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20 Jun 2019

As a key partner for the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, DS Automobiles will be attending the 5th edition of this exceptional automotive event on Sunday 30 June 2019. At an occasion for the avant-garde, elegance, modernity and heritage, DS Automobiles will showcase the E-TENSE, its latest electrified creations. Visitors will discover the DS E-TENSE FE19, the 100% electric single-seater, currently at the top of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship alongside the DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4x4, a 300 horsepower, high performance Hybrid, and the 100% electric DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE. Exclusive: visitors will be able to test drive the DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE on the driveways of the Chantilly Estate. With the DS X E-TENSE, visitors will be able to take a glimpse at the dream car of tomorrow, which embodies the DS brand’s vision of the luxury car for 2035. The DS X E-TENSE will take part in the Concours d’Elegance parade enhanced by two creations by the designer Eymeric François, which have been specially designed for the occasion. For classic car fans, DS will display a collection of iconic DS and SM models, proof of its rich heritage of refinement and innovation.

18 Jun 2019

DS Automobiles is pleased to announce its partnership with the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode as part of the Paris Fashion Week® and the Haute Couture events. DS Automobiles and the fashion industry share the same demands, with a passion for style and a love of materials.

29 Mar 2019

Inaugurated on 29 March 1989 by French President François Mitterrand, the Louvre Pyramid is today celebrating its 30th birthday. Throughout the year, DS Automobiles will be supporting the Louvre Museum by becoming a sponsor of the iconic Parisian construction, a symbol of modernity, innovation within tradition, and even disruption. More than a work of art, the Louvre Pyramid is a tireless source of inspiration for the DS brand. The Pyramid and the Brand share the same desire to bring the world a new vision, consisting of a blend of refinement and technology.

01 Mar 2019

DS Automobiles E-TENSE ambassador Jean-Eric Vergne will be publishing a manifesto to promote the Make our Planet Great Again message. The Manifesto to Drive Change will be published in six languages on the weekend of March 2-3. Jean-Eric Vergne’s deep commitment to sustainable development resonates with DS Automobiles’ global strategy. Jean-Eric Vergne will participate in the New Energy. E-TENSE Era Summit at the DS STORE in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday, March 4, alongside DS Automobiles CEO Yves Bonnefont and a panel of European new-energy specialists.

21 Dec 2018

Yannick Alléno creates an exclusive dish for DS Automobiles. Partners of French excellence, the chef of the Pavillon Ledoyen and DS Automobiles have joined forces on a fresh new project to share the values of innovation and avant-gardism. To discover on :

07 Nov 2018

A sponsor of the Louvre, DS AUTOMOBILES is supporting the exhibition that opens its doors to the public today: A dream of Italy: the Marquis Campana’s collection. A major event in the museum’s autumn/winter programming, this unprecedented retrospective brings together five hundred works including many masterpieces. If it tells the story of a passionate man, an insatiable collector and a lover of beauty, it is above all a journey through time in search of the diversity and richness of Italian cultural heritage. DS Automobiles aims to highlight the expertise of these often little-known artists with whom it shares the values of excellence and boldness, an avant-garde spirit and the desire to offer the world a different perspective.

19 Jun 2018

Between 20 and 23 June 2018, coinciding with France’s nationwide music festival, the DS brand is inviting the public to enjoy an original acoustic experience at DS WORLD PARIS. Taking up residence for four days, the FOCAL brand will offer private audio sessions worthy of the best auditoriums. On board DS 7 CROSSBACK, close up to Sopra loudspeakers or wearing new Focal Listen Wireless Chic headphones, visitors will be able to appreciate the excellence of the expertise developed by this French company, a global leader in hi-fi solutions.

12 Apr 2018

Excitement at the Pavillon Ledoyen restaurant! Under the guidance of Thierry Métroz, DS Design Director and Yannick Alléno, 3-star Michelin chef, the new gastronomic cuisine is running at full capacity. Designed by DS Automobiles, this creation features all the cues specific to brand models: avant-garde design, cutting-edge equipment, refinement in every detail and a sense of dynamic comfort. With its natural light, clean, sculpted lines, authentic, premium materials, timeless colours with a gloss or matt finish and high-tech equipment, this new contemporary kitchen places particular emphasis on ergonomic design and enjoyment in use. A unique kitchen serving the globally renowned gastronomic excellence of Yannick Alléno. The kitchen can be seen at 8 avenue Dutuit on the Champs-Elysées in Paris.

23 Jan 2018

A few months ago, Yannick Alléno offered a challenge to the design teams at DS Automobiles – create the new kitchens at the Pavillon Ledoyen. Tradition and innovation, French excellence and savoir-faire, and cutting- edge creativity are ingredients valued by both the carmaker and the chef that will be relied on to carry out this bold and exceptional project – one that came out of an encounter in 2015 between Yannick Alléno and teams at DS Automobiles. Since then, relations between the DS brand and the internationally acclaimed chef, an ambassador of French gastronomy and art de vivre, have grown stronger and broadened. So next spring, come round and discover the Pavillon Ledoyen’s new kitchens. They will be unveiled with the completion of the remarkable renovations at this celebrated address for fine French cuisine since 1792.

18 Oct 2017

DS Automobiles has been a patron of the Louvre since 2015 and is supporting the museum's "François I and Dutch Art" exhibition, which opens to the public today. This unique retrospective, a highlight of the museum's autumn programme, focuses on a part of French art history that has been forgotten. The exhibition is also a celebration of King François I, a great patron in his time, who supported the arts throughout his reign. It returns artists who are often unfairly sidelined to their rightful place. François I symbolises the influence of the French Renaissance, with his open, worldly attitude that attracted him simultaneously to the prestige of Italy and the innovations of Dutch artists. Remarkable artists, a bold king ahead of his time, the Louvre and its iconic Pyramid, all imbued with the avant-garde spirit that the DS Brand shares for this must-see exhibition open until 15 January 2018.

03 Nov 2016

Following the Manifesto of Freedom revealed on brand social media a few days ago, DS Automobiles is unveiling the Freedom Christmas Tree specially created for the 21st “Designer Christmas Tree” event. Designed and created by the DS styling team, and produced by the craftspeople from the DS Workshop using avant-garde technologies, the Freedom Christmas Tree is a unique work celebrating the design freedom made possible today by parametric design and 3D printing. Organised by Marie-Christiane Marek and the Comité Montaigne, the “Designer Christmas Tree” event brings together artistic design and charity fundraising. The idea is for luxury brands to imagine, enhance and re-invent the Christmas Tree. The designs will be on show at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées on 19 and 20 November next, before being sold in a charity auction with the proceeds going to cancer research. The Freedom Christmas Tree will be show for the first time on 16 and 17 November 2016 at DS World Paris, 33 rue François 1er.

13 Sep 2016

As a sponsor of the Louvre, DS Automobiles contributed to Bouchardon (1698–1762). A Sublime Idea of Beauty. This exhibition celebrating a French artist with an audacious and forward-looking perspective, considered to be the “driving force of artistic renewal”. An avant-garde artist who simply couldn’t leave the DS brand cold! Tomorrow is the grand opening of the exhibition Bouchardon (1698–1762). A Sublime Idea of Beauty, a major event in the Louvre Museum's autumn programme. The Louvre and the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles pay homage to a man considered in his time as “the greatest sculptor and best draftsman of his century” (CN Cochin). This impressive exhibition will run from 14 September to 5 December 2016 in Paris, then from 10 January to 4 April 2017 in Los Angeles.

05 Sep 2016

Yesterday, a panel of some of the motoring world’s most uncompromising experts gave first place to DS E-TENSE in the Chantilly Arts & Élégance Richard Mille event, ahead of seven other truly exceptional cars. The prize brings further recognition for the inimitable avant-garde spirit of DS, backed by the sublime elegance of the work of French fashion designer Eymeric François.

06 Jul 2016

After the official inauguration yesterday, which was attended by French president François Hollande, the director of the Louvre Museum, Jean-Luc Martinez, and DS brand CEO Yves Bonnefont, the Louvre's reorganised entrance hall and facilities are opening to the public today. The major project called "Pyramid", which began in 2014, has made the museum's iconic entrance more impressive than ever and better equipped it to prepare the 9 million annual visitors for their visit of the museum, all with no work required on the building's architecture. A sponsor of the Louvre since 2015, the DS brand is particularly attached to Ieoh Ming Pei's Pyramid, which incarnates the avant-garde spirit, so it naturally gave its support to this project.

23 Nov 2015

DS AUTOMOBILES is taking part in the 20th annual “Designer Christmas Trees” event, a prestigious event where art and charity meet. Organised by Marie-Christiane Marek and the Comité Montaigne, the event tasks luxury brands with reimagining, reinventing, and paying homage to the Christmas tree. The resulting creations will be exhibited to the public before being sold in a charity auction with proceeds going to AVEC, a charity working in the fight against cancer. For the DS AUTOMOBILES tree, teams at the Brand’s Style Centre worked with Marianne Guedin, the designer and scenographer. Audacity, French elegance, technology, and a distinctive style, all of these qualities that the Brand calls its own are also to be found in this unique, light-filled creation. Don’t wait, see for yourself at the Théâtre des Champs Elysées. Free entry to the exhibition until 26 November 2015.

24 Sep 2015

The exhibition Une brève histoire de l’avenir opens to the public today. This major event in the autumn schedule of Le Louvre is inspired by the book of the same name by Jacques Attali*, which ponders the major invariables in the history of humanity as an invitation to imagine what the world might look like in 2050. DS is supporting this exciting artistic event in the heart of Paris as sponsor of the Louvre Museum. This is particularly appropriate given the brand’s propensity for drawing inspiration from an exceptional heritage to imagine the shape of things to come. The exhibition runs till 4 January 2016.

02 Sep 2015

The DS brand will take part in the 2015 edition of the Chantilly Arts & Élégance Richard Mille on 6 September. As an official partner, DS will be have a place of honour in the Concours d’Etat ‘The Most Beautiful Cars in the World’ and the Concours d’Élégance. In the latter, the Brand’s concept car NUMÉRO 9 will be accompanied by a fashion model wearing a dress by designer Eymeric François. Those attending the event in Chantilly will also be able to visit an exhibition featuring past and present DS models, yet another way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the DS!

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