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FCA AUTOMOBILES ARGENTINA S.A. (“FCA”) and PSA Argentina S.A. (“PSA”), companies of the Stellantis Group are committed to its privacy. The protection of privacy and public data of STELLANTIS Press reflects FCA values and reaffirms its commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the data protection process. Thus, FCA presents this privacy policy ("Privacy Policy"), whose purpose is to inform, in a simple and transparent way, the way of processing personal data of the target groups of STELLANTIS Press ("target groups of STELLANTIS Press" or "you”), from collection to disposal.

It is important that you read and understand these rules, which must be interpreted in conjunction with other applicable provisions, especially those derived from current legislation.

In case you do not agree with any of the provisions herein or have questions about how FCA deals with your data, please contact the FCA Manager through the e-mail


How do we collect your data?

Your data is collected at the time you register with STELLANTIS Press.

What personal data is collected?

  • Registration Information. Name, e-mail, company/communication media, publisher, city, state, country and, optionally, position and telephone number.
  • Cookies. Cookies are small text files that can be sent and saved on the user's computer and that remember the websites visited, providing a better experience for the user the next time it visits them. For more information about cookies, see the specific section of this policy.

You are not obliged to provide us with your personal data, but keep in mind that if you decide not to provide it or provide false and inaccurate data, it is likely that you will not be able to register with STELLANTIS Press or that FCA will not be able to process your personal data for the purposes stated, as described below.

For what purposes do we collect your data?

The personal data collected by FCA is stored and processed to send news about the company and its brands, its products and services, as well as any other relevant information about FCA.


FCA may use electronic instructions, known as "cookies", which are sent to your browser and stored on your computer hard drive. The purpose of cookies is to help our interactions with users in a statistical way.

For the same purpose, third-party cookies can also be used, but they are owned and managed by other companies. However, if your computer browser does not accept cookies, you can continue to use the STELLANTIS Press website.


With whom do we share the information?

Only FCA/PSA and the company managing the website will have access to your data, and we will not share it with any other company.

In any case, your personal data will not be used by the outsourced service provider for any other purpose than that for which FCA has hired it.

Likewise, FCA may share your personal data with third parties when necessary:

a) To comply with any applicable laws or regulations, judicial suits or administrative proceedings, and/or requests from competent authorities.

b) To protect and defend the rights of FCA.

c) To comply with an order of any competent state body, government agency or competent court.

d) During an FCA audit process, with the auditors and their representatives, always subject to the obligation of confidentiality.

e) In the event that FCA faces a process of sale, restructuring, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, with potential buyers, new partners, their agents or advisers, under the obligation of confidentiality.

How long do we store your personal data?

We store and keep your information: (i) until the end of the processing of personal data, in accordance with what is mentioned below; or, (ii) for the time necessary to preserve FCA's legitimate interest (such as, for example, during limitation periods, as applicable, or compliance with a legal or regulatory obligation).

The end of the processing of personal data will happen when the following is verified:

  • A manifestation of the Holder in that sense, requesting the cancellation of its subscription if applicable; or,
  • By legal determination.

In those cases of termination of personal data processing, except for the assumptions established by the applicable legislation or by this Privacy Policy, the personal data will be deleted.

Your rights

You have rights when it comes to your personal data, including:

  • Confirmation of the existence of personal data processing. Upon request, FCA will grant confirmation of the existence of personal data processing, under the terms of the applicable legislation;
  • Access to personal data. You can request access to your personal data collected and stored by FCA;
  • Correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data. You may, at any time, request amendment to your personal data;
  • Information on data sharing. Information on the behavior of personal data is in this Privacy Policy. FCA is at your disposal for the hypothesis of additional clarifications;
  • Automated decision review. You may request the review of decisions made solely based on automated processing of personal data that affect your interests, including decisions aimed at defining your personal, professional, consumer and credit profile or aspects of your personality;
  • Elimination of personal data. You may request the elimination of personal data that FCA has collected based on your consent, at any time, by means of a free and facilitated manifestation. The elimination of personal data may only be complete for personal data that are not necessary for FCA to comply with legal and contractual obligations, for the protection of its legitimate interest and in any other legally admitted hypotheses, as better explained in the section “How long do we store your personal data?", as previously exposed.
  • Termination of consent. You may terminate the consent that you may have given to FCA for the processing of your personal data for certain purposes at any time, by means of a free and facilitated manifestation. It is important to inform that the processing carried out prior to the termination of consent is ratified and that the termination request will not imply the elimination of any personal data previously processed or that FCA maintains based on other legal bases.

Likewise, you are informed that “THE AGENCY FOR ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION, in its capacity of Controlling Body according to Law No. 25326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims filed by those who are affected in their rights due to breach of current regulations on the protection of personal data”.

All the aforementioned rights may be exercised through the website Solicitacao.aspx or by sending an e-mail to

How do we protect your personal data?

We act seriously in terms of protecting the data you entrust to FCA against any accidental or unauthorized amendment, loss, misuse, disclosure or access. FCA uses security technologies and technical and organizational measures to help protect your personal data against such incidents.

Amendments to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to correct or update this Privacy Policy from time to time. By updating this Privacy Policy, we also update the date at the top of this Privacy Policy.

In relevant situations, mainly in the occasional modification of the purposes for which the data has been collected, you will be informed about any modifications made. The new Privacy Policy will take effect immediately after publication. If you do not agree with the revised Policy or have any doubts about the new version of the document, contact FCA through the e-mail address e-mail


Identification of the Responsible and the Data Protection Delegate

FCA AUTOMOBILES ARGENTINA S.A., CUIT [•], headquartered in the city of Buenos Aires, at [•] and PSA Argentina S.A. CUIT [*], are Responsible for the personal data of the individuals that represent the Target Group of STELLANTIS Press, which are treated within the scope of this Privacy Policy. For the purposes of the applicable legislation, it is the person responsible for the decisions regarding the processing of personal data. Mr. Márcio Lima is the Delegate for the processing of personal data on behalf of FCA, and Ms. Paula Braga is the Delegate for the processing of personal data on behalf of PSA (“Delegates”).

In case of doubts, access the website Solicitacao.aspx or contact the Delegate through the e-mail