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26 Aug 2019

The Abarth 124 rally won for the second-year consecutively the FIA R-GT CUP with the Italians Enrico Brazzoli and Manuel Fenoli

The Abarth 124 rally won for the second-year consecutively the  FIA R-GT CUP with the Italians Enrico Brazzoli and Manuel Fenoli


  • The Italian team achieved the title in the Gran Turismo continental championship one race early, thanks to the successes in the Montecarlo Rallye, Tour de Corse and Sanremo rallies.
  • Three Abarth 124 rally are at the first three places in the rank of the FIA R-GT CUP at a race from the end
  • In little more than two season, the Scorpio's spider has 80 successes in the category, from which, the road version was born, named Abarth 124 GT


For the second-year consecutively the Abarth 124 rally won the FIA R-GT CUP, the international championship reserved to the gran turism, spread in 8 prestigious events, in which there are three races valid for the International WRC. At the end of the Deutschland rally, the seventh event of the FIA R-GT CUP, the Italian team of Enrico Brazzoli and Manuel Fenoli, was mathematically certain of its success, the second one for the Abarth 124 rally which, in 2018, had won the FIA R-GT CUP with the French Raphael Astier and Frédéric Vauclare, validating the title between the Gran Turism for the Scorpio's spider.


In Germany Brazzoli and Fenoli were forced to withdraw for an off-road drive during the second stage, but they succeeded anyway thanks to the three consecutive successes in the first three races of the championship: the Montecarlo Rally, with difficult weather conditions, with rain and snow in the majority of the course, the Rally Tour de Corse, known for its windy and fast special stages, and the Sanremo Rally, that held the Italian race of the WRC for many years. Three difficult and challenging races, that allowed the Abarth 124 to enlighten its qualities of performance, handling and reliability allowing the Italian team of Bernini Rally to collect the points to reach the continental championship.


At a race from the end, the Rallye du Valais, scheduled in Switzerland for the 16-19th of October three Abarth 124's pilots, lead the rank in the FIA R-GT CUP. After Brazzoli there are indeed the Polish Dariusz Polonski, with Lukas Sitek (team Rallytechinolgy), winners of the Roma Capitale rally, and the Italian Zelindo Melegari, with Corrado Bonato (team Bernini Rally). Two more Abarth's pilots are in the fifth place: Andrea Nucita and Alberto Sassi.


Enrico Brazzoli (team Bernini Rally): "We knew that the Deutschland rally would have been a difficult race; in spite of the off road, that made us withdraw on the PS 11, we are happy about the result, at the end of an exciting season. Being the winners of the FIA R-GT CUP is a great satisfaction that repay us of the sacrifices we made these past months, and to achieve this success with an Italian car gives the title much more satisfaction".


In two and a half seasons the Abarth 124 rally achieved 80 successes for its category in the rallies all over Europe. The debut was in the Rally of Montecarlo in 2017, race that exalted the performances and reliability's qualities of Scorpio's spider . In the same year it had indeed achieved success in the Italian RGT championship with the Italian Fabrizio Andolfi, the Spanish RGT Asfalto championship with Álvaro Muñiz, and cut a fine figure in the French championship.


In 2018 the Abarth 124 had won the FIA R-GT CUP and also succeeded in Italy in its category with the young Cristopher Lucchesi, and in Spain, with Alberto Monarri. In France, the young Nicolas Ciamin won some of the special stages in the transalpine championship. In 9 European countries the Abarth 124 rally achieved great results between the gran turismo as well.


In 2019 the Abarth 124 rally was object of some technical improvements that upped its performances and reliability so that it kept its role as queen of the category.


From the race to the road: from the racing experience were born two special editions, the Abarth 124 GT end the Abarth 124 Rally Tribute. Abarth 124 GT, developed by the Abarth Racing Team, which combines the stylishness of a coupé and the dynamism of a roadster. The Abarth 124 GT offers a special solution that is light and simple at the same time. The convenience of an easy-to-operate manual soft top is combined with the advantages of a lightweight hard top, the first in its segment to be made entirely of carbon fibre. The same of racing cars.


The Abarth 124 Rally Tribute, celebrating the "124 rally" racing car's triumph - last year - in the FIA R-GT CUP, and is produced in a limited edition of just 124 cars. 


Turin, 26th august 2019



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