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05 May 2021

Stellantis “GOe” apps feature in the “InteractiveKey Award”

The advertising campaign for the “Fiat GOe LIVE” and "Jeep GO 4xe LIVE” apps wins one of the most coveted awards in the field of digital communications

Stellantis “GOe” apps feature in the “InteractiveKey Award”


  • The advertising campaign for the “Fiat GOe LIVE” and "Jeep GO 4xe LIVE” apps wins one of the most coveted awards in the field of digital communications
  • Created by the e-Mobility team, together with the Fiat and Jeep brands, the two apps simulate the use of thenew 500 BEV and the new Jeep® Renegade 4xe and Compass 4xe, both with Plug-In Hybrid technology


Last night witnessed the virtual prizegiving for the Interactive Key Award, the Festival for all-digital advertising communications, on the web and mobile devices, organized by the Media Key editorial group, the publishers of the biggest magazines in the industry and a benchmark for Italian marketing managers. Now in its 22nd edition, the competition is divided into four sections – Web Projects, Social Campaigns, Video, and Mobile Adv, special categories – with a total of 24 categories.
This year, the Interactive Key Award trophy for the Mobile Communication category was awarded to the campaign "Noi #siamocarichi e tu? – Fiat GOe LIVE e Jeep GO 4xe LIVE”, produced by the Triplesense Reply creative agency for Stellantis. The stars are the two ”GOe” apps: developed by the Stellantis e-Mobility team in collaboration with Fiat and Jeep, they simulate the use of the new 500 BEV and the Jeep® Renegade 4xe and Compass 4xe, both with Plug-In Hybrid technology.
A major acknowledgment that highlights Stellantis’ strong attention both to new digital technologies, with their constantly innovative and original approach, and to the desire to inform potential customers of the advantages of electrified cars, thus guiding the transition of mobility to more sustainable shores.


How the “GOe” apps work

Launched last July and available on Android and iOS, the “GOe” apps can be downloaded for free, to simulate the experience of using Fiat and Jeep's new electrified models. With the brands’ contributions, the two apps have been customized, resting in “Fiat GOe Live” and “Jeep GO 4xe Live”, which follow both brands’ stylistic canons.
To find out more about the benefits of zero-emissions travel, drivers who do not yet own an electric or hybrid car can use the GOe apps to simulate their use along a preset route, aboard their current vehicle with an internal combustion engine or from the comfort of their own home. Based on consumption data from your car and GPS from your smartphone, the app calculates the mileage traveled and an indication of the energy consumed, as well as monitoring battery status and the car's remaining range at the end of the journey. The apps also show charging points along your route and whether you need to charge up at one of them. The end result of this calculation is an estimate of possible savings in terms of fuel costs and CO2 emissions, by using electric and hybrid cars compared to the vehicle with a combustion engine used to simulate the journey. The trip can also be simulated in “live” mode while driving your car, including remotely, by setting the addresses where you wish to start and finish. You can then discover the indicatively possible benefits in terms of costs and CO2 emissions offered by the New 500 BEV or the Jeep 4xe Plug-In Hybrids.
The GOe apps are designed to provide a full overview of the world of electrification: in the “Did you know?” section, users can find answers to their questions on the world of e-Mobility and even learn more about the technical specifications of the New 500 BEV and the Jeep Renegade 4xe and Compass 4xe, with the option of booking a test drive and requesting a quote from their preferred dealership. Even better, with the New 500, the GOe app also offers users the opportunity to visit the “Virtual Casa 500” – the virtual museum that recounts the past, present and future of the 500 – and to discover in virtual reality all the style secrets of the New 500 “la Prima”, in both convertible and hatchback versions.
And there's more: in the “Eco-Advisor” section, by simply entering your postal code, you can receive an early indication of the government eco-bonuses and incentives for purchasers of an electric or hybrid car in your geographical region. Then comes the “Gamification” section, where users are invited to take part in games and challenges to win virtual badges attesting to their propensity to electric and hybrid mobility.
The apps produced major results, with over 40,000 downloads in under 6 months across Europe, evidence of the usefulness of the project designed by the Stellantis e-Mobility team, to raise virtual awareness of the features of the new forms of mobility, even in those who have never driven an electric or hybrid vehicle. These numbers were also made possible by the innovative digital communications campaign produced by Triplesense Reply and developed together with the communications experts in the e-Mobility team.
It is a worth a final mention that the specific “Pro Fit by e-Ducato” app by Fiat Professional was launched a few months ago. As well as features and content similar to the “Fiat GOe LIVE" and “Jeep GO 4xe LIVE” apps, it also simulates the electric conversion of a fleet of Light Commercial Vehicles according to customer requirements, whether those of freelancers or fleet managers. The new app can analyze “Total Cost of Ownership”, the performance of the new full-electric versions of the E-Ducato and their compatibility with customers’ specific usage requirements, as well as suggesting the best configurations with a dedicated set of key performance indicators.


Turin, May 5th, 2021

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