbases. Power is provided by a choice of six turbodiesel engines - MultiJet II 1.3 (75 and 90 hp), Multijet II 1.6 (100 and 105 hp), 90 hp Multijet II 1.6 with robotised gearbox and 135 hp Multijet 2.0 - plus three petrol engines: 95 hp 1.4, 120 hp TurboJet 1.4 and 120 hp TurboJet 1.4 bi-fuel (petrol/natural gas). The offering is the broadest in the segment, with versions and solutions from vans to special vehicles and versions converted for specific applications.


Scion of a winning model (Doblò has been chosen by more than 1.4 million customers since 2000), the Nuovo Doblò Cargo aims to consolidate its leadership in this market sector, which accounts for 25% of all light commercial vehicles in Europe.


Sold in more than 80 countries worldwide, including North America in the form of the Promaster City in the RAM range, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo becomes a "global" vehicle - just like the Nuovo Ducato - that's destined to bolster FCA's growth in the light commercial vehicles sector.  


Like the previous generations, the Nuovo Doblò Cargo is manufactured in Turkey in the Tofaş plant in Bursa, one of the best automotive industrial sites in the world, as confirmed by the award of a World Class Manufacturing gold medal.


More functions, more performance and more value: Nuovo Doblò Cargo is "a better way of working".



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