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10 Nov 2020

Citroën allows its customers to optimize their time with VIDEOCHECK, the digital solution for additional tasks in the workshop. The application allows you to make a video of the vehicle and send it to the customer. Citroën thus maintains transparency, trust and proximity with its customers. VIDEOCHECK has now rolled out in 30 countries and in 3000 points of sale. To discover the video on YouTube:

20 Apr 2020

Faced with containment measures, keeping in touch and preserving the link of trust with its customers is a key issue. In this context, Citroën Advisor is a real asset for Citroën. The Brand's interactive online reviews website is now available in 58 countries and has more than 400,000 reviews. Enhanced with new features since its launch, such as products and salesmen ratings, it enables the Brand and its network to stay one step ahead in terms of transparency, experience sharing and customer proximity.

09 Apr 2020

During these times of lockdown, the Citroën Origins virtual museum is being expanded from today with archives from the INA (Institut National de l’Audiovisuel = National Audiovisual Institute). These are being brought together in a new meeting place, VINTAGE RECORDS. These archives will be made available each month around different subjects: Citroën and you, Citroën and celebrities, Citroën and adventure, etc. Citroën Origins will also hosting some brand new content: the (POP)ULAIRE podcast with the French philosopher Luc Ferry, who will give his interpretation of the Brand’s popularity, over 5 weekly episodes. Now available on

25 Mar 2020

In this exceptional period of social distancing, Citroën is extending access to its editorial platform “The Citroënist editorializer”, developed with ETX Studio, to all: Usually exclusively accessible to 200 media outlets around the world, it covers all news as well as that of Citroën and the automotive industry. It also aggregates ETX and AFP content. For all the media in search of unique, relevant subjects in a global context dominated by cancellations of professional, cultural and sporting events, it is an information and monitoring tool, as well as facilitating access to publications from all over the world. For the general public, it provides access to 30,000 referential sources worldwide.

04 Dec 2019

With the holiday season approaching, Citroën is launching a creative and original advent calendar on Instagram The calendar is accompanied by a competition, the “Winter Quiz”, focused on the Brand’s history With one question a day until 24 December, Citroën is rewarding its fans for their knowledge of the Brand

17 Sep 2019

For its 100th anniversary, Citroën is continuing to showcase its fans from across the whole world, with its ‘Citroën Generations’ series. After the first 7 videos launched last April, it’s now off to New York, New Jersey and Bry-Sur-Marne for 3 new episodes to watch from the Citroën Origins virtual museum.

04 Jun 2019

On this day of the 100th anniversary of the Brand, Citroën is launching #BornAndré, in tribute to its founder, André Citroën. The Brand makes a point of putting people at the centre of its thinking, as underlined by its ‘Inspired by you’ signature. And when we are ‘Inspired by you’, we’re surely not going to give ourselves a present? So if a child born on 4 June 2019 bears the name of André(e), Citroën will give them an exceptional present: a C3 Origins, the collector’s edition launched for the centenary. Citroën is inviting its community to help it find the baby André(e), by making this appeal, which you can find out more about online:

27 May 2019

To further boost the sales success of New C5 Aircross SUV, Citroën has devised an original digital experience, “Playground”, together with the Isobar agency The new experience consists in test driving the model in a 3D universe to experience the comfort of New C5 Aircross SUV in an immersive fashion Click here to enjoy the “Playground” digital experience:

30 Apr 2019

Throughout the year, Citroën is continuing to celebrate its centenary and is going to meet its fans throughout the world. In the ‘Citroën Generations’ videos, families tell their story, from one generation to the next, around the same passion: Citroën. From collectors to family businesses, the stories are as varied as the colorful testimonies, from Slovenia to Japan or Spain, bringing the Brand’s ‘Inspired by You’ signature to life. Take a look on the website of the Brand’s ‘Citroën Origins’ online museum:

23 Apr 2019

On the eve of the Rally of Argentina, Sébastien Ogier opens up in a video full of intensity broadcast on Citroën’s social networks. Back at Citroën for 2019, the French driver is just as imposing on screen as he is at the wheel of the C3 WRC in this film which combines images of racing and training. You can watch it now at:

01 Feb 2019

- Launched in 2016, the Citroën Origins virtual museum is a special place providing an immersive experience, even better than the real thing. In this museum, everything is allowed, even getting behind the wheel of the Brand’s iconic models. - Today, on the occasion of Citroën’s centenary, the site is changing to offer even more: an event-based design, the staging post for all the activations of the anniversary celebrated throughout the year, the launch of a pop-up exhibition… Without forgetting, for all that, continuing its international deployment by making it accessible in over 60 countries in 2019.

30 Jan 2019

At Citroën, motorsport is a success story, as illustrated by the Brand’s 100th victory in the World Rally Championship. Citroën Racing will play a central role in the celebrations of Citroën’s centenary this year, with motorsport fans set to enjoy full coverage of the anniversary at rally events and on the social networks.

28 Jan 2019

For the launch of New Citroën C5 Aircross SUV in France, Citroën, in a world first, is introducing a unique 100% mobile experience on Facebook Messenger. The Brand has created an augmented-reality vehicle configurator on Messenger, enabling users to shape a model in their own image with the main customization components, including the body colour, roof colour, interiors and wheels.

24 Jan 2019

- Three, two, one… a few days from the first WRC rally of the year, Citroën is unveiling season 2 of ‘Little Big Racing’, this year called ‘Little Big Racing – 100 YEARS OF FANS’ . - This video series immerses internet users in the heart of the rounds of the WRC: a Citroën C3 WRC miniature is shown in the setting for each rally, on a scale of 1/43, looking exactly like the real thing! - This year, the rally spectators are also included in the storyline in sketches full of humour and nods to each stage of the Rally. - In this year of Citroën’s centenary, each video also showcases one of the iconic cars from the Brand’s history since 1919. - You can now watch the 1st episode devoted to the glamour of the Riviera for the Rally of Monte-Carlo:

28 Nov 2018

Inspired by people and their lifestyles, the Citroën brand is just as inspired by journalists and their ways of working. At the "La Presse au futur" show, Citroën is innovating and presenting its first editorial web platform: "The Citroënist editorializer". The platform contains all of Citroën's actions (press releases, photos, videos) and provides access to the latest news related to the Brand, as well as the automotive industry and other inspiring themes. The platform also aggregates the news feeds of the Relaxnews news agency and its partner AFP.

19 Mar 2018

A true international phenomenon, the comeback of the vinyl record has officially landed in France with a new sales record announced in 2017*! This startling development in the heyday of ‘streaming’ highlights the desire for a return to distinctive physical and sensory experiences. It has inspired Citroën to take to social media in order to promote the unique comfort of New C4 Cactus hatch thanks to its Progressive Hydraulic Cushions™ suspension. An original initiative that underscores the tagline for this new model: ‘Comfort is the New Cool’ Find out more in a video on

19 Jan 2018

One week from the 86th Monte Carlo Rally, which opens the 2018 World Rally Championship, Citroën is presenting “Little Big Racing”, a series of 13 videos that will bring C3 WRC up close to the most prestigious special stages of the season’s 13 legs. True to Citroën’s creative spirit, the surprise is a sizeable one: a miniature Citroën C3 WRC, controlled by Kris Meeke, moves through a series of décors built to 1/43 scale, more lifelike than nature itself! These short videos will be posted on Facebook before each rally; the Brand will also share behind-the-scenes moments with the Citroën Racing team via its daily broadcast and live coverage: #C3WRClive.

05 Sep 2017

For the launch of the New C3 Aircross, Citroën is innovating with a 100% social and participative approach in which web users get to choose the scenes for the advertising film for the new compact SUV. They will be able to participate live on Facebook on 7 and 14 September, selecting eight scenes illustrating the car's numerous user possibilities. With this world first, rolled out in five launch countries including France, the Brand is once again backing up its "CITROËN INSPIRED BY YOU" baseline by inviting the public to take control of the ad film!

29 Jun 2017

A roller coaster ride, a game of bowling, never-ending dominoes... It seems there's no end to Citroën's Feel Good spirit with New C3 Aircross, a new compact SUV model unveiled in Paris on 12 June. On its Tumblr page La Traction Créative, the Brand is celebrating its products' virtues by giving free reins to the imagination on social media. Twelve video clips dedicated to New C3 Aircross have been added to the around sixty already broadcast since the creation of this "virtual gallery" a year ago. Check them out as they are broadcast leading up to the commercial launch in October:

09 May 2017

With the wide range of versions available for each model, customers may feel at a loss when selecting the version best suited to their needs. For this reason, Citroën is providing decision support with its new online configurator. Accessible on all media (computer, tablet and smartphone), and now integrated with the virtual showroom of Citroë, this new configurator features a new more visual, informative presentation, making it easier for buyers to get a clear picture of the range. At the same time, users can now save their configuration at any time, even if it is not finalised. A further illustration of the Citroën ‘Feel Good’ experience, this new configurator will be deployed in 29 countries between now and July. View it on:

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