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24 Jul 2020

History and Art on Four Wheels with FCA Heritage

History and Art on Four Wheels with FCA Heritage


  • On both sides of the Atlantic, FCA brands have made an indelible contribution to automotive history. Today, a contribution that is both a valued legacy and an inspiration for the future.
  • Episode 2 of Season 2 of FCA What's Behind focuses on the activities of FCA Heritage and how it is leveraging the rich legacy of the Group’s Italian brands. These activities are also being progressively integrated with those of the Group’s American brands.
  • From the Heritage Hub in Turin to the Conner Center in Detroit, a truly global story where automotive history is interwoven with society, culture and passion.


The mobility challenges of the future are here and propulsion systems that deliver performance and driving pleasure, while being even more sustainable, are top of the list of challenges. Episode 1, Season 2 of FCA What’s Behind showed how FCA’s global research activities are focused on identifying and developing propulsion technologies oriented toward sustainable mobility.
At FCA, this focus on the future coexists with an appreciation for a valuable, inspirational legacy. For more than a century, the automobile has represented a revolution not only in mobility, but also in thought, horizons and possibilities. And for more than a century, on both sides of the Atlantic, the Group’s brands have produced models that have become part of the world’s cultural heritage. Episode 2 of the current season talks about FCA’s valued heritage, with a specific focus on the activities of FCA Heritage, which serves as a platform for the Group to communicate and leverage the rich history of its Italian brands.


Symbolic locations where history looks to the future

The FCA Heritage initiative, which originated in the EMEA region, was designed as a global concept. Its beating heart is the Heritage Hub, located at the Mirafiori complex in Turin in the former Officina 81, which once produced gears and drive shafts. The space has retained its industrial appeal – with the walls, floors and forest of columns restored in their original colors and materials – to create a fluid, creative and modern multi-functional space that expresses the FCA Heritage mission: to protect, disseminate and promote the rich heritage of FCA’s Italian brands. That mission is becoming increasingly integrated with the heritage activities of the Group’s American brands. In the United States, the collections are also kept in a location with a strong industrial tradition: the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit, where the Dodge Viper was once produced. The Conner Center collection brings together models that made history for the Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Ram brands, including concept cars and show cars, alongside prestigious models from the De Soto, Imperial, Plymouth and Pontiac brands. In total, 400 fully-restored vehicles are housed in a space also designed for meetings and events.
The Officine Classiche, Centro Storico Fiat and Alfa Romeo Museum are also important locations where the history of the Group’s Italian brands lives on and where you can touch it with your own hands.


Services and “Reloaded by Creators”

In addition to the exhibits and educational activities, FCA Heritage also offers a comprehensive array of services for fans and collectors of historic cars, including certification, maintenance and restoration, and unobtainable spare parts reproduced in collaboration with Mopar®. But the most innovative service is “Reloaded by Creators”: FCA Heritage searches for classic cars from all over the world, brings them back to life, certifies them and puts them back on the market, in an approach similar to art museums, which often fund the acquisition and restoration of masterpieces. The parallels between art and the automobile become even more apparent in this latest episode of FCA What’s Behind.



Turin, July 24, 2020



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