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08 Sep 2017

Fiat Professional at “Il Salone del Camper 2017” in Parma

Fiat Professional at “Il Salone del Camper 2017” in Parma


  • The unstoppable Ducato 4x4, the new development in the undisputed leader in the Recreational Vehicle sector, is here.
  • The star of the event is the Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 Show Vehicle, intended for customers with a sporty, adventurous lifestyle who also want the best technological contents.
  • The Fiat Professional stand also features Talento, in Camper Show Vehicle version, and Fullback Cross, ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Sales on the European Camper market have risen in 2017, with major growth in camper-vans.


"Il Salone del Camper 2017", Italy's biggest caravanning exhibition, is held in Parma from 9 to 17 September, with Fiat Professional playing a key role, reflecting its leadership in the recreational vehicle conversion sector. Every year, this international event, held at Parma's innovative exhibition centre, attracts not only producers and professionals but many outdoor tourism enthusiasts and those curious to know more.


The supreme star is the Ducato model, the ideal camper base for all motor-home lovers, as well as undisputed leader on the European markets, chosen as "best motorhome base of the year" by readers of Promobil specialist magazine for the tenth time. The Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 Show Vehicle makes its Italian debut at the event. Built on the four-wheel drive variant, this vehicle opens out new horizons for active holidays and once again underlines the Fiat Professional brand's special flair for anticipating the latest trends in a constantly growing sector. More and more enthusiasts are viewing their recreational vehicles not just as a practical solution, but also as an expression of their personal lifestyles, lived off the beaten track.


Also highlighted is another show vehicle, based on Talento, an excellent alternative for those in search of a more compact, agile camper-van. Specifically addressing the motorsport world, this vehicle is an on-road version with lower suspension and various racing details, intended for use as a paddock vehicle, for transporting motorbikes and as a rest area. What's more, visitors to "Il Salone del Camper 2017" in Parma will enjoy a close look at the new Fullback Cross pickup, ideal for outdoor activities with its four-wheel drive and roomy 5-seater cab, and a first-hand view of the technologies incorporated in a camper built on a Ducato base, thanks to a chassis cab version on display on the stand.


Although few in number, the vehicles on display at the Parma show effectively exhibit Fiat Professional's vast expertise and talent for offering innovative solutions to this sector's needs. For example, to respond to the demand for smaller, more versatile vehicles, the brand offers Talento, in a segment below Ducato in terms of size. For camper-van lovers in search of genuine adventure, the new Ducato 4x4, with its four-wheel drive, provides the freedom to seek out fresh, extraordinary experiences. It should be remembered that the camper-van is increasingly becoming a lifestyle enabler: not just a vehicle for use on holidays, but a means to freedom, for users to go wherever they want, whenever they want.


A few figures confirm the widespread return to nature and the "outdoor life", as people reinforce their bond with the environment. In fact, in 2017, the European camper market is projected to total more than 105,000 units, an increase of 10 percent with respect to the previous year, which already recorded significant growth. This means that the market has taken off again after the global slump which began in 2009, recording a 60 percent increase in sales since that time. A large share of this increase is thanks to the camper-van category, i.e. the segment of recreational vehicles built on a van base, which accounts for about 30 percent of the market.


Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017: even more multi-faceted with four-wheel drive

After its recent debut at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon 2017, today the Italian public has the first chance to see the Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017, the ideal solution for those in search of the utmost freedom, and for lovers of exploration tourism, or unconventional adventures. Based on the new 4x4 version of Ducato, the special Show CamperVan on display in Parma has been created for customers with a sporty, adventurous lifestyle who also want the best technological contents.


The Ducato 4x4 Expedition 2017 show vehicle has a four-wheel drive and all-terrain base which extends the potential for motorhome travel. The four-wheel drive is permanent, with two transfer cases and an automatically operated central viscous coupling. This device ensures the optimal drive torque split between the front and rear wheels, optimising traction on mud, snow and sand. The driveline is set to one side so that it takes up less room underneath the chassis and does not restrict the ease of outfitting, one of the Ducato recreational vehicle's key plus factors. The new 4x4 traction system is also integrated with the Ducato safety systems, specifically ESC (electronic stability control). This enables Ducato 4x4 to ensure excellent road-holding even when loaded to full capacity, as frequently happens with camper vans.


The new 4x4 range, which includes all Ducato versions (not just vans but also trucks, in all the many versions available in the normal 4x2 range) perfectly expresses the Fiat Professional Brand's ability to perceive, anticipate and satisfy the market's evolving needs, nourished by skills acquired over almost a century in the sector.


It was during the 1920s that the concept of the recreational vehicle first appeared, when cars ceased to be exclusively elite products as vehicle ownership started to spread through society. At the same time, a few daring outdoor tourism pioneers had the idea of using a car not just as a means of transport, but also as a multi-purpose leisure vehicle. Fiat was already in business and ready to satisfy this new, ambitious demand, with a range of cars and light commercial vehicles to provide the basis for the first, futuristic conversions. The real revolution in the demand for vehicles designed for camping came in the late Sixties: this type of tourism became especially popular with young people, and the Fiat brand was quick to respond to the growing demand with the presentation, in 1967, of the 238, the vehicle which celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year. It load capacity was outstanding by the standards of the time and, above all, it had an "everything forward" architecture, with front engine and front-wheel drive, ideal for recreational vehicle conversions since it left plenty of space behind the cab for the living area.


Working with that aim, continued through its many subsequent and ever more sophisticated developments, up to and including the introduction of 4x4, today the Fiat Professional brand can express its background to the full by identifying the new opportunities offered by an increasingly fast-growing market. Fiat has always made customer-orientation its mission, never more so than in the 2006 generation of the Ducato, the first model to be technically developed from the outside with the need of camper van transformation firmly in mind. Not an adaptation, but "naturally a camper van", with all the strength of its in-depth experience. But the Fiat Professional approach reaches far beyond the product itself. Camper van owners have specific needs, satisfied and supported through a range of services constantly extended year-by-year to respond to every customer's requirements.


Turin, 8 September 2017



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