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04 Mar 2019


The “Le Petit Citroën” lifestyle product boutique is taking pride of place on Citroën’s stand at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. The Brand is presenting its new “Ami One Concept” and “The Citroënist” collections at the show, along with new articles from the “Citroën Origins” collection. The new products will delight young and adult Citroën fans alike.


A cheery venue spanning the Citroën stand at the Geneva Motor Show, the “Le Petit Citroën” boutique is an essential visit for young and adult Brand enthusiasts. The boutique features a loft-style glass separation and showcases sharply designed and innovative merchandising. New collections comprising an entire set of products will delight visitors:


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Link to collection at the e-boutique:

Symbols of the mobility and modernity embodied by Ami One Concept, seven merchandising products share the concept’s promise and colours:

- #RUN: a wind-breaker developed in partnership with French brand Back to Alaska in a light and breathable fabric (€70);

- #LISTEN: a 5W Bluetooth portable speaker, ideal for journeys and easy to install (€42);

- #DRIVE: a key ring with the same shape and material as the door handle (€10);

- #PLUG: a charging cable compatible with iOS and Android, vital to staying connected (€15);

- #CARE: a universal silicone smartphone case developed in partnership with the Bone brand offering maximum protection for dropped devices (€16);

- #CHARGE: an origami solar miniature car created in partnership with the French company Litogami. The car charges in the day time and can run for 25 minutes after spending the day by the window in the sunlight (€12);

- #PLAY: a metal 1:43 scale miniature of Ami One Concept that will delight collectors (€39).

Watch a video on the “Ami One Concept” collection:


Link to all visuals: XXX

Link to the Rider The Citroënist by Martone file at the e-boutique:

The name of the collection refers to the attachment of Brand fans and is inspired by the all-new concept camping car SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept. The collection comprises graphically designed and characterful articles in black and white for eminently comfortable mobility:

  • Rider The Citroënist by Martone, a limited edition bicycle (€950) blending functionality and comfort and the expertise of a partner specialising in stylish mobility, Martone Cycling;
  • The Citroënist down jacket (€90), designed in partnership with French brand Back to Alaska, with a water-repellent nylon coating and 10% feather padding. It keeps wearers warm and protected from bad weather and is equipped with a front zip and two zipped side pockets. Available sizes: M/L/XL/XXL (men); S/M/L (women);
  • The Citroënist porcelain mug with its distinctive “The C” logo, essential for enjoying a hot drink (€10);
  • The Citroënist notebook (€8) and pen, with a vintage shape but modern design (€4), will appeal to creative spirits, for making sketches and drawings of cars, for example. The white faux leather notebook with unruled paper is a hardy traveller thanks to its hard cover;
  • The Citroënist 16 GB memory stick, for storing pictures, videos and songs as well as all types of data (€18). The “The C” logo adds a touch of design to the memory stick, which is USB 2.0 compatible.


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Link to collection at the e-boutique:

To celebrate its centenary year, the Brand is enriching its “Citroën Origins” lifestyle product collection that plays on Citroën’s design cues from the 1920s. Major new products on show at the “Le Petit Citroën” boutique and available on line at including an enamelled plate, card games, miniature box sets, and an all-Citroën version of the famous board game, Monopoly!

  • Monopoly Citroën Origins (€50), a thoroughly Citroën game of Monopoly published by Winning Moves, is played according to the classic Monopoly rules (in French and en). The action on the board is the same, but the players buy Citroën cars (including the 2CV, 5 HP, Traction, and New C5 Aircross SUV) instead of famous streets.
  • The Petit Quizz (€60), with 80 questions and answers, looks back at Citroën’s fabulous history, spanning the emblematic models, technical innovations and bold players involved in a unique industrial adventure that has revolutionised automotive history since 1919;
  • The Citroën Origins “Top Trumps” card game (€6) takes players on a journey through the world of Citroën with 30 cards of its most legendary models, from 1919 to the present day. The cards present the information and specific characteristics of each model. The player with the highest value wins the cards of the other players and takes another turn. The winner is the person who amasses all the cards;
  • The Citroën Origins memory game (€10) will provide endless fun for young children, who make pairs of images of models (including the Type A, B2 Caddy and Rosalie) or a Citroën dealership from the 1920s;
  • Fans of enamel advertising plates will make a beeline to the Citroën Origins enamelled plate (€70), on sale to celebrate the Brand’s centenary and produced in France by Email Replica;
  • The Citroën Origins box set of metal miniatures, a little box home to big treasures (€35), presents emblematic Citroën’s in three-inch versions in a meticulously designed metal box comprising the Traction Avant, the iconic Type H and the much-loved 2CV Charleston, together with the DS 23 Pallas, Méhari and CX. A concentrate of generations and icons.


Link to visuals:

Link to the SEETROËN file at the e-boutique:

The SEETROËN glasses have proved a global success, having attracted over 20 million views in the social networks, sold in over 15,000 units and picked up three European prizes, acknowledging Citroën’s boldness in tackling travel sickness with a simple and shareable solution. Available at the “Le Petit Citroën” boutique and the Citroën Lifestyle e-boutique (€99), SEETROËN glasses are the first to do away with travel sickness. Using coloured liquid that moves in the rings around the eyes, the paramedical solution recreates the line of the horizon to resolve the conflict of the senses at the root of the affliction. Watch a video on SEETROËN glasses:

All of these original gift ideas can be found at the Citroën Lifestyle e-boutique: Delivery is available in ten European countries: Metropolitan France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

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