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08 Oct 2020


Citroën is a true surprise at Milano Design City with the “TIME TO BE MY AMI” venue, an immersive journey to discover Ami -100% ëlectric, innovative, urban mobility object, accessible to all. An exceptional set up, performed in collaboration with the Citroën Style Department, placing design objects in XXL dimensions at centre-stage in a playful way, in contrast with the ultra-compact size of Ami - 100% ëlectric. Running until the 11th of October in Via Tortona 31 Milano, Spazio Quattrocento.


Citroën participates in Milano Design City, an event dedicated to the culture of design and innovation, with a specific focus on the reconfiguration of urban spaces, on sustainability and on the circular economy. This globally important event represents a strong appeal for the whole world of design.

Ami -100 % ëlectric is a practical response to the new mobility expectations. It rewrites the rulebook with its compact size, its unique design and its novel graphic approach, creating a feeling of surprise and immediate attachment.


TIME TO BE MY AMI” has been designed in collaboration with the Paris based Citroën Style Department as an immersive journey into the Ami – 100% ëlectric world. In fact, by following the fil rouge of the lifestyle products inspired by Ami – 100% ëlectric, the audience is invited to discover the striking features of this revolutionary urban mobility object, offering innovation, accessibility and ease of use.

The venue displays various products from the Lifestyle Ami collection in XXL dimensions, to create a playful theme that emphasizes the ultra-compact and non-conformist character of Ami, without equivalent in the mobility landscape.

Simultaneously, modern and colourful Ami posters decorate the outside of the building to emphasize its urban, innovative and non-conformist character.

First of all, visitors are greeted by the 3 Ami situated in front of the building’s entrance:

  • 1 My Ami Orange
  • 2 Ami sporting a specific covering from the operation "Ami ?? Paris" unveiled at the end of August. Each of them represents the iconic Parisian districts Pigalle and Saint Germain des Prés.

Those designs were inspired by Parisians as part of the launch of Ami in car sharing in the French capital. An identical project should occur soon in Milano as Ami also ?? Milano.

Once inside, visitors can see a life-size Ami – 100% ëlectric which is placed inside a XXL miniature box. A striking contrast between the oversize scale model box and Ami – 100% ëlectric that expresses, from the inside, all its potential for revolutionizing urban mobility.

Placed to the side, near the walls, is an XXL AMI MUG in bright orange.

To the side, covering the whole wall, hanging like an “unfolded sculpture”, cardboard replicating the outline of the accessory box of Ami – 100% ëlectric, this too in an over-size version and reproducing the Ami blueprint (technical drawings of the various Ami – 100% ëlectric perspectives). This reproduces on a large scale, in 2D, the cardboard packaging of the accessories that the clients can use to customize their own Ami. This staging illustrates the customization kit can be ordered on-line, be delivered to their home and easily installed by themselves on the Ami, as «Do It Yourself». The accessories include functional and decorative elements, both for the outside and inside of Ami – a central separation net, 2 stickers for the rear quarter windows, cover wheels, door nets, door stickers, floor carpets, a smartphone support, a hook for bags, 3 dashboard storage, the DAT@MI smartphone dongle.

In the vicinity, the Ultimate Ears speaker in Ami colours is replicated in XXL format. It is inspired by the Ami Bluetooth speaker accessory, the portable and lightweight Ultimate Ears Boom 3 Ami. This is able to play a powerful and immersive sound. Sturdy and water resistant, it has a battery range of 15 hours. It can be used indoors or on board the Ami - 100% ëlectric, where it is hosted in a specific holder on the dashboard.

Visitors can successively discover an enormous domestic 220 V that shows that Ami can be charged in 3 hours on a standard socket. Its plug connected to the cable, creates a path morphing into a cosy sofa for relaxation, to underline the typical Citroën comfort and show how it is easy to order Ami from a sofa. A design object conceived to highlight the ease of the electrical recharge of Ami – 100% ëlectric that can be performed anywhere, even using a simple household socket. The wire sofa has a diameter of approximately 55 cm and winds for 15 metres; with foam padding to provide the typical comfort of a couch and an outer lining in elasticated technical textile, which is a nod to the external appearance of the recharge cable of the Ami – 100% ëlectric.

One area, the TIME TO BE MY AMI CAFE has been set-up in the colours of the vehicle. The counter has been designed so that 3 recharging stations enable visitors to charge their smartphones.

An AMI pop-up allows you to get in touch with the mobility object and sit inside it. This pop-up designed for retail sale also allows you to discover the different colours that make up the accessory kits.

It is a display space to personalise and structure the sales area for Ami –100% electric with:

  • A package in the image of Ami, playful and accessible: which will offer the customer a positive experience in a warm, convivial, feel-good environment.
  • A sustainable, nomadic, modular pop-up package, easy to install, and adaptable and adjustable according to location and use. A package which breaks the rules for a car showroom, playing with materials (wood, metal) and colours (orange) to give a fresh and quirky feel.
  • A display stand for Ami accessories and lifestyle products: based on the image of a storage box, it has wooden panels perforated with holes to show off the personalisation accessories and lifestyle products for Ami. With accessories presented on the front of the panels and fixed on with elastic straps, these give the customer the impression of looking at a construction kit box. The use of plain cardboard and the quasi-technical outline of the Ami vehicle also reminds the customer of the DIY universe.

Visitors are invited to discover Ami’s characteristics on 6 panels, alternated by screens, featuring the slogan “TIME TO BE”:

  • SMALL, perfect for urban mobility thanks to its ultra-compact size,
  • ELECTRIC, accessible even without a driving licence,
  • FREE, with different formulas thanks to competitive offers,
  • SIMPLE, with a range of 75 km, it easily recharges in 3 hours using a standard electrical socket,
  • YOU, thanks to customization options,
  • AMI, with a 100% online customer experience.

Finally, visitors conclude their tour by passing through the AMI boutique which displays all the lifestyle products inspired by Ami – 100% ëlectric. Before leaving the venue, visitors can make their desired purchases directly on-line, in the Citroën Lifestyle boutique (



  • 100% ELECTRIC: zero CO2 emissions for the benefit of all and access to all city centres, with an easy, silent and smooth drive. A battery that charges in just 3 hours from a standard electrical socket, like a smartphone.
  • COMPACT AND AGILE: an ultra-compact 2.41m size and 7.20m turning diameter, making city travel and parking simple.
  • COMFORTABLE AND PROTECTIVE: small on the outside and large on the inside, Ami enables 2 people to travel side by side comfortably, with an enclosed and heated passenger compartment, very bright, yet protected from the outside.
  • ASSERTIVE AND CUSTOMISABLE IDENTITY: its original style, the play on symmetrical structure and its unique presence give Ami a unique character. Its customisation possibilities invite to play with different appearances thanks to the 6 coloured accessory packs available.


  • NO LICENCE: accessible from 14 years old in France (16 years old on average in European countries). With or without a driving licence, Ami is for everyone.
  • “A LA CARTE”: Ami is accessible at any time thanks to offers designed to meet each and everyone’s needs, from one minute to one year and more, to share, to rent or to buy.
  • AFFORDABLE: ultra-competitive offers adapted to different uses

Long-term rental: €19.99 per month (Ami Ami version; long-term rental of 48 months, initial payment €2,644, ecological bonus of €900 including VAT deducted in France)

Free2Move car-sharing: from €0.26/min (subject to a monthly subscription of €9.90 with no commitment)

Purchase: from €6,000 incl. VAT (Ami Ami version; bonus of €900 including VAT deducted in France)


  • 100% ONLINE JOURNEY: to discover, configure, buy Ami 24/7 on
  • NEW DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: Ami has a partnership with Fnac and Darty in order to be featured in particpating stores as well within the Citroën participating network.
  • HOME DELIVERY: Ami can to be directly delivered at home for added convenience.

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