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15 nov. 2020

Alfa Romeo alongside Jannik Sinner for his first win at an ATP tournament

Alfa Romeo alongside Jannik Sinner for his first win at an ATP tournament

At the age of 19 years, 2 months and 29 days, the young prodigy from the South Tyrol has won the first ATP tournament of his career, the Sofia Open, part of the ATP Tour 250 series. This victory gives Jannik Sinner a place in the annals of tennis, having become the youngest Italian ever to win an ATP tournament, and has pushed him up to 37th in the world rankings. Alongside him is Alfa Romeo, the Italian brand that has traditionally supported domestic talent and has established sporting and competitive spirit as its hallmarks. The encounter between the brand’s sophisticated technical solutions and the mettle of the athletes who have carried the banner – either as drivers in the most coveted events in the motorsport calendar or as testimonials – has always been a guarantee of success.

Passion and talent in day-to-day work
It goes without saying that Alfa Romeo’s natural habitat is the streets and circuits of the world, yet the brand is motivated by a competitive spirit so innate that it can also be successfully transferred to other fields of competition. It is therefore no coincidence that Alfa Romeo is bolstering Jannik Sinner’s preparations and all his challenges, as a true teammate, supporting his style and sporting skills as his tennis career takes flight. After all, tennis consists of technique that requires continuous refinement, the same approach as taken by Alfa Romeo engineers. Like Jannik Sinner, they know how to combine technique and talent in a constant push for improvement: whether in major tennis tournaments or in engines, the upshot is impressive performance.

A long journey, to be taken with Alfa Romeo
Yesterday's victory adds to Jannik Sinner’s other records: he is the youngest Italian ever in the top 100 of the ATP rankings, reached the quarter-finals at Roland Garros on his debut there. Alfa Romeo hopes to interpret this success as a new starting point, like taking the first steps in a long journey. After all, as in Formula 1, it is vital that progress and performance are both prominent and constant: a fundamental factor in any competition.

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