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11 Mar 2020

The second season of FCA What’s Behind coming soon

The second season of FCA What’s Behind coming soon


The cameras return to show the behind-the-scenes of FCA’s research and development activities. The series focuses on the changes in processes, methods and technologies accompanying the transition to electrified vehicles which are more connected and autonomous than ever


In the first season, FCA What’s Behind described all aspects of the product development process, with the cameras going backstage spaces for an exclusive and engaging report involving the men and women of the Group. Now the second season is ready to go and it will look at the changes which are set to transform mobility. The successful format used for the first season will be maintained: spectacular images of inaccessible places with an even more global view of the new challenges and concrete demonstrations of FCA’s commitment to research and development.


The automotive world is undergoing a period of momentous transformation. We are witnessing the birth of the cars of the future, increasingly high-tech and efficient, and more tailored than ever to customers. But many aspects of the approach to design and production are also changing with new challenges relating to driving dynamics and safety emerging.


What will not change are the essential characteristics that every FCA vehicle must guarantee under all conditions: quality, safety, reliability, comfort. And so the commitment of the engineers and technicians involved in FCA’s research and development activities will not change either. They will continue to check, verify and carry out stress tests at the most extreme latitudes, subjecting vehicles to the most rigorous testing, as the evolution toward electrified vehicles that are increasingly more connected and autonomous also continues.



Turin, March 11, 2020



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