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08 Sep 2016

Fiat Professional at the Camper Exhibition 2016 in Parma

• Under the spotlight, the sixth edition of the Ducato, the ideal bestseller for fans of tourism en plein air. • The public will be able to admire four sample vehicles that display the high quality of the range, its equipment and innovative technology.

Fiat Professional at the Camper Exhibition 2016 in Parma


  • Under the spotlight, the sixth edition of the Ducato, the ideal bestseller for fans of tourism en plein air.
  • The public will be able to admire four sample vehicles that display the high quality of the range, its equipment and innovative technology.
  • The evolution also affects the services offered by Mopar for trips that continue to provide greater peace of mind.
  • The stand will also host the Fullback and the Talento, feather in the cap of a brand that is now a true full liner.


From 10 to 18 September, the city of Parma will host the Camper Exhibition 2016, the most important fair in Italy and the second most significant in Europe, dedicated to the world of caravanning, which will witness the participation of Fiat Professional - Pavilion no. 3, Stand A048 - confident lead of the industry of transformed vehicles for leisure time. An international showcase, hosted in the innovative exhibition district of Parma, each year, the Exhibition becomes a meeting place for producer companies and operators, but also for many enthusiasts and others who simply harbour a certain curiosity about open air tourism. The spotlights will be shining on the Fullback pick-up, the versatile Talento (category 2P, LCV) and the sixth generation of the Ducato.


Indeed the bestseller of Fiat Professional remains the ideal response for fans of tourism en plein air. The long list of bodywork options, the square and regular shape of the loading compartment, the efficient chassis and the car-like driving style have made the Ducato camper base the go-to choice for the main European producers of motorhomes.
Looking back over its history from a technical point of view also means retracing the evolution of motorhome holidaying. Today, the new Euro 6 Multijet2 engines are best in their power class in terms of fuel efficiency and deliver high torque at low rpms, an essential feature for the motorhome driver. The 130, 150 and 180 Multijet2 engines are also available with "Comfort Matic" robotised gearbox for a relaxing driving style. In addition to the continuous improvements being made to the Ducato, which is also being reconfirmed as the ideal base for the camper Van segment, the brand also offers an array of integrated solutions and dedicated services created with Mopar, to ensure carefree travels. So, driving a Ducato-based motorhome means having access to more technological and environment-friendly engines, comfort, a wide range of services and peace of mind.
With Ducato, holidaymakers can relish the freedom of driving trouble-free, direct and exciting contact with nature and the luxury of choosing when and where to enjoy a stopover: these are all the ingredients of the lifestyle offered by recreational vehicles.


The Fiat Professional stand: Ducato

Different types of Ducato will be exhibited on the stand, each of which can be transformed into a different type of camper, and there will also be examples of the new Fullback and the Talento, proof of the completeness of the Fiat Professional range, now more than ever a "Full liner" brand.
In detail, the public will be able to admire an example of the 44 quintal Ducato Cab Special L3H1, fitted with 150 HP 2.3 Multijet engine and manual, 6-gear gearbox. It features a wide range of equipment, for safe, comfortable holidays en plein air: DRL LED daytime running lights, fog lights, electric wing mirrors with demister, 16" alloy wheels, grey metallic paintwork with matching bumpers, black skid-plate to match the rims of the headlights and the front radiator grille, a wheel track increased by 1.98 metres. Inside, Techno dashboard, leather steering wheel with built-in commands, leather gear knob, "Captain Chair" swivel chairs and cup holders. Passengers will be able to benefit from the automatic climate control system, the convenience of the Speed Limiter and Cruise Control, the fuel tank, which is now 125 litres larger, and the fittings designed to host the rear video camera. In the cab, there is a USB port with 12V recharge and a radio with Bluetooth. The antenna is built into the external rear-view mirror. The vehicle is also well-equipped in terms of safety, presenting airbags on the driver's and passenger's seats, ESC with ABS and EBD; LAC (Load Adaptive Control, the system that recognises the load), HBA, Roll-over mitigation and Hill Holder. The same equipment is provided in the 42.5 quintal L2H1 Ducato Cab Special. Under the bonnet, the 130 HP 2.3 Multijet2 engine with six-speed manual transmission. The 44 quintal Ducato driving cab features a "Comfort Matic" robotised gearbox with 6 gears, paired with a 150 HP 2.3 Multijet2 engine. The more powerful engine, the 180HP 2.3 Multijet2, can be found on the 44 quintal cowl vehicle.



The Fullback - in silver grey - is a double cab, equipped with a 2.4-litre common rail turbo diesel engine that develops 180 HP and 430 rpms of torque power. This engine has a lightweight aluminium engine block and a variable geometry turbocharger with intercooler that ensures maximum efficiency. It is combined with a manual 6-gear gearbox and four wheel drive, the vehicle's strong point and the ideal solution for those who want to be able to move around safely and easily, even in the most extenuating conditions. The new pick-up comes with an electronic selector that enables four-wheel drive to be activated in "part time" or "full time" modality.

There are four driving modalities: one 2WD modality for a more relaxed driving style and three 4WD modalities, each of which is suitable for a different driving style and terrain, from slippery roads to extreme off-road routes. The interior of the vehicle on display reflects both the full functionality of a work vehicle, but also the comfort and elegance of a high-end SUV. The dashboard is basic, but carefully-designed: it has a solid, ergonomic feel, but still features gratifying details such as the chromed panels on the instrument panel and steering wheel, which hosts the commands for the radio. The upholstery is in black leather, with heater and electrical adjustment for the driver's seat. The Fullback features a particularly varied range of accessories, from all points of view. For safety, standard accessories include ABS with EBD, TSA (Trailer Stability Assist - a system which boosts stability during towing), LDW (Lane Departure Warning), seven Airbags (frontal, lateral, curtain and driver's knees) and cruise control with adjustable speed limiter. Not forgetting Bi-Xenon headlights and front fog lights with Led daytime running lights (DRL). The interior fittings, purpose-designed to provide comfort and technology, include leather seats, a multi-information display panel with adjustable instrument lighting, leather steering wheel and gear stick, dual zone automatic climate control, electronic four wheel drive management system, central locking with dual remote control. The infotainment equipment includes a DAB CD/mp3 Radio with 6" touchscreen, Bluetooth and USB port. The exterior is characterised by 17" alloy wheels, lateral tubular Overfender platforms, dark glass in contrast with the chromed details on the handles and the backs of the mirrors. Furthermore, Fullback is a valid alternative base on which to arrange a living pod and is ready to be turned into an innovative, compact camper van. Once again, the owner can benefit from the two-fold value of a commercial vehicle and recreational vehicle rolled into one.



The Talento on display at the Exhibition in Parma has a long wheelbase and a low roof: it is a shuttle version specifically designed as a high-end passenger vehicle and, thanks to its six leather seats, the second row of which are swivel chairs, and the floor with rail and ABS coverings, it fully displays all the versatility of this new vehicle. It is fitted out by Focaccia, the industry's leading company. The Talento is also suitable to be transformed into a recreational vehicle and targets a new type of clientele seeking a vehicle that can be used for carrying passengers and loads on weekdays, but which turns into a recreational vehicle at weekends or on holiday.

Overall, it is unique due to its outstanding versatility and ability to adapt to the most diverse needs of customers. Its highly symbolic name evokes the innate qualities of the vehicle and the concept of value by making reference to the name of an ancient coin as in the best Fiat Professional tradition. In terms of its exterior, the Talento is compact and well-proportioned: the windscreen extended forwards connects perfectly with the short bonnet to create a front piece that is both impressive and dynamic at the same time. The horizontal design, with its clean, bold forms, is fully in line with the style of the new Fiat Professional range and increases the width and loading capacity of the vehicle, as demonstrated by the boxy rear compartment, while providing a sensation of dynamism and stability. Some of the noteworthy features of the new model include: the front bumper in three variants (black, semi-painted or painted in the body colour); the front grille and the bars in black or metallic silver; and the horizontal bar of the front grille painted in metallic silver. The exclusive LED daytime running lights can also be incorporated in the bumpers on request. The look of the Talento is completed by its 16" wheel trims and 17" alloy wheels (grey or matt black with diamond coloured finishes).


The interior of the Talento is designed to provide maximum comfort and ergonomic functionality, as demonstrated by the shaped seats which ensure all passenger can sit comfortably and by the perfect location of both steering wheel and commands, making everyday driving more relaxing and safe.
Elegance and attention to detail are further emphasised by the three internal settings, which are available, depending on the trim levels in: "Carbon Black", with black dashboard and fabric; "Techno Silver", with black dashboard and instrument panel painted in silver; and lastly "Living Brown" with black/brown dashboard and glossy black trim with chrome-plated details.


The Talento is available in two different wheelbase configurations, two total weights (1 or 1.2 tonnes) and four engine types: 95 HP Multijet 1.6 turbo, 120 HP Multijet 1.6 turbo, Ecojet S&S 1.6 Twin Turbo with 125 HP and 320 rpms and Ecojet S&S 1.6 Twin Turbo with 145 HP and 340 rpms.


Fiat Ducato: the only base created to be a motorhome

Thirty-five years ago, Fiat Ducato revolutionised the high-capacity van market with its front-wheel drive, engine power and spacious loading area. And the revolution continued. Today, Ducato is the European best-seller in the large van category (from 2.8 to 4 tonnes) and is the most popular vehicle with the highest sales in no fewer than eleven markets. Furthermore, it is the undisputed leader in the motorhome category: approximately three motorhomes out of four in Europe are Ducato-based. Over the last ten years, 500,000 families in Europe have chosen a Ducato-based motorhome.
The various generations of the model developed have contributed to changing and improving the habits of motorhome users and their holiday experience by providing increasingly more specific solutions for each of the many aspects of their lifestyle on-board. The sixth generation of the model is today the best solution to the requirements of handling, comfort, safety, performance, fuel-efficiency and environment-friendliness.


All the innovations to the engines contribute to consolidating the features of Ducato which have proven to be winning for motorhome owners year after year, specifically its square, box-shaped loading compartment, every centimetre of which can be cleverly exploited to make all the space available for holidays. What is more, Ducato has a small turning circle to facilitate any type of manoeuvre. The compact front end and cab have an extremely contained front overhang to the benefit of handling and optimised available living space.
Another strength of the model is precisely the peerless comfort in the cab and in the day zone for occupants: safe and enjoyable driving, swivel "Captain Chair" style seats, adjustable steering wheel and hydraulic power steering. The exceptionally balanced chassis and specific suspensions ensure safety and dynamic behaviour in all road conditions. Last but not least, it is packed with active and passive safety devices for safe, reliable travels.


Finally, Ducato satisfies a fundamental parameter for life on-board: outstanding ergonomics, ensuring that all controls are readily at hand and the available services can be easily managed with a smartphone or tablet. Ducato is packed with the equipment of a vehicle of superior level and state-of-the-art design. As a whole, the new exterior style stems from a cutting-edge "car design" which, teamed with the concept of a genuine light commercial vehicle, conveys a strong sense of dynamism, safety, quality and sturdiness. Consequently, the new Fiat Professional vehicle further develops the concept of "design meets functionality" which has always been a distinguishing feature of this model. Specifically, one outstanding new feature is the possibility of customising the styling of the vehicle with a number of solutions: two different front grille colours, skid-plate embellishing the underside of the bumper, headlights with integrated DRL and the 16" light alloy rims.


Safety and infotainment

The Ducato proves to be at the cutting edge also in terms of the range of high-tech contents with next-generation safety and driving assist devices, in addition to a new infotainment system. For instance, all versions are supplied, on request, with electronic stability control (ESC) enhanced with rollover mitigation, to maximise comfort and protect the vehicle from sudden movements, in combination with load adaptive control (LAC), Hill Holder, anti-slip regulation (ASR) and electronic emergency break assist (EBA). Driving assist equipment includes Traction + (complete with Hill Descent Control system), lane departure warning and road sign recognition (TSR).


The model offers a wide range of radios with Bluetooth technology and MP3 player. In addition, a 5" touchscreen UconnectTM system is available, as well as a reversing camera and built-in satellite navigation system. Last but not least, the whole line-up is available with a decoder for digital audio broadcasting (DAB), as well as traditional analogue.


Engines and transmissions

The technology which characterises the Ducato engines is the best example of the specific work carried out to improve efficiency and eco-friendless. Indeed, the engines, all Euro6, are provided with Low Pressure EGR technology (LPERG), which intercepts the exhaust gases after the DPF and returns them to the combustion chamber via a low pressure circuit. This system has two advantages: it abates NOx emissions by means of a lower combustion temperature and saves fuel by ensuring better efficiency of the turbine.
Furthermore, all the engines in the Ducato line-up are best in their power class in terms of fuel efficiency and deliver high torque at low rpms, which is an essential feature for motorhome drivers. The Multijet2 engine range delivers power from 115 to 180 HP: an offering capable of satisfying the most diverse needs of motorhome manufacturers and users.


In detail, the 2-litre 115 Multijet2 is the cheapest, most eco-friendly of the range, ideal for camper vans. It has 115 HP and a torque power of 290 rpms and compared with the previous Euro5+, it consumes 6 per cent less. Today it is available with a new 6-gear transmission, and can also be provided with the driving seat on the right.
The 2.3-litre 130 Multijet2 engine is the ideal best-seller for medium-sized motorhomes: it is easy to drive in all conditions with a maximum torque of 320 Nm available as early as at 1800 rpms. It is ideal for mixed use: agile in traffic, brilliant on long hauls. Once again, fuel consumption is reduced by 3 percent compared with the previous version.
The improvements made to the 150 HP 2.3 Multijet2 engine make it suitable for both cab and full type motorhomes. Indeed, its maximum torque reaches 380 Nm, and can be reached at 1500 rpms. Here too, fuel consumption is reduced by 3 percent with respect to the previous Euro5+ version.
Finally, there is the powerful 2.3 180 Multijet2, ideal for large and heavy motorhomes and for users seeking the highest level of performance. It offers the same levels of torque and power as the previous 3.0 - namely, 180 HP and 400 Nm -, but consumes approximately 20% less. This exceptional result is also achieved by means of a series of operations focused on improving the turbocharger aerodynamics, the special steel crankshaft, the reinforced pistons and the larger capacity fuel pump. Other important news concerns the entire range: a new reinforced alternator, available on request, which slashes battery recharging time by 10%, and, on the 150 and 180 Multijet2 engines, a new dual mass flywheel that ensures lesser vibrations and so a better level of driving and travelling comfort.


The robotised "Comfort Matic" transmission is available on all 2300 cm3 engines. In addition to automatic and manual modes, the "Comfort Matic" transmission also offers the "Automatic Up" mode, designed to obtain the best performance on the most demanding roads.


Innovative services by Mopar for carefree trips

The evolution of Ducato not only concerns technological content: Ducato motorhomes are continuously progressing in terms of product, and similarly, so are the many services that revolve around the motorhome holiday. The ability to listen to Customers - which starts in the Customer Care Centre and continues in the Fiat Professional workshops - indeed not only makes it possible to respond efficiently to current needs, but also to anticipate them.


In practice, by means of a partnership with Mopar, the reference brand for accessories, services, Customer Care and genuine spare parts for FCA brands, Fiat Professional is able to support all its customers with comprehensive, novel services. The basic assumption is that purchasing a motorhome means buying a holiday and not just a vehicle. For this reason, the service concept extends from product assistance to caring for customers on holiday with innovative ideas. More specifically, an extensive, dedicated network, spread out along the routes most often travelled by motorhome users; a competent and knowledgeable Customer Care Centre dedicated to all motorhome owners and roadside assistance ready to spring into action across Europe and beyond.
There is also a full range of services specifically designed to meet the requirements of the motorhome customer, from the extension of the Fiat Camper warranty, to more innovative services such as the Fiat Ducato Camper Mobile application, to date downloaded by over 80,000 motorhome fans, also providing tourist information, and a dedicated website and Facebook page. Today, those who travel in a Ducato Motorhome can be sure of relying on over 6,500 Fiat Professional assistance points equipped to maintain and repair Ducato-based campers, including over dedicated 1,800 Fiat Camper points.


24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the motorhome owner can call the dedicated Customer Care and roadside assistance service, accessing one of the twenty Brand Ambassadors with consolidated know-how about the motorhome product, ready to respond in his language and most of all, to resolve his problem as quickly as possible, by liaising between and coordinating the company departments involved.
The twenty Brand Ambassadors are constantly trained and updated. They attend the major European sector-specific trade shows to keep abreast of, and closely follow the world of motorhomes and their users.


Customer Care is increasingly becoming integrated with roadside and workshop assistance: all motorhome users can rely on a mobile workshop ready to reach them in no fewer than 44 different countries. Telephone support provides updates on repair times and methods to the customer and active support to workshops to facilitate troubleshooting and ensure quick delivery of spare parts. Together, these best practices have cut the average vehicle downtime by one day: in brief, the service is extremely useful, particularly for holidaymakers travelling abroad.


The range of services on offer is truly complete: the extension of the Mopar Vehicle Protection "Maximum Care Camper" warranty, presented two years ago and sought now more than ever by customers, is a programme that provides cover for all the mechanical and electrical parts of the Ducato, with different options in terms of duration and mileage, available in all the main countries, in conformity with the local laws in force. 


A new service called Conciergerie, which will be added to the current range, will be presented in the last quarter of the year in Germany, France and the UK, then in 2017 it will be extended to the rest of Europe. The end customer will receive a series of additional services for the first two years following the purchase of a Ducato-based motorhome with Euro 6 engine: tourist information, car parking, campsite and transportation search functions as well as a restaurant booking service.




Turin, 8 September 2016



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