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14 Jul 2021

“Shop & Charge”: a “refill of benefits” is coming for New 500 customers at Carrefour retail outlets

A one-off in Italy, the project kicks off, promoted by Fiat, Carrefour and Be Charge, and featuring the full-electric New Fiat 500.

“Shop & Charge”: a “refill of benefits” is coming for New 500 customers at Carrefour retail outlets


  • A one-off in Italy, the project kicks off, promoted by Fiat, Carrefour and Be Charge, and featuring the full-electric New Fiat 500.
  • The scheme involves the gradual installation of electric charging points at 135 Carrefour retail outlets in Italy, the first 60 of which are already operational.
  • For New 500 customers: charging at discounted rates and exclusive benefits when buying Carrefour-branded organic products and sustainably produced food.
  • Expected to be involved is the Fiat sales network, due to organize test drives and product placement at Carrefour retail outlets in Italy taking part in the initiative, which will take on a New 500 theme for the scheme.


The New Fiat 500 features in the Shop & Charge project, promoted by the Fiat brand, Carrefour Italia and Be Charge and coordinated by the Stellantis e-Mobility Business Unit. Agreed to in December 2020, the project can now witness the activation of the first 60 charging points in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany, with the scheme due to be extended to the 135 Carrefour retail outlets participating in the initiative.


The three partner companies’ commitment to sustainability is being put into action in a straightforward but effective scheme, aimed at improving the experience of electric vehicle customers seeking practical, efficient charging solutions.


Advantageous charging in the time it takes to do the shopping

The partnership with Carrefour – the creator of the “Shop & Charge” project – gives New 500 customers the opportunity to charge their car in the time it takes to do the shopping. In the 30 minutes it takes to do the food shopping on average, the New 500’s battery can be charged up enough to travel up to 300 km using the Fast charge points, or up to 50 km by connecting to the Quick points. Be Charge has installed both of these types of charge points in the parking lots of the Carrefour retail outlets participating in the initiative.
New 500 customers will also have access to discounted charging rates, and more besides. Indeed, dedicated offers will be available to them as part of the PAYBACK scheme, such as discounts on shopping at Carrefour and points accelerators to claim the rewards in the PAYBACK catalog more quickly. Again for New 500 customers only, the loyalty card and the PAYBACK app will offer exclusive discounts on the Click & Collect service, Carrefour’s priority lane to pick up orders made online, and on home delivery.


The involvement of the Fiat sales network

For the launch of the partnership, the Carrefour retail outlets taking part in the initiative will take on a New 500 theme, with communications focused on Fiat’s first full-electric car. Fiat brand dealers who have signed up to the initiative will also maintain a presence at these retail outlets, offering test drives to Carrefour customers so they can discover the driving pleasure and technological solutions of the New 500.


Shop & Charge, for a new sustainability

Agreed to in December 2020 as part of its e-Mobility Business Unit’s strategic plan, Stellantis intends to use this agreement to foster sustainable habits in customers who decide to drive an electric car. Naturally, the project – designed for the New 500 – lends itself to potential expansion to vehicles in the Group’s electrified line-up and to other countries covered by the network of Carrefour stores.
For Carrefour Italia, the project represents a further step forward in the implementation of its ‘Act for Food’ environmental sustainability strategy, demonstrating their awareness of their important role as one of the major retail players that can promote sustainability throughout its supply chain.
For Be Charge, the project represents the ideal collaboration between the automotive world, the organized retail sector and charging operators. Together they can speed up the transition to electric mobility plus offer tangible benefits for customers.


Turin, July 14th, 2021



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Stellantis is one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a clear vision: to offer freedom of movement with distinctive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions.  In addition to the Group’s rich heritage and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths lie in its sustainable performance, depth of experience and the wide-ranging talents of employees working around the globe. Stellantis will leverage its broad and iconic brand portfolio, which was founded by visionaries who infused the marques with passion and a competitive spirit that speaks to employees and customers alike. Stellantis aspires to become the greatest, not the biggest while creating added value for all stakeholders as well as the communities in which it operates.


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About Carrefour

Carrefour Italia has promoted a plan of concrete actions to support local communities throughout the country, with numerous services aimed at customers, health workers, hospitals and initiatives dedicated to its employees. It has also conducted a series of solidarity initiatives, such as Spesa SoSpesa in support of Banco Alimentare. These activities are in addition to the donation of 500 thousand euros by the Carrefour Foundation to the Santi Paolo and Carlo Hospital in Milan, which took place last March 2020, at the beginning of the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, starting from the end of 2020, Carrefour Italia has decided to make shopping in its stores even safer by having its protocol verified by DNV GL, a certication body and leader in the digital evolution of assurance services.

Carrefour Italia, with a turnover of 4,66 billion euros (2020), operates throughout the country with over 1,450 stores* divided into Carrefour Hypermarkets, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Express and Cash and Carry (Docks Market and GrossIper). Present in 18 Italian regions, it employs over 16,000 Collaborators. Starting in 2018, it implemented the "Act for food" program, launched at Group level, with the aim of becoming a global leader in the food transition. The program's focuses are: control of the supply chain also through blockchain technology, greater accessibility to organic food for all, defense of small local producers, ecient and innovative services, and enhancement of the food & wine excellence of the entire Italian territory. Carrefour Italia has also developed, to date, a range of branded products with over 3,000 references, thus covering all product categories. In a perspective of differentiation and increasing attention to quality, convenience and completeness of the offer, Carrefour Italia has developed some extra core business services such as, for example, 23 petrol stations and 5 car washes managed by the Group. The company, also in 2021, is among the 20 best companies in Italy for its commitment to Diversity & Inclusion according to Diversity Index.

*This also includes the Master Franchising of Etruria Retail and Apulia Distribuzione.


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About Be Charge

Be Charge is a company of Be Power S.p.A. Group dedicated to the deployment of charging infrastructures for electric mobility. Be Charge is developing one of the largest and most capillary networks of public charging infrastructures for electric vehicles in Italy to make a decisive contribution to the development of a sustainable mobility system. Thanks to an internally developed and technologically advanced platform, Be Charge is able to offer an efficient charging service to all owners of electric vehicles, and to recharge throughout the national territory. Within the industry chain, Be Charge is both the operator and owner of the charging infrastructure network (CPO - Charge Point Operator) and the provider of charging and electric mobility services that interface with electric vehicle users (EMSP - Electric Mobility Service Provider). The Be Charge charging stations are AC from 22 kW, and DC up to 300 kW. Be Charge's business plan envisages the installation of around 30,000 charging points over the next few years, which will supply 100% green energy from renewable sources.


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