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21 Dec 2018


Yannick Alléno creates an exclusive dish for DS Automobiles. Partners of French excellence, the chef of the Pavillon Ledoyen and DS Automobiles have joined forces on a fresh new project to share the values of innovation and avant-gardism. To discover on :


Chef Yannick Alléno has created a special meal for the holiday season, entitled “Scallop dim sum and veal tartare with anchovy garum”. Having twice earned a Michelin three-star rating for his Alléno Paris restaurant in the Pavillon Ledoyen and Le 1947 at the Cheval Blanc Courchevel, Yannick Alléno ranks among the world's most prestigious chefs.

The ambitious creator purveys a strong brand of French cuisine enriched by its heritage. Today he is practising his gastronomic art at La Cuisine by DS Automobiles. Developed by DS and the Pavillon Ledoyen – and resulting from the creative collaboration of Style Director Thierry Metroz and Yannick Alléno – La Cuisine by DS Automobiles boasts an avant-garde design, leading-edge technological equipment and refinement down to the last detail.

It is in this unique space that Yannick Alléno has imagined a holiday dish in honour of the customers of DS Automobiles. Featuring meticulous attention to detail, the delicate scallop recipe, accompanied by a veal tartare flavoured with aonori seaweed gin and served with white “Alba” truffles, adds to the long list of privileges reserved to DS drivers.

“Since meeting with Yannick Alléno, we have been bubbling over with ideas. The teams at the Pavillon Ledoyen appreciated our work in La Cuisine by DS Automobiles, with its pure and finely drawn lines and authenticity in terms of materials and natural light. We wanted to take things further by creating a distinctive dish. The result transposes the cues of DS Automobiles to French gastronomy with top-quality ingredients and outstanding textures and flavours. We are delighted to share it with DS Club Privilege members.” Thierry Metroz, DS Style Director

“Any contemporary kitchen must have an avant-garde nature. It has to be one step ahead of what the public can imagine. The Pavillon Ledoyen and DS Automobiles have a shared history, as both of them are institutions having long been dear to the French population. We both have strong characteristics and the same DNA, marked by the determination to create and imagine. This dish symbolises the meeting of our respective sets of expertise. The recipe is complex and delicate, completed with a veal preparation flavoured with seaweed gin set atop a scallop. The dish may be enhanced with grated truffle. It is this attention to detail that I wanted to share with the customers of DS Automobiles.” Yannick Alléno 3-star Michelin chef

The DS Club Privilege is open to all drivers of a new DS model. To attend events reserved for members, all they have to do is subscribe free of charge via the MyDS app or on Throughout the year, members receive invitations to exclusive events and privileged access in a number of fields, including fashion, beauty, gastronomy, tourism and leisure.

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DS avant-garde dish Scallop dim sum accompanied by veal tartare with anchovy garum

Ingredients (for 4 people): [...]

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