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01 Feb 2019


- Launched in 2016, the Citroën Origins virtual museum is a special place providing an immersive experience, even better than the real thing. In this museum, everything is allowed, even getting behind the wheel of the Brand’s iconic models. - Today, on the occasion of Citroën’s centenary, the site is changing to offer even more: an event-based design, the staging post for all the activations of the anniversary celebrated throughout the year, the launch of a pop-up exhibition… Without forgetting, for all that, continuing its international deployment by making it accessible in over 60 countries in 2019.


An anniversary design

Citroën Origins is adorned with a design specially created to celebrate the centenary. A refined and unified style, coloured in bronze. All of the Citroën vehicles present on the site, which have played their part in making the Brand the legend that it is today, are decorated in this way with this festive colour.

An event-based programme, so as not to miss out on anything from the celebrations

Citroën is offering all fans the chance to immerse themselves in the 100 years of the Brand and to take part in the celebrations, with the launch of a special place at the heart of the Citroën Origins virtual museum. This page in particular allows people to access brand new content, the centenary catalogue listing the Citroën models which have marked out its history, and also gives access to the online shop: to complete your collection of miniatures. The page also provides a calendar of events and news related to the centenary, whether they are organised by the Brand itself or by its partners.

A pop-up exhibition at the heart of the virtual museum

On the occasion of this anniversary year, Citroën Origins is launching its first pop-up exhibition, Retro’Inside. Beyond the Brand’s iconic models presented in the permanent collection, this pop-up exhibition presents these different models through old advertising and publicity, archive photos, posters from documentary films, sketches, comic strips and press articles. A gold mine for aficionados of the Brand and history buffs.

The exhibition tells the story of the different models through three areas which are characteristic of Citroën:

- 100 years of comfort: from the 2CV to the C6 coupé, by way of the light commercial vehicles, this section of the exhibition shows how comfort has always been part of the Brand’s DNA.

- 100 years of innovation: by making a parallel between the original vehicles and those from today, the exhibition shows how Citroën has never stopped reinventing itself.

- 100 years of exploits: this section of the exhibition recounts the different competitions, rallies and challenges that the Brand has succeeded in.

Retro’Inside showcases the iconic Citroën vehicles which visitors will be able to find at the Rétromobile show, the annual gathering of all fans of collector’s cars and old cars, which will take place from 6 to 10 February in Paris.

This wide range of new features on offer on Citroën Origins fits into an overall desire to develop the site in order to offer the fullest possible content to as many people as possible. After the addition of 13 new vehicles and the opening up to 6 new countries in 2018, the site is continuing its deployment with 4 new vehicles to come in 2019 and 21 additional countries.

Citroën Origins

- Almost 80 Citroën cars presented online.

- 1.5 million page views since its launch.

The deployment is continuing: accessible in over 60 countries in 2019:

  1. Germany
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium (French & Flemish)
  4. Croatia
  5. Denmark
  6. Spain
  7. France
  8. Finland
  9. Greece
  10. Hungary
  11. Italy
  12. Luxembourg
  13. Norway
  14. Netherlands
  15. Poland
  16. Portugal
  17. Czech Republic
  18. United Kingdom
  19. Russia
  20. Slovenia
  21. Sweden
  22. Switzerland (French, Italian & German)
  23. Algeria (Arab & French)
  24. Morocco
  25. Tunisia
  26. Turkey
  27. Australia
  28. China (en & Chinese)
  29. South Korea
  30. Japan
  31. Argentina
  32. Brazil
  33. Chile
  34. Columbia
  35. Costa Rica
  36. Ecuador
  37. Paraguay
  38. Peru
  39. Uruguay

To come in 2019:

  1. Estonia
  2. Latvia
  3. Lithuania
  4. Israel
  5. India

And 16 other countries

The Citroën Brand

At the heart of the automotive market, Citroën has asserted itself since 1919 as a popular brand in the true sense of the word, making people and their lifestyles its first source of inspiration. A spirit underlined by its ‘Inspired by You’ signature and embodied by cars combining unique design and benchmark comfort. Within the sector of mainstream brands, Citroën also stands out with a unique customer experience (Citroën Advisor, ‘La Maison Citroën’, etc.). In 2018, the Brand sold 1.05 million vehicles in over 80 countries.

Citroën media site: - @Citroen


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