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08 Jun 2021

Klaus Busse named ‘Design Hero’ at 2021 Autocar Awards

Klaus Busse, Vice President of Design at Stellantis, has been named ‘Design Hero’ at this year’s Autocar Awards.

Klaus Busse named ‘Design Hero’ at 2021 Autocar Awards


Klaus Busse, Vice President of Design at Stellantis, has been named ‘Design Hero’ at this year’s Autocar Awards.


This highly prestigious award is given to an individual who has contributed significantly to car design, not only in the last year, but also throughout their career.


Autocar wanted to draw attention to Busse’s efforts leading the design of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Maserati models, with his recent work on the New 500 and Maserati MC20, as well as Alfa Romeo’s Tonale and the Fiat Centoventi concept cars.


Mark Tisshaw, Editor at Autocar, said: “With his work for Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Maserati, Klaus Busse has played a key role in revitalising not one but three historic and much-loved car brands. Through designs such as the New 500 and Maserati MC20, Busse has produced memorable and distinctive designs for every spectrum of the market. Concepts such as the Fiat Centoventi show that his designs will continue to help set industry trends in the coming years.”


Klaus Busse, Vice President of Design at Stellantis, added: "It's a tremendous honor to receive such a prestigious award. I dedicate it to the incredible team at our Centro Stile in Torino. This award is testament to their hard work, dedication and our shared passion for Italian design and the inspiring brands we work with."


A graduate of Coventry University, with a career that has included roles such as Chief of Interior Design at FCA North America, Klaus has extensive experience from Germany, Britain and the United States and has been recognised throughout the years for his automotive and industrial design work.


Some of the most recent cars that Klaus is being recognised for are the stunning Maserati MC20, the brand’s first mid-engine two-seater super sports car And the all-electric New 500 which shows Klaus’ skill in being able to completely alter the design of a car without changing its famous silhouette.


Klaus also is being praised for his design work on the Fiat Centoventi, a concept car that caused a huge buzz at the 2019 Geneva motor show celebrating the brand’s 120th anniversary, as well as the Alfa Romeo Tonale concept, which showcases the brand's first step into electrification with the  plug-in hybrid mid-size utility vehicle. To find out more information about the Autocar Awards, please visit this website:



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