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26 Aug 2021

- First Jeep® developed in the country arrives in two complete versions, dispensing optional items, with a lot of comfort, refinement, space and off-road capacity - Commander brings turbo flex engines with 4x2 traction and turbo diesel with 4x4 traction - Trunk reaches 1,760 liters with all seats lowered - Harman Kardon sound system has nine speakers and 450 Watts of power - SUV brings Alexa in Vehicle for the first time on the Adventure Intelligence platform of connected services and Off-Road Pages - Pre-sales of the new Jeep SUV starts today and the model starts at R$ 199.990

10 Mar 2021

- First phase of the plant required investments of R $ 400 million and an additional R$ 100 million paid this year to install another line of production - With the new plant, which will have the initial capacity to manufacture 100,000 GSE Turbo engines per year, Betim becomes the largest powertrain production center in Latin America - T3 (1.0l) and T4 (1.3l) engines provide more fuel economy, better performance, and fewer CO2 emissions - The first engine to be produced, with 4 cylinders and valve train 4V MultiAir III 1.3 (displacement of 1.332 cm³), has a power of 180 hp in the gasoline version

10 Feb 2021

- All 16 suppliers of the Pole join the Jeep Plant, which was already Carbon Neutral since 2017, to enable the first industrial complex in LATAM to achieve such status; - Jeep Dealer Network in Brazil is committed to also achieving carbon neutrality yet this year; - Jeep's commitment to reducing and neutralizing emissions also includes novelties in the product portfolio;

08 Jan 2021

- FCA leads Latin American market with 16.5% market share - The company is champion in the Brazilian market, with 22.2% of sales - Fiat is the fastest growing brand in Brazil and Argentina - Jeep leads SUV segment for the fifth consecutive year - Ram doubles its sales in Brazil

21 Dec 2020

- Nova Strada takes 19 trophies - President of FCA for Latin America, Antonio Filosa, is awarded seven times - Jeep is recognized as one of the best companies in customer satisfaction - FCA stands out in awards from different segments, such as diversity, HR and IT

10 Jul 2020

-Disclosure started in a viral way, with “leak” from the campaign by Fábio Porchat, Vitão, Thaeme, Joaquim Lopes and Carol Barcellos on Live - Film “The Legend”, created in partnership with Leo Burnett TM, premiered this Friday in an unprecedented crossmedia campaign made collaboratively with Globo

07 Jul 2020

- FCA led sales in Latin America in the second quarter with 15.9% market share - Demand for the New Fiat Strada in Brazil is above expectations

20 May 2020

- Unit has 100 beds to serve the population of Goiana city and surroundings - State Government will be responsible for management and operation of the hospital - After overcoming the pandemic, it will continue to operate as a multidisciplinary health unit

14 Apr 2020

- Multidisciplinary group works on two fronts to help increase the national offer of ventilators - FCA contributed to enable the manufacturing of 6,500 new ventilators in Brazil - Company technicians work to repair out-of-service devices from three states - Actions are part of FCA’s comprehensive support program to combat Covid-19

04 Apr 2020

- Announcement was made during the live edition of Big Brother Brazil on Friday night - Two Ducatos adapted as ambulances will serve field hospitals in Betim (MG) and Goiana (PE) - Donation is part of the comprehensive FCA support program to combat Covid-19 in Brazil

31 Mar 2020

- Company provides resources and know-how of its teams to support the country at this time - Field hospitals in Betim (MG) and Goiana (PE) will be installed thanks to FCA support - Multidisciplinary action will contribute to increase the supply of ventilators in Brazil - Protective masks manufactured in Betim laboratories will be donated to health professionals - Donations of essential materials and vehicle leasing are also part of the program - Other measures for Brazil and other Latin American countries are under study

11 Aug 2019

One of the new features of the space is the UX Lab, the first in the automotive sector in Brazil

17 Jul 2019

- Fiat Automotive Center, in Minas Gerais, hosts the most modern Vehicle Security Center in Latin America

09 Jul 2019

World Class Center (WCC) brings together startups, research centers, universities and suppliers focused on solutions of the 4.0 Industry.

04 Jul 2019

First unit of the Fiat 147 ethanol was originally preserved and works exactly as it did 40 years ago 40 years later, ethanol is the focus of important research within FCA Engineering

23 May 2019

- Additional investment of 500M BRL in the production of new turbocharged engines is part of the largest investment cycle ever made by FCA and suppliers in Brazil – 16B BRL between 2018 and 2024