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23 Sep 2021

NEXT-TO comes to be: Stellantis and Edisu inaugurate the first Multifunction Tower in Turin

Promoting sustainable mobility and offering public utility services via the installation by Solerzia and continuous interaction with students forming part of the Edisu network

NEXT-TO comes to be: Stellantis and Edisu inaugurate the first Multifunction Tower in Turin


Promoting sustainable mobility and offering public utility services
via the installation by Solerzia and continuous interaction
with students forming part of the Edisu network


Turin, 23 September 2021 – Sustainable, multifunctional, smart and provision of public utility services: these are the main features of the Multifunction Tower, created by the Solerzia startup. Partnered in the NEXT-TO project by Stellantis and Edisu Piemonte, the new amenity was inaugurated at an official ceremony this morning.


The synergy entered into last February between the Piedmont Regional Agency for the Right to University Study and Stellantis – one of the world’s leading automakers and a provider of innovative mobility solutions – is becoming more and more effective and substantive. The agreement is aimed at promoting environmental sustainability, with specific attention paid to e-Mobility and to offering high-tech systems, to disseminate the culture of zero-impact mobility among the student population.


The first installation of the three envisaged by the NEXT-TO project (Giulia di Barolo, San Liborio and Olimpia), the Tower is in a strategic position very frequently visited by students. It has been installed in Via Roero di Cortanze, on the corner with via Verdi, directly opposite the “Giulia di Barolo” University Hall of Residence and therefore also the “Verdi” study hall, as well as next door to Palazzo Nuovo, the University of Turin teaching site.


The attendees at the press conference this morning – moderated by Daniela Puglisi – included President of the Piedmont Regional Council Stefano Allasia, Mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, President of Edisu Piemonte Alessandro Ciro Sciretti, alongside Gabriele Catacchio, e-Mobility Global Communications Manager at Stellantis, with Alessandro Sartarelli and Luigi Stancati, General Manager and Marketing Manager of the innovative startup Solerzia, which in turn collaborates with the major players in the Italian energy sector. Also in attendance was Prof Luca Settineri, Planning, Infrastructure and Construction Officer at the Polytechnic University of Turin.


The meeting illustrated the technical specifications of the Tower and its installation process, explained step by step.


“NEXT-TO” is a complex project resulting from the collaboration between Edisu Piemonte and the Stellantis e-Mobility Business Unit. The latter already holds collaboration agreements with various public and private entities, aimed at making electric and electrified mobility more and more straightforward and accessible for customers. The specific objective of this partnership is to concretely promote the transition to electric mobility among the student population, by means of training activities, dialogue and constant discussion between students and the company.


In addition to setting up programs to bring students closer to highly specialized work environments, the Stellantis agreement with Edisu has provided them with two Jeep Renegade 4xe models on a one-year free loan for use. This agreement therefore enables the body to use the funds saved that way for other student-focused activities, as well as providing staff with low environmental impact travel between Edisu halls of residence. Plus, special questionnaires for car users are informing the Jeep brand of its customers’ specific requirements, so they can later develop new electric mobility services.


Smart lampposts by Solerzia

Multifunctional systems designed not only for street lighting, they also combine an innovative photovoltaic system built vertically into the structure with numerous services and devices: electric charging for cars, bikes and scooters, CCTV, information panels, a defibrillator, connectivity systems and Wi-Fi enhancement. The structures are smart and adaptive, designed as a benchmark for ‘smart grids’, expected to evolve and interact with the surrounding environment in a constant exchange of energy, services and information flows.
Creating a network of connected multifunctional structures, with digital management of services and built-in sensors, represents a unique and innovative way for the urban management system as well as an element to interconnect homes, buildings, infrastructure and people. Indeed, it represents the final and sustainable evolution of the concept of the ‘smart city’.


The Verdi study hall

This morning's event was also an opportunity to officially celebrate the reopening to students – after months of major renovation and adaptation of the facilities – of the “Verdi” study hall, located in the same building as the “Giulia di Barolo” hall of residence.


President of Edisu Piemonte Alessandro Ciro Sciretti said: “We continue to substantiate ideas: our job is to respond but above all to anticipate the needs and requirements of our students, for whom we must and intend to continue to be a point of reference throughout their studies. Offering new services to the student population means creating new opportunities for an entire city: the area, its communities and its students are all direct beneficiaries of these major innovative projects. Collaboration, tireless work and concrete application: this is our mantra, which now enables both us and Stellantis to bring in a great result. The project now focuses on the city of Turin alone, although we hope to extend these innovative services to other university hubs in Piedmont”.


“Aimed at young people, the concrete initiative we have presented today is the result of a public-private partnership that will have a positive impact on everyday life. It will also support the transition to a more sustainable mobility”, stated Gabriele Catacchio, e-Mobility Global Communications Manager at Stellantis. “The transition to electric cannot be made alone. It requires joint effort and the involvement of young people, those who already benefit from the new forms of mobility today but, most of all, will continue to do so in the future. For us, it is crucial to enter into conversation with the new generations and to raise awareness of the importance of electrification as the key to sustainable mobility. We can also gain stimulating and useful ideas from them to define our strategy. In under two years, over 10,000 students have engaged in our seminars, debates and ‘idea challenges’. And for Stellantis, this is the greatest value generated by the agreement with Edisu Piemonte, to bring the world of work closer to young people and vice versa, thus facilitating constant dialogue and discussion on new forms of mobility between this company and university students”.



Information on:


We contribute to building the future of thousands of students; we support them in their decision to continue their university education; we welcome them and make them feel at home, offering them a world of services to provide them with the best experience of life and study in Piedmont. 
Edisu Piemonte is the body that ensures and promotes the right to university study throughout the region, offering competitive scholarships, residential and other financial benefits, as well as a wide-ranging network of services, including catering at discounted rates. 
Concrete, valid support, to offer egalitarian access to university education for all. For further information:



Solerzia is an innovative company that develops complex projects and multifunctional ‘Smart City’ and ‘Green Energy’ solutions.
In a world that pays more and more attention to sustainability and the development of technology, we wish to contribute to the evolution of smart infrastructure.
The company's vision is to create a network of active structures, with an aesthetic impact, that interact with all their surroundings: they implement the concept of ‘on-demand energy’ generated from renewable sources; they exploit the potential of the Internet of Things; they ride the e-Mobility revolution; they support communication networks such as 5G and create synergies and efficiencies courtesy of the best technology available, respecting the environment and attempting to improve quality of life. For further information:


Stellantis is one of the world’s leading automakers. A major player in the new era of mobility, it is guided by a clear vision: to offer freedom of movement with exclusive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions. In addition to the Group’s rich know-how and broad geographical presence, its greatest strengths are the sustainable performance, profound experience and tremendous talent of its employees, based all over the world. Stellantis intends to leverage its broad-ranging, iconic portfolio of brands created by visionaries, who have passed on to its constituent brands the passion that inspires its employees and clients. Stellantis aspires to excellence, not to size, and aims to create added value for all its stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.


Contacts for further information:

Rachele Falchi   +39 340 156 09 69 
Manuela Battezzato +39 335 631 97 35


Photo captions:

01_Stellantis and Edisu inaugurate the first Multifunction Tower in Turin: Gabriele Catacchio – e-Mobility Global Communications, Stellantis; Stefano Allasia – President of the Piedmont Regional Council; Alessandro Ciro Sciretti – President of Edisu Piemonte; Chiara Appendino – Mayor of Turin; Alessandro Sartarelli - General Manager, Solerzia

02_Stellantis and Edisu inaugurate the first Multifunction Tower in Turin: Jeep Renegade 4xe on free loan for use to Edisu Piemonte

03_Stellantis and Edisu inaugurate the first Multifunction Tower in Turin: Alessandro Ciro Sciretti – President of Edisu Piemonte; Gabriele Catacchio – e-Mobility Global Communications, Stellantis; Stefano Allasia – President of the Piedmont Regional Council

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